Barbecue Party Theme with Just Catering Supplies – Review 1 of 2

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Barbecue Party Theme with Just Catering Supplies – Review 1 of 2
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Summer is nigh and that means barbecues – tons of them! Today, we are moving from a small 2 bed flat in London to a lovely 3 bed bungalow in Radlett and our garden is going to be huge. So, one of the first things I’m going to do is prepare a pretty awesome housewarming barbecue to celebrate our city to semi-village transition (i.e. we have a garden now). I’m already thinking about the kind of food I’m going to prepare, but, I haven’t even considered the crockery/cutlery yet. I want the plates and cups to be disposable in order to prevent any breakages and minimise the clean up afterwards. But I don’t want to go for the bog standard boring, white paper plates. So, when Motherhood Diaries was offered an opportunity to review £35 worth of products from Just Catering Supplies (JCS), I jumped at the chance to get all experimental with disposable paper plates and cups.

Who are Just Catering Supplies?

JCS’ primary mission is to provide customers with quality, reasonably priced disposable catering supplies that you can use and dispose at your will. There is a vast array of disposable items, from plastic plates to party themed table accessories – whatever you need for your cooking, baking and hosting needs, they’ve pretty much got it covered. Based in the UK, JCS are available to speak to over the phone, by mail or email and many have reviewed and commented on the high level of customer service JCS offer.

Impero Oro Gold Dinner Party Theme

I decided to go with a party theme and found the Impero Oro Gold Dinner Party Theme, which I, initially, thought would look quite elegantly fitting for my barbecue party. The Italian designed dinnerware looks functional and dressy, with the added bonus of being disposable, so there will be no washing up! Plus, you have the whole dinnerware set packed neatly in one package for 10 guests at the Barbie, so the crockery side of planning would be sorted.

When I saw the plates, I wasn’t as keen on the design as I initially was. Although, it didn’t look bad, the gold detail looked dated and probably more suitable for an adult female birthday party or a girls’ night. Having said that, I do prefer them to white paper plates.

I will be looking forward to trying them out at my planned barbecue in a weeks’ time and finding out what the guests will think of them.

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