How to make the most of the blackberry season – plus 4 recipes!

How to make the most of blackberry season - motherhooddiaries

This summer has been somewhat turbulent for us Brits, but the one thing that has remained constant, especially during August, is blackberry season – a season I look forward to every single year. Blackberry picking is a family activity, which I’ve massively involved the boys in since they were old enough to walk.

Blackberry Picking in 2014

How to make the most of blackberry season - motherhooddiaries
(Aron, 3, picking blackberries for the first time)

Blackberry Picking in 2017

How to make the most of blackberry season - motherhooddiaries
(Aron and his brother Aidan (6 and 5 years old) are now pros at blackberry picking!)

Blackberry season typically runs between June and November in the UK, but you will most likely see the parasitic-style thorny blackberry brambles bloom in August/September, where you will find blackberries in abundance. Paying £2.99 for a punnet in the stores seems ludicrous when you can find double or even triple the amount when you step outside of your house – and for free too! Blackberries are grown on brambles and can be found anywhere they have been allowed to invade and take over other plant’s territories. And, the benefits of consuming blackberries are extensive. They are loaded with vitamin C (a 100g serving has 23mg vitamin C, which is about 35 per cent of your recommended daily allowance) and they are an excellent source of fibre. Blackberries are also even known to prevent and slow the growth of cancer and boost immunity too.

How to make the most of blackberry season - motherhooddiaries

So, when we saw enough blackberries growing in our beautiful back garden to create four delicious dessert recipes, I got right to it! Our littlest one (5) regularly visits the back of our garden with a small empty water bottle to hunt for blackberries and he dutifully brings them back for me to wash and rinse, so he can either eat them there and then or I can trial out a new recipe for the whole family to enjoy. My next objective is to incorporate blackberries into a healthy dinner recipe. But, for now, here are four awesome blackberry recipes that are so super easy to make, they don’t require any fancy kitchenware to create or enjoy them.

Blackberry, Strawberry, and Dark Chocolate Chip food processor ice cream – no ice cream maker needed!

Blackberry, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Chip food processor ice cream – no ice cream maker needed - motherhooddiaries

We’ve never owned an ice cream maker and we’ve never needed one because I’ve somehow found a way to use my Kenwood food processor for pretty much most recipes that might require another kitchen contraption. I had some double cream left in the fridge and my littlest one had helped me pick a whole bunch of blackberries earlier that day, so we were halfway there to making an ice cream. We just needed something to sweeten the deal – honey and brown sugar – and perhaps some side ingredients to spruce up our blackberries. We opted for strawberries in our fridge and the remainder of some dark chocolate in the cupboard. I had read a while back that the secret to soft scoop ice cream is to firm up the cream in a freezer and then chop it up afterwards if you don’t have an ice cream maker. This allows the texture and consistency of the cream to soften up slightly.

I heated 2 cups of double cream slightly to ensure the granulated sugar and honey dissolved and mixed well. I then brought the ice cream mix off the heat and added the vanilla extract. At this point, the mix tastes quite sweet and vanilla-flavoured. I chopped up the blackberries and strawberries and placed them in a separate bag, which went into the freezer overnight, along with the ice cream mix in a separate bowl.

The next day, I allowed the mix and the fruit to thaw out slightly before placing in the food processor and blitzing them until mixed well but with a soft scoop texture. I then broke up the dark chocolate pieces and added them to the food processor as well. The result was a lovely soft ice cream with a vibrant pink hue that was literally cleaned out by the three boys (hubby included). Hubby even said it was the best ice cream he had ever tasted! So, I’ll just have to make some more, but my next objective is to make it with coconut milk yogurt or banana and sweetener, so we can enjoy a vegan-style ‘nice’ cream next time.

You can find the full Blackberry ice cream recipe here.

I love making apple crumble for Aron, as it is his favourite dessert, so I wanted to create something similar, but in more of pie style, as I believed it felt more authentic to have a Blackberry Pie rather than a Blackberry crumble. This recipe is so easy to make! I would strongly advise you make the pie yourself, but if you happen to have some ready-made pie in the fridge, then you’ll have a dessert on your table in no time flat. I’ve made one pie with just blackberries and one with both, and blackberries, which tastes just as great!

Blackberry pie with apple filling - motherhooddiaries
Pie with an apple and blackberry filling

Click here for the full fresh and 100% homemade Blackberry Pie Recipe for you to create and enjoy with your family. Hint – I strongly advise you add some Almond Milk on top for extra flavour!

Almond and Blackberry Biscuit Squares

Almond and Blackberry Biscuit Squares - motherhooddiaries

The boys and I headed out to the park today to enjoy a rare beautiful sunny day and we found a ‘secret passage way‘ as the boys called it, with so many blackberries that we couldn’t even fit them all into one of the boys’ 500ml water bottles! So, I had to come up with another recipe to house all these blackberries and I figured that the only real option left for a worthy dessert were biscuits! However, as there were so many blackberries, I decided to combine the recipe for biscuits with a flapjack style recipe, so I ended up creating biscuit squares. So easy to make! Here’s the recipe: Almond and Blackberry Biscuit Squares Recipe

Blackberry Jam

Blackberry jam recipe - motherhooddiaries

You can’t have all these blackberries and not make jam! Browsing through all the jam recipes online, I can’t believe how much sugar goes into one jar of processed jam. So I set about to try and make a marginally healthier version and came up with a honey and lemon style blackberry jam. The kids love it and it has become a real staple in our house. Check out the ‘Blackberry Jam’ recipe here.

So there you have it! Four delicious blackberry recipes to keep you occupied over the summer holidays and they’re all kid-friendly, so get the children involved in picking blackberries and then helping to create something truly magical with them afterwards. Here are the recipes again:

Blackberry, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Chip Food Processor Ice Cream Recipe

Blackberry Pie Recipe

Almond and Blackberry Biscuit Squares Recipe

Blackberry Jam Recipe

Happy Blackberry Season 🙂

How to make the most of blackberry season, plus 4 recipes
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