How to Keep Your Style during Maternity

How to Keep Your Style during Maternity
How to Keep Your Style during Maternity
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Even though pregnancy is a blessing, there’s no denying that it comes with its own fair share of hardship. Managing a growing belly can take a toll on your body and self-esteem. In terms of style, you won’t be able to wear most of the fashion essentials in your wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean you have to let go altogether.

With the following useful pregnancy fashion tips, you can dress well while accommodating your growing baby bump.

Dress appropriately

There are a lot of options out there that can help you; you just have to embrace the change in your appearance. Go for maternity clothes that are the right size for you. Knowing your body type is the secret behind looking fabulous during maternity.

If you’re carrying extra weight, try and emphasize your length and not the width. A long draped sweater can work like magic for such body types. Go for black tops that are large enough to cover the belly. Black can actually make you look thinner in your hour of need. If you’re not into black, then go for natural hues like tan, grey or even khaki. Opt for long skirts for bottoms and low wedges as footwear.

If you are carrying low weight then wear clothes that help rebalance your proportions by making your legs appear longer. Empire waist-tops are an ideal choice, while options such as V-necks will draw attention away from your belly.

Start with comfortable underwear that supports you from the inside

Lotus Yoga Pumping bra - cakematernity - motherhooddiaries

A growing bump also comes with other growing parts of the body and they need to be supported properly, not just for your health, but for your sanity too. There are tons of maternity underwear out there at the moment, but some of my favourites include Cake Maternity’s Lotus Yoga Pumping Bra, which has been stylishly designed for pregnant and new mums and is ideal for everyday use. The double cup also cleverly allows for discreet feeding or use with your breast pump.

Consider comfort on the outside too

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While picking out clothing for your maternity wardrobe, keep the aspect of comfort in mind. Maternity jumpsuits, complete with sleeves, offer a loose fit and the coverage makes them a great option for a stylish pregnancy.

When it comes to the bottoms, maternity jeans come in a variety of fits: boot, cut, flair, boyfriend and even straight leg. Go for a style that you wore pre-pregnancy – if you were comfortable in it before you would be comfortable in it now.

The other option is maternity leggings. Finding the right compression leggings will not only help you cope with those achy and tired legs, it will also give you the sense of fashion that you crave during maternity. The compression legwear also aids better blood circulation in the legs, which, in turn, helps reenergize you. Seeing your legs getting some stylish support, in the colour of your choice, will no doubt boost your confidence in no time.

Follow latest trends

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Keep up with the latest trends for major style points. In case of prints, clean stripes, abstract florals and intricate prints are trending in maternity fashion – these are patterns women prefer to stay away from during maternity, but they can look just as good during this time.

In case of fabric, tweed is the word from trousers all the way up to jackets. While pregnancy forcing you to get new outerwear might not be the best scenario, it gives you an excuse to try out a new fabric. With these options, you’ll achieve a rich, textured look that’s flattering and appropriately fitted at the same time.

Don’t let maternity keep you from wanting to appear fashionable and confident. Use the tips mentioned above to spruce up your maternity wardrobe and turn heads even with a baby bump while you’re out and about.

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