Making the most of maternity leave

Making the most of your maternity leave - motherhooddiaries.com

Whilst we can all look forward to maternity leave as a chance to take a break from work and prepare for our impending day of birth, it can also present us with a dilemma as to what to do with our time. Most of us will want to stay active and busy, but at the same time, it’s important not to over-exert ourselves with too many tasks. So here are a few ideas about what you can do to overcome the maternity leave blues!

Preparing for your new arrival

The biggest thing occupying your mind will undoubtedly be counting the clock until your due date. So why not use that time to prepare your new baby’s room so that they get the very best start in your home.

A little bit of decoration can never go amiss. The House to Home website has lots of great baby room ideas that can be simply achieved with a pot of paint and a little imagination. And designing a fun and colourful mural for your baby’s room can help you keep yourself entertained and develop your own artistic side!

And though it’s still early, Christmas is just around the corner, so why not get in a little practice by having a go at knitting some miniature stockings and penguins to make your baby’s first Christmas extra special?

Relaxing in style

Of course, we can’t be expected to run at 100% all of the time as most of us will feel exhausted during this taxing period of our lives. So that’s why it can be a good idea to fire up the TV and relax with some of the best TV series currently out there. Lots of streaming sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime host some fantastic vintage TV shows such as Friends and Gilmore Girls that can serve for a perfectly nostalgic and relaxing evening.

And if you’re getting a little bit of cabin fever, then you can still add a touch of excitement and glamour in your life from the comfort of your sofa with some of the mobile games at dreambingo.com that are easy to learn, fun to play, and have some impressive progressive jackpots too!

Short breaks

And finally, if this is your first child, then your maternity leave could be your last gasp of true freedom before the little one arrives. Whilst jetting off to a distant location might sound exotic, the rigours of pregnancy can often make it a little taxing.

So instead it can be a good idea to take a short break in the UK that will help you relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Heading to the coast to sample the clear sea breeze can do the world of good, and a beach cottage holiday from Unique Home Stays might just provide the perfect break before that upcoming big day!

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