Morrisons Online Delivery Service Arrives in London

Morrisons Online Delivery Service Arrives in London

Most of the major superstores in the UK are now offering customers online grocery shopping, with a minimum delivery turnaround of 1 day, and Morrisons jumped on the bandwagon quite late into the game. Noticing that online shopping was becoming the way forward in today’s food market, they have now extended their delivery services to parts of London too. To celebrate this new service, Morrisons generously offered Motherhood Diaries an £80 shopping voucher to try out their swanky new online shop and I have to admit, theirs is the best yet.

What is Morrisons all about?

Morrisons started their journey in 1899 as a small Bradford market stall and quickly rose up the ranks, taking over Safeway in 2004 to become the UK’s fourth largest food retailer, with over 500 stores in the country.

Morrisons was awarded ‘Seafood Retailer of the Year’ in 2006, being singled out as having the highest quality fresh seafood, as well as the dedicated and professional service of the in-store fishmongers.

Through the recent years, Morrisons’ push for the freshest quality products at cheaper prices have provided them with continued success, often letting the products and their prices speak for themselves.

Registering to Morrisons’ Online Shop

To begin the process of shopping online with Morrisons, I was sent an email with the link to register – http://groceries.morrisons.com/webshop/startWebshop.do. The registration triggered a unique code, which allowed me to access my £80 voucher code.

First, I was asked to ‘Book a Delivery’ slot. The delivery prices range from as low as £1.00 for late evening deliveries to £3.00 for morning, afternoon and early evening deliveries, which puts Morrisons in front of other superstores for cheap delivery.

I was one of the lucky ones, receiving a ‘Hooray, we can deliver to you’ message. I was, subsequently, taken back to Morrisons’ shopping page, so I could click on ‘Start shopping’ to, well, start shopping…

I wanted to really try the whole experience out, so I went through all the links supplied, including, ‘All offers’, ‘Meal deals’ and the entire product category section.

Morrisons automatically categorise the products into brands, deal options and dietary/lifestyle. You can also sort through products by your favourites (you can choose your favourite item by clicking on the button with a heart, which is situated within the product description), low to high, high to low, product name, customer rating and, quite cleverly, lifespan of the product. You’ll see a carousel of the products in your shopping trolley at the top of the website, so that you can make instant changes, whether you want to increase the quantity or remove the item altogether. You can also save your trolley, so that you have a shopping list for next time.

When you click on a product, it’s very descriptive, and even adds a helpful review from a previous customer, to help you decide whether that product is the right one for you.

The product search list is more specific than some of the other product lists I’ve experienced when shopping online and it’s easier to find the exact item you’re looking for.

Morrisons reminds you of the products you’re missing or the ones on offer when you have completed your shopping and heading to ‘Checkout’, which is very simple and self-explanatory. Everything is pretty swift and you shortly receive an email, attaching a calendar entry of your delivery time.

My delivery slot was 4.30pm – 5.30pm, which cost me £3.00. I was provided with the list of products that I had bought, divided into ‘cupboard’, ‘fridge’, and ‘freezer’.

You are able to change your order in case you’ve forgotten something or run out of something in the interim, by logging into your online account, groceries.morrisons.com, and going to ‘My Orders’. The latest you can change your delivery tends to be the evening before your delivery slot.

I received a quick email from ‘Ian’, my driver, to alert me that my Morrisons delivery was on its way and that Ian will be driving the Market Street van. The email also attached my receipt for the order and that there were no missing items or substitutions, which was a pleasant surprise as I constantly received substitutions/items running out from other grocery stores.

Delivery service

Ian ended up arriving with my food delivery at 5pm, bang in the middle of my 1 hour allocated delivery time, and he was really friendly, offering to take my bags into the kitchen for me and explaining the whole Morrisons set up. On top of the products, which were very helpfully sorted out into the types of products they were and given their own special bags, I received a booklet all about Morrisons’ Market Street and a very scrumptious looking gingerbread biscuit with, ‘M.COM’ written over it, to welcome me to Morrisons online delivery. I was sold! Gingerbread man as a welcome gift? Yes please!

Ian delivered an impeccable service, complete with manners and common courtesy, which are, of course, free, but hard to come by these days, and that made a lot of difference to the normally subdued, tired and overworked delivery drivers in London. Ian seemed to really enjoy his job or he faked it quite well. It is early days, I suppose, for Morrisons’ delivery drivers in London, but if they stick to this level of customer service, they may find themselves to be quite busy later on. I respected Ian’s attitude towards delivering my products and I believe a lot more customers will share my view too.

Quality/Freshness of Products

I was so impressed with how well the products were packed into these bags and the packaging of Morrisons’ own branded labels. Everything just seemed elegant and high quality to me.

Upon reading my Morrisons receipt, I learned the use-by date for all the products I had ordered, as they were very helpfully listed out in order of lifespan, from short to long. A lot of my fridge and cupboard food had to be used within 2 days, but I did have some products which would last over one week. This helps me work out which products to use first and which can be saved at a later date.

Having used all of the products I ordered from Morrisons, I can safely say that Morrisons is my absolute favourite now. I am sold on the quality of their products and how fresh their produce are, especially the fruit and vegetables, which were own branded, but still high quality.

Price/Value of Products

I really couldn’t believe how low the prices actually were at Morrisons. As previously mentioned, I saved £20 on my normal shopping bill, just by opting for the Morrisons own branded labels and cheaper versions of some of the staple products in my fridge and cupboard. For example, I picked only Morrisons fruit and veg, i.e. the Morrisons raspberries were only 85p and blueberries were only 99p! A far cry from other grocery stores’ ranges, which tend to be around the £1.50/£2.50 mark. I couldn’t tell you the difference in quality between each because I don’t think there is any.

Recipe Challenge – Cook a meal for 4 for £10

Morrisons set Motherhood Diaries a challenge to cook a meal for 4 people for £10. Never one to shy away from a challenge – especially a food challenge – I set out to cook a meal for 6 people for under £10.

I decided to go for a healthy Shepherd’s Pie (you can find the recipe here) and below is a list of all the products I used:

Product needed Weight/Amount Morrisons product Price
Potatoes 900g/2lb Morrisons’ White Potatoes, 2.5kg


Milk 6tbsp Morrisons British Semi Skimmed Milk, 1 pint


Butter 110g/2oz Morrisons’ British Unsalted Butter, 250g


Onion 115g/1 cup Morrison’s hand selected brown onions x 5




Morrisons Hand Selected Carrots, 1


Garlic 1 clove Morrison’s organic garlic x 2


Minced Lamb 450g/2 cups Morrison’s Minced Lamb, 500g


Beef stock 600ml/1 pint Bovril Beef Stock Cubes, 12x10g


Flat Leaf Parsley 2 tbsp Morrison’s Fresh Cut Parsley, 31g


Sweetcorn 115g/1 cup Morrisons Sweetcorn, drained weight, 140g


Cheddar Cheese 115g/1 cup Morrison’s Deli Small Mild White Cheddar Cheese, 167g




I managed to make it to just over £10, leaving out the optional item, ‘Spinach’ in the recipe. So, technically, you can make a Shepherd’s Pie for 6 people for just over £10.

Quality of Service

Morrisons’ new delivery service jumps out at you when you first visit their website, www.morrisons.com. Their catchy messages like, ‘Why shop anywhere else?’ ‘If it’s late, delivery is free’ and ‘Market Street fresh food’, already put them up on top as their own branded food is of great quality and very cheap. Having always been a Sainsbury’s fan, I wanted to try out my local Morrisons and compare the quality and prices of their own branded labels to reduce my shopping bill and still make great food at home. Morrisons quickly became my favourite store because I saved a whopping £20 on my normal shopping bill and I enjoyed their food, especially their lemon mousses (yum!).

Morrisons’ angle is geared towards cheaper products, recently announcing their biggest ever price cuts and a brand new price transparency website, tapping into customer’s minds and figuring out that customers need great products at a very cheap price. Check out their new YouTube video announcing their changes:

Morrisons recently sent a giant pepper around London in celebration of the service arriving in London. Here is a YouTube video of the giant pepper’s visit to London:



Morrisons’ commitment to fresh food of the highest quality has enabled them to become quiet leaders in the superstore rat race, going up against advertising giants like Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s, who utilise all forms of media to entice customers to shop with them. Yet, customers like me, who may not be completely satisfied all the time with most of the grocery giants, search elsewhere, like Morrisons, for great food at cheaper prices, and realise that Morrisons do keep up with their promises and provide the quality products that they say they do.

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