Let’s normalise breastfeeding during pregnancy and tandem feeding

Irina and 3 kids

A breastfeeding Mum from Perth, Australia ignores the noise of other’s opinions and tunes in to her inner voice.

So many people are quick to judge. Strangers on the street, the medical profession, family, friends, the list goes on. While breastfeeding my three-year-old daughter during pregnancy, advice and opinions were given to me all the time wherever I went. I had to hear that my “milk was poison”, “the baby would be born prematurely”, “it’s NOT normal”, “you need to stop”, “she is using you as a pacifier”, “it’s not good”!!!

Breastfeeding while pregnant and tandem feeding after birth is my “normal” and my “moo moo time” story.

Guess what I did? I let it go and I didn’t listen. I did what felt right for me and my children. I listened to my intuition.

I ignored the ignorant!!! I will repeat. I ignored the ignorant!!!

Irina Naumova and her children

I call bullshit on all of the opinions. I  did not allow it to get to me and most importantly I did not allow it to change what I intuitively felt was right and natural for my daughter and my body. The first photo was taken one week before I gave birth at 38 weeks pregnant, the second photo was 2 weeks after.  I naturally delivered my baby boy with no complications, happy and healthy on an island in the Mediterranean far away from my hometown, Perth, Australia.

I’m currently still breastfeeding my 3 year old daughter and my newborn and it’s all ok!!! Mother’s milk is not poison, the baby was born full-term and healthy and everyone is content and happy. I share our version of “normal” captured in this photo with you in the hope that stories and images like this do make breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding, tandem breastfeeding and breastfeeding during pregnancy normal for all. For the females that get given all this advice, do your own research, listen to your own intuition and body. It is your body and your choice!!! 

The female body is simply incredible and we need to celebrate, encourage and support one another not bring each other down.

Irina Naumova and her children

“Moo Moo time” is what both my children would say when they wanted/want to breastfeed. It’s a name that my first child came up with and it has stayed in our family ever since. “Moo moo time” was created after I posted a picture of breastfeeding my daughter while 9 months pregnant to a small breastfeeding support group in order to share what “normal” looks like in our house. It created a lot curiosity, questions, admiration and a fair share of ignorance and backlash. I was critized for my hair, my bra and told to go put my clothes back on by females and males (I inhaled and exhaled and ignored that part).

I’m here to address it all and be part of normalising breastfeeding world wide. After 6 consecutive years of breastfeeding my children and now currently tandem feeding my 3 year old daughter and newborn, I have been inspired to create “moo moo time” to raise awareness, share education, experiences, stories, ask for advice on topics of not only breastfeeding but also parenthood, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Join me to normalise the most natural act in the world and share your moo moo stories and questions!

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Irina Naumova (1 Posts)

Irina is a social worker, coach and, most importantly, Mother to three children. She was born in Russia, raised in America and Australia and now living in on an island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus. Irina is passionate about justice and human rights! She is currently on a mission to normalise breastfeeding after breastfeeding consecutively for 6 years and now tandem feeding her daughter and newborn baby. She strongly believes in empowering and supporting females on their breastfeeding journeys whatever they may look like.