How to make the most of your family holiday with the kids

How to make the most of your family holiday with the kids - motherhooddiaries
How to make the most of your family holiday with the kids
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I love a good holiday with the kids, but if we don’t plan our family holiday before we get to our destination, then we normally end up with a huge nightmare rather than a treasured memory. There is so much to think about before setting off on holiday, from ensuring the passports are valid and up-to-date, to ensuring the hotel is kid-friendly, so the children won’t get bored. So, I’ve compiled some tips on how to make the most of your family holiday with the kids without needing to break the bank or acquire any new grey hairs in the process. It’s all about planning and preparation, so here we go!

Plan for a family holiday with the kids

That’s a given, yes, but I mean, ACTUALLY plan for a holiday with the kids. It’s all well and good dreaming about spas and lounging by the beach, whilst you’re sipping on a mojito, but if you want to have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday, you need to think of your children’s needs first. Consider family-friendly hotels, with tonnes of things for the kids to do, i.e. kiddie-friendly activities, family restaurants and, more importantly, child-safe accommodation. You don’t need to plan every single activity to a ‘T’, but having a general idea of how and where you want the holiday to go, will aid you to plan for certain milestones, like all-inclusive flight and holiday packages (or separate flights and accommodation details), as well as where to eat, top places to visit in that destination and the flight back.

Check the passports

This I cannot stress enough. Take it from us when my husband and 4-year-old son had to travel to Switzerland by car alone because my then 5-year old son’s passport had expired. I ended up travelling by plane with my eldest the next day. But, all this could have been avoided if we had just checked his passport before. So, PLEASE CHECK YOUR PASSPORTS way in advance.

Travel in style in a camper van or look for all-inclusive packages

Think about your favoured method of travel. We recently drove all the way to Switzerland, which was great fun because we saved quite a bit of money and we could bring whatever we wanted in our suitcases. Plus, it was a summer car trip, so we weren’t freezing in the car or getting all too uncomfortable. However, it had taken us 13 hours to get there and 13 hours back, so we ended up stopping off a lot and stretching our legs.

If you have a VW van, perhaps a better way to enjoy a road trip is to convert your van into a campervan. You can still enjoy the beauty of a scenic road trip, but with the comfort of beds, kitchen equipment and even toilet facilities. A much better way to enjoy a 26-hour round trip! To find the best van for conversion, Sherwood Campers can provide a number of services for a reasonable fee, so you can enjoy #vanlife in style!

If you want to spend more time on holiday and less time on the travel, a flight trip to Switzerland is only about 90 minutes. So, sometimes, an all-inclusive package that covers the flights and hotel, may just be easier to manage, especially with young kids in tow. I recommend shopping around and looking for great deals on flights and hotels, as well as all-in-one packages. If you’re looking for cheap places to stay there are tons of great booking hotel promotions on the net if you take the time to look for them. If you already have your accommodation sorted, Skyscanner compares prices and finds you the cheapest flights for wherever you want to go. Our next stop is Malaysia, as the country hosts tons of great deals for the family to enjoy. We’re looking to book a hotel in JB on Traveloka, which currently has tons of deals that we want to enjoy off-peak right now.

Pack suitcases smartly

Family suitcases - motherhooddiaries

We recently had a scare and my suitcase went missing. I managed to get it back at the airport, thankfully, but it scared me into thinking about packing smart. Now we divide all our clothes between 4 suitcases so that if one suitcase does go missing, one of us will not be completely left high and dry without anything for the holiday.

Pack lots of snacks – I mean lots!

Snacks keep kids busy, so make sure you have them in abundance. Try not to offer snacks that are high in sugar, otherwise, you may see a huge energy outburst, followed by a sugar crash and irritable children. Great travel-friendly snacks can include cheese strings, pretzels, peanut butter on celery or breadsticks, mini pancakes and wraps. You also save a lot of money, as buying food on the plane or at the airport can come with a premium fee. Plus, you will know what goes into your food and, therefore, offer healthier and simpler snacks. Don’t forget to bring lots of water too!

Ensure accommodation is family friendly too

We booked 2 rooms at a nearby hotel in North Cyprus once and failed to mention that the rooms needed to be child-friendly. Instead, they had housed us right by a swimming pool and the rooms were covered with marble flooring and stairs parted by metal gates that a child could easily slip through and fall to the hard floor. It was not child-friendly at all! We managed to switch rooms, but the palaver that we had created because we had not considered mentioning that we had young children could easily have been avoided. Make this very clear to the accommodation owners, so they know to look for child-friendly rooms. Ensure that family-friendly hotels are also walking distance from nearby children’s activities or an outdoor playground which will keep the kids busy when you want to lounge about and relax. You can even try something different and look into ice hotels if you’re planning a winter holiday. Igloo-style rooms are a growing trend now and can be an extra fun experience for the kids. Whichever you choose, make sure the room has easy access to all the child-friendly amenities, so you’re not dragging your kids back and forth.

These are just a mere few tips on how to make the most of your family holiday with the kids. For more travel related posts, please visit our travel section here.

If you have any tips on how you maximise holiday fun, please do share with us in the comments below.

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