Mini Face Paints Review - Snazaroo Weekend Box

Mini Face Paints Review – Snazaroo Weekend Box

Mini Face Paints Review - Snazaroo Weekend Box

When a Weekend Box pops through our mailbox, my little one loses it for about 5 minutes, while my older one shrugs his shoulders and walks back into his room to carry on with whatever he was doing before the mailman interrupted his play. However, as soon as I yell, “Weekend Box time!” both boys are on the kitchen table in a shot, ready to pull up their sleeves and get dirty. However, this was a special kind of Weekend Box, with only one activity this time (normally there’s four) – face painting! Snazaroo provided us with two types of face paints inside the ever bright and colourful Weekend Box packaging.

Weekend Box Packaging - motherhooddiaries

Weekend Box Packaging - inside

Snazaroo Face Paints - motherhooddiaries

Snazaroo packaging and contents

  • The Snazaroo tiger face paint packaging is small and can fit into pretty much any bag.
  • The packet includes 3 paints, black, white and yellow, as well as a paintbrush for detailing and a sponge for larger application of the paint.
  • The paint covers were very difficult to peel off – you had to pop out the paint and then take the cover off that way.
  • The tiger face paint instructions were very easy to understand and I could reproduce the look, not perfectly, but at least Aidan resembled a tiger (ish).

Application of the tiger face paint - motherhooddiaries

  • The face stamp packaging was the same, it was difficult to peel the transparent cover off the paints, but it was straightforward to understand what you had to do – just wet the paint and stamp away.
  • The packet includes 3 paints, orange, green and yellow, with 3 stamps of an ice cream, smiley face and a musical note.


  • Following the 3-step guide provided on the packet made it easy to know what to do and how to apply. The part where the sponge sits has a picture of a water drop on it, so you know to add the water there, which is great, as you don’t need to use any other equipment.
  • A drop of water is all that is needed as these are water paints and can get quite ‘watery’ upon application. Using the sponge helps to apply colour to the face quickly

Applying the yellow face - motherhooddiaries

  • I wasn’t great at applying the stamps. Aidan didn’t want to have any ‘tattoos’ on his hand or arm, so I stamped his face instead. Be careful not to put too much paint on the stamp, otherwise, you’ll find yourself stamping the circular part onto the face too.

Snazaroo face stamps - motherhooddiaries

Removing the paints

  • Removing these water paints were super simple, as they’re water-based. So, this bumped up my opinion to top marks as some face paints I have used in the past don’t even come off with alcohol wipes!
  • Everything is easy to wash out and prepare for next use as well.

Having some more fun with the face paints

Aron wanted to get involved with the face paints, so I used both packets to paint the green power ranger on his face and Mikey from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Aidan’s face. I really enjoyed using the face paints, they’re so easy to apply and the boys did not fuss or complain once. A simple shower and their faces were back to normal again.

Mikey - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - face paint - Snazaroo - motherhooddiaries

Green Power Ranger - Snazaroo face paints - motherhooddiaries

Overall, we had great fun using the face paints and would thoroughly recommend buying these nifty little Snazaroo face paints to enjoy at home as well. The tiger face paints are only £2.99 and come complete with everything you need to recreate the look. Each bite-sized pack contains three paints, a brush, a sponge and a step-by-step guide.

There will be five new themes launching soon, Summer, Carnival, Halloween, Christmas and Easter, and the paints wash off so easily that you won’t have to worry about permanent marking or spillages. These paints are also fragrance-free and gentle on the skin.

If you’d like to grab yourself a Weekend Box here (suitable for 4 – 9 years), there are quite a few to choose from and each are packed with four amazing activities to make your weekend full of educational fun and laughter.

*Weekend box and Snazaroo gifted Motherhood Diaries this special edition of the Weekend Box in return for a review. All opinions and thoughts are 100% our own*

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