June 2017 BBQ Degustabox Review

June BBQ Summer Degustabox Review - motherhooddiaries

Another great month of delicious edible goodies from Degustabox, which features the following brands this month:

Here is the link to the full background of the Degustabox and the service they offer: https://motherhooddiaries.com/degustabox-review-plus-competitiongiveaway-win-aprils-degustabox/

But, for a quick recap, Degustabox is an online retail service that offers a monthly package full of nutritional goods for a monthly fee of £12.99. But lucky customers like yourself will receive a £7.00 discount when signing up for your first Degustabox by inserting discount code BLDEG15 at the checkout.

Products range from condiments to organic food and drink, packed with lots of information on the product and its manufacturer. You can sign up to receive a monthly Degustabox here: http://bit.ly/DBhomepage.

You can stay updated via Degustabox’s social networks too:

Facebook – http://bit.ly/DBUKFacebook

Twitter – http://bit.ly/DBUKTwitter

Instagram – @Degustabox_UK #Degustabox_UK

And, that’s not all! Customers can receive a hefty 40% discount when signing up with their email address.

One other thing. Degustabox has recently introduced DB Discoveries to keep us in the loop with new, smaller brands that we may not have heard of, but are equally as delicious. We’ll keep you posted on these too, by marking a ‘*’ next to the brand’s name.

So, let’s get started!


Tommy (Daddy)

Leyla (Mummy)

Aron (6 years old)

Aidan (5 years old)


What’s in June 2017’s BBQ themed Degustabox?

June 2017's BBQ themed Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

Check out our unboxing video below:


ENRJ Energy Juice

ENRJ Energy Juice - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“Freshly pressed fruit juice, naturally caffeinated with green (unroasted) arabica coffee beans (a double espresso worth) for a longer-lasting energising lift. Made from real ingredients, with nothing artificial, no added sugar, less than 100 calories per bottle and one of your five-a-day; fuel your day the healthy way with #ENRJ.

ENRJ Mango Passion: Mouth-watering mango and a squeeze of passion, shaken with a dash of green arabica coffee bean, for a longer-lasting energizing lift.

ENRJ Apple and Berries: Aromatic apples bountifully berryfied, and naturally caffeinated with a dash of green arabica coffee bean. A bottle a day … after all it’s one of your five-a-day!

No added sugar. Less than 100 calories per bottle. No artificial flavouring or colourings. Gluten free. A double espresso equivalent.

P.S. Why does it separate? We like to think that our recipes are a marriage made in heaven, but sometimes the fruit has other ideas. You see, pureed mangos are heavier than pressed apples, so they sink. We could add low viscosity propylene glycol alginate and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, or you could just give it a shake!

*These products were included in the non-alcohol version of the Degustabox only.


Our Opinion – These really did have a zing to them and I loved the taste. I wasn’t aware that they were caffeinated when I drank them, but I did feel a boost just in time for my workout at home. Beats always drinking coffee!


EISBERG Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol-Free Wine

Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“Whether you’re the designated driver or simply looking to take a few days off alcohol as part of a healthier lifestyle choice, Eisberg Alcohol-Free Wine is the perfect alternative this BBQ season!

Made in exactly the same way as all wines, it is only after our experts have decided the wine is just right, that the clever bit happens! Using one of the world’s most advanced techniques, the alcohol is removed at the very end of the process, to ensure that as much of the original character and flavours of the wine are kept intact.

This leaves you with an alcohol-free wine perfect for picnicking, outside barbecuing, or simply relaxing with friends on warm summer nights.

Have you tried… Cooking with Eisberg:

We have developed a range of delicious, healthy and fresh recipes to help you get creative in the kitchen.

Our chefs have developed a range of summer favourites that really bring out the flavours of the wine, including Courgetti with Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach, and Salmon Fillets with a Rosé and Lemon Marinade – perfect for a family meal, or a garden party with friends.

For a full list of recipes head over to the Eisberg website below.


Our Opinion – I still don’t understand why anyone would want to drink non-alcoholic wine, but I do understand using this ‘child-friendly’ wine for recipes like fish or white meat. I actually liked the infusion in my chicken soup. Just drop a dash to the sauce and it adds a depth of flavour to the soup. Recipe to follow soon.


WESTONS CIDER Westons Rosie’s Pig Ciders

Westons Ciders Rosie's Pig - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“Both Rosie’s Pig products are made using 100% fresh pressed Herefordshire Cider Apples. The products were crafted by Guy Lawrence, 5th generation family cider maker, at Westons Cider Mill.

Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre has a complex aroma with a distinctive rhubarb hint. It has a satisfyingly complex taste that is slightly astringent with a hint of citrus and a tart finish.

Rosie’s Pig Handbrake has a plummy aroma with hints of hedgerow. It has a fruity damson flavour and is rich, well balanced, easy drinking with a sharp finish.

*These products were included in the alcohol version of the Degustabox only.


Our Opinion – Hubby is the token cider drinker in our family as I am really not a fan and, although he’s not super fussy, he did really enjoy both the Damson and Rhubarb fusion, with the latter being his preferred of the two.


BERRYWHITE Organic Drinks

Berrywhite Organic Drinks - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“Berrywhite organic drinks tick all the right boxes being organic fruit juice blended with mineral water, one of your five a day, giving 10% profit to the Berrywhite Foundation www.berrywhite.com/foundation and contain no added sugar, no preservatives or anything artificial.

*One flavour of Berrywhite Organic Drinks was included in the Degustabox.


Our Opinion – I love citrusy drinks and this lemon & lime soft drink tasted authentic and delicious. Sadly, the boys weren’t interested, but thankfully, I got to enjoy it all to myself.


SPOON CEREALS Spoon Apple + Peanut Granola

Spoon Granola Cereal Apple & Peanut - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“The Apple and Peanut granola is one of the recipes we served from our pop-up breakfast cereal bar at train stations, food markets and music festivals.

We only use real ingredients and natural sugars, including our not-so-secret ingredient, pure maple syrup which is not only rich in flavour but also contains higher levels of nutrients than regular sugar. The baked apple pieces, whole toasted peanuts, coconut chips provide a delightful mix of textures and flavours to your breakfast bowl.

Enjoy our granolas the classic way with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit, or mix it up by sprinkling on top of your porridge and whizzing into smoothies. We won’t judge you for nibbling on our granola straight from the pack.


Our Opinion – These are great, sweet enough to enjoy on their own and versatile enough to add to cakes and yoghurts. I made great flapjacks with these, including just peanut butter and apple. A recipe will follow shortly.


ORIGINALOS O’s Sesame and Cumin Savoury Biscuit Nibbles

Originalos Cumin & Sesame - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“Take one competitive family, add a secret recipe that has
never been agreed between them. Mix in cumin and sesame, add a pinch of ambition and share the O’s with the world…
Warning: You may get O-ddicted to O’s!
Order online via Amazon at www.originalos.com


Our Opinion – Absolutely delicious! They are addictive and so, so moreish. I ate the whole packet on my own easily and would happily have more afterwards. The cumin mixed with sesame is just a brilliant idea and I’d love to have a stab at making these myself.


WALKERS SHORTBREAD Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Scottie Dogs

Walkers Shortbread Scottie Dog Biscuits - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“Walkers Scottie Dog Shortbread is a novelty treat that is loved, by both adults and children. Attractively packaged, these playful Scottie dogs are made with only the finest quality ingredients, giving them the same wonderful Walkers taste.


Our Opinion – Hubby’s favourite kind of biscuit is the shortbread biscuit and, although, too buttery for me, these were a great hit with the boys. These ‘Scottie Dogs’ Shortbread biscuits would make the perfect gift for friends and family.


SCHWARTZ Authentic US BBQ Pulled Chicken & Spicy Buffalo Wings Recipe Mixes

Schwartz Spicy Buffalo Wings and BBQ Pulled Chicken Sauce - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“Schwartz’s new, easy to use recipe mixes will transport your taste-buds across the Atlantic, Stateside. Bring a sweet and spicy twist to mealtimes with Authentic American recipe mixes for BBQ Pulled Chicken, Spicy Buffalo Wings, Chicken Jambalaya and Sweet Potato Wedges.

*The BBQ Pulled Chicken and Spicy Buffalo Wings Recipe Mixes were both included in the Degustabox.


Our Opinion – We’ve yet to use these as I have two boys who do not like spice at all, which is a shame. I will have to try and utilise these sauces in some adult meals for myself and my husband.

CAPSICANA Brazilian Chilli & Coconut Quick Cook Sauce

Capiscana Chilli & Coconut Brazilian Cook Sauce - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“Featuring Frutescens Chillies this delicious and fragrant sauce is based on the classic ‘Moqueca’ stew from Bahia state, north of Rio. Cook with chicken, peppers and onions for a 15 minute midweek dish, or visit the website below for lots more recipe ideas.


Our Opinion – These had more spice than I imagined, so wasn’t a hit with the boys when I made a nice korma-style curry with rice. Hubby and I, however, really enjoyed the sauce and would happily buy a less spicy version next time round.


LIGHTERLIFE FAST Light Bites Superfood Fruit Bar

Lighterlife Light Bites Quinoa, Honey and Pumpkin Seeds - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“Deliciously healthy snacks for those looking for something light and extremely tasty without the remorse.

Snack virtuously with Light Bites; every pack is under 100 calories and full of deliciousness – from the superfoods in the bars to the freeze dried, locked in goodness of real fruit in our fruit chips. The popped chips are gluten free and high in protein too!

Included in the June Degustabox – Superfood fruit bar with goji berries, quinoa and chia seeds – only 98 calories per bar and packed with fibre without artificials (colours, preservatives or flavours) and low in saturated fat.

Take your pick of your perfect Light Bite and indulge without guilt.



Our Opinion – A healthy snack, but high in sugar. I, unfortunately, found this too sweet for my liking.


LIGHTERLIFE FAST Light Bites Mango with Vanilla Yoghurt Fruit Chips

Lighterlife Light Bites Mango With Vanilla Yoghurt - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“Deliciously healthy snacks for those looking for something light and extremely tasty without the remorse.

Snack virtuously with Light Bites; every pack is under 100 calories and full of deliciousness – from the superfoods in the bars to the freeze dried, locked in goodness of real fruit in our fruit chips. The popped chips are gluten free and high in protein too!

Included in the June Degustabox – Mango with Vanilla Yoghurt Fruit Chips – Tasty freeze dried fruit and yoghurt chips only 46 calories per bag and 100% fruit and yoghurt.

Take your pick of your perfect Light Bite and indulge without guilt.


Our Opinion – Again, just too sweet and tasted a little too chemical for me. The boys wouldn’t touch them either. Such a shame as I like the idea of fruit chips, but perhaps I’d make my own next time.


HARIBO Summer Frenzy Starmix and Tangfastics

Haribo Starmix Berry and Tangfastics - June BBQ Degustabox - motherhooddiaries

“HARIBO Frenzy is back and celebrating the taste of summer with new flavour twists of Starmix and Tangfastics inspired by British summertime.

Available in the same iconic pieces known and loved, Starmix and Tangfastics can now be enjoyed in a frenzy of all new flavour and colour combinations perfect for sharing.

Enjoy tastes of the season inside bags of HARIBO Starmix Berry Flavours with a blueberry flavoured bear, a strawberry flavoured egg, a pomegranate and cranberry bottle, and a cherry flavoured purple heart.

Adding extra fizz to the excitement, HARIBO Tangfastics Ice Cream and Sorbet Flavours features refreshing treats including a rhubarb and custard ice cream flavoured cherry, a peach and guava sorbet flavoured dummy and a pink grapefruit sorbet bottle.

In store now, these new Summer Frenzy flavour twists will certainly help you enjoy summertime!

HARIBO is the UK’s leading confectionery brand, best known for its market leading products; Starmix, Tangfastics and Super Mix. Offering a great deal of choice for consumers, HARIBO treats are available in a wide range of pack formats including sharing bags, smaller pack sizes ranging from 70-38g, as well as mini bags which are also available in multipacks.


Our Opinion – As much as I’d hate to admit it, we all love Haribo, no matter the flavour and style. But, the Berry version has to be my favourite! I love berry-flavoured sweets and you do really taste the blueberry, strawberry, pomegranate, cranberry and cherry. I always love fizzy sweets, but, again, Haribo just upped the stakes with their Ice Cream and Sorbet flavours. I’d love to purchase these bags again.


What did I like most about June’s BBQ themed Degustabox?

Those cumin and sesame biscuits are so delicious I want some now! The berry-themed Haribo wouldn’t be thrown away if it founds its place into my hands again.


4 out of 5 – A much better box than last month and a lot more variety too. I wouldn’t mind less spicier items, so my boys could enjoy too. The Cumin and Sesame biscuits – genius!

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