July 2019 Picnic Degusta Box Review

July 2019 Degusta Box Review
July 2019 Picnic Degusta Box Review
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Another great month of delicious edible goodies from Degusta Box, which features the following brands this month:

  • Mister Free’d Vegan Tortilla Chips with Beetroot – £1.99
  • Rowntrees® Randoms® Squish’ems & Sours Sharing Bags – £1.29
  • Deli Kitchen Greek Style Flatbreads – £1.35
  • Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne – £1.50
  • Ravish Pineapple & Yuzu Salsa – £1.50
  • Kallo Belgium Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Minis – £1.99
  • MONIN Butterscotch Coffee Syrup – £3
  • NEW Ribena Frusion – £2
  • Ape Snacks Coconut Bites Sesame Seed – £1.49
  • Simply Cook Piri Piri Chicken 3 Step Meal Kit – £2.50

Here is the link to the full background of the Degusta Box and the service they offer: https://motherhooddiaries.com/Degusta Box-review-plus-competitiongiveaway-win-aprils-Degusta Box/

But, for a quick recap, Degusta Box is an online retail service that offers a monthly package full of nutritional goods for a monthly fee of £12.99.


But lucky readers like yourself can enjoy your first box for just £1 up to and including 31st August 2019, so hurry before you the summer offer runs out!

Products range from condiments to organic food and drink, packed with lots of information on the product and its manufacturer. You can sign up to receive a monthly Degusta Box here: http://tidd.ly/8f140077

You can stay updated via Degusta Box’s social networks too:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/DegustaBoxUK/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/DegustaBoxUK

Instagram – @DegustaBox_UK #DegustaBox_UK

And, that’s not all! Customers can receive a hefty 40% discount when signing up with their email address.

One other thing. Degusta Box has recently introduced DB Discoveries to keep us in the loop with new, smaller brands that we may not have heard of, but are equally as delicious. We’ll keep you posted on these too, by marking a ‘*’ next to the brand’s name.

So, let’s get started!


Tommy (Daddy)

Leyla (Mummy)

Aron (8 years old)

Aidan (7 years old)

What’s in July 2019’s Degusta Box?

July 2019 Degusta Box - Items

Motherhood Diaries unboxing this month’s Degusta Box below:


Mister Free’d Vegan Tortilla Chips with Beetroot – £1.99

Mister Free'd Vegan Tortilla Chips with Beetroot - £1.99

“Our chips have strong flavours and a perfect snap with that little extra that keeps you coming back. That’s the Mister Fee’d way! Beetroot combined with our corn base to provide a beautiful pink chip with plant-based goodness. The vegetable flavour is a big appeal to the vegan community. *Available at Wholefoods Market, At Nature Intended, Planet Organic, WH Smith and local independents.”

Our Opinion – I made beetroot crisps a while ago and even though they didn’t come out as crisp as this packaged version, they tasted very similar to these crisps which means that these taste very authentic – i.e. like beetroot and onion! The kids tried a few and even though they weren’t disgusted by the taste, they weren’t all too excited to finish the pack. I, on the other hand, loved them and would be keen to eat these crisps as opposed to the high salt, high fat counterparts.


Rowntrees® Randoms® Squish’ems & Sours Sharing Bags

Rowntrees® Randoms® Squish'ems & Sours Sharing Bags

“Let your random side out with ever pack of completed unpredictabe Rowntrees® Randoms! Have the best of both worlds with our Rowntree’s® Rnadoms® Squish’ems, squishy foam and fruity jelly all in one osweet. Or, give your senses a zingy kick with our delightfully sour, quirky and completely unpredictable Rowntree’s® Randoms® Sours! *You should receive 2 items in your box.”

Our Opinion – Damn these delicious Rowntrees® Randoms® – I can never stop at just one! I especially loved the Sours and when I go for the non-sour versions, I love the squishy Haribo style foamy sweets – so these were perfect to my taste. The boys loved closing their eyes and picking out the random shapes, like a hairbrush, watermelon, and garden rake for example. There are all sorts in there! Hence why they are called Randoms®


Deli Kitchen Greek Style Flatbreads – £1.35

Deli Kitchen Greek Style Flatbreads - £1.35

“Get a taste of the sun-soaked Mediterranean this summer with Deli Kitchen’s NEW Greek Style Flatbreads. Fluffy, filling and easy to fold – ideal for creating appetising homemade kebabs or falafel wraps. Mix up mealties, enjoy and be transported to somewhere sunnier through good food this summer. *Please note this is a ‘fresh’ product. To store, you can pop it in your freezer. Available in Sainsbury’s.”

Our Opinion – These were so fluffy and tasty that I decided to try them out in a salsa style wrap dinner, along with the Ravish Pineapple & Yuzu Salsa that I received in the Degusta Box too. I made a bean stir fry and added some cheese on top and the boys absolutely loved them. I really enjoyed them too – they definitely reminded me of the Mediterranean style pittas I get when I am in North Cyprus!


Falafel bean wrap
Bean wrap

Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne – £1.50

Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne - £1.50

“Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce is made with a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers that add a kick of heat and a whole lot of flavour to any BBQ. It’s a great taste made it the secret ingredient in the original Buffalo wings created in Buffalo, NY, in 1964. *Available in the major supermarket chains.”

Our Opinion – I didn’t try this sauce as I’m not a spice person anyway, and I’m heavily pregnant (my poor baby!) My husband tried a bit on his meat dish and he said that it was quite spicy. When my friend tried it she said it wasn’t spicy at all! But each said that it went very well with meat, so if they make a mild version, I’d be glad to try it!


NEW Ribena Frusion – £2

NEW Ribena Frusion - £2

“Ribena Frusion is a refreshing and delicate blackcurrant water, naturally infused with real fruits and crafted botanicals. Frusion contains sweeteners, is low in calories and rich in antioxidant Vitamin C which helps protect your cells from oxidative stress. *Available now froma range of retailers in 420ml and 1 litre bottles. Sainsbury’s, Asda, Coop, Boots, Morrisons, and independent retailers.”

Our Opinion – This drink is basically Ribena but diluted already, so you don’t need to add water. It has a very light blackcurrant flavour and tastes very refreshing. But, for £2 you can fill up around 4 to 6 drinks and the bottle is finished. So I would prefer to get squash which has the same natural benefits but can be diluted to last for longer.


Kallo Belgium Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Minis – £1.99

Kallo Belgium Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Minis - £1.99

“Here at Kallo, we don’t think being healthy means saying no to all the things you love. Eating the right way is about loving food, life and chocolate! 4pk Milk Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes for munching on the move: 104 calories per portion, gluten free, no artificials and vegetarian friendly. *Available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and many others.”

Our Opinion – I love rice cakes and these chocolatey rice cakes were absolutely delicious! The boys particularly love chocolate rice cakes too and these small bite-sized Rice Cake Minis are perfect for lunchboxes – I agree to indulge in the things you love in the right way!


MONIN Butterscotch Coffee Syrup – £3

MONIN Butterscotch Coffee Syrup - £3

“Recreate the coffee shop experience in your own home by stirring 2 – 3 teaspoons of MONIN syrup into your hot or iced coffee. Used and trusted by coffee shops around the world the popular Butterscotch flavour is available for a limited time in the hot beverage aisle of selected Sainsbury’s stores..”

Our Opinion – I can’t drink coffee at the moment as I’m pregnant, so I tried it in tea and it tasted really nice. You don’t need 2 to 3 teaspoons, 1 is enough to make it sweet. I also tried the coffee syrup in my kids’ fruit smoothies and it added a really nice taste to it.


Ape Snacks Coconut Bites Sesame Seed – £1.49

Ape Snacks Coconut Bites Sesame Seed - £1.49

“The clever combination of coconut and natural additions, like cocoa and super seeds, make our bites delicious and totally unique. Baked to perfection and with a satisfying crunch, they make the perfect snack to help fuel your day ahead or to cure a coconut craving. *You should receive 1 item per box. Available at Sainbury’s, Tesco, Ocado, Whole Foods Market”

Our Opinion – These were absolutely delicious. I love coconut snacks and these tasted amazing that I ate them in almost one sitting! The boys loved them too. I would definitely get these again. They have a very coconutty taste and the seeds added that extra crunch. Perfect and bite-sized.


Simply Cook Piri Piri Chicken 3 Step Meal Kit – £2.50

Simply Cook Piri Piri Chicken 3 Step Meal Kit - £2.50

“Cook restaurant quality meals at home in just 20 minutes! Just combine our chef blended authentic falvour blends with your own fesh ingredients. Discover our full range from around the world at simplycook.com *Choose 4 recipes for just £1 including free letter box friendly delivery with code ‘DGYUM’ at SimplyCook.com. Now also avialable at Selected Waitrose and Sainsbury’s”

Our Opinion – This is such a great idea and I would have loved to have created a lovely dish, but it is too spicy for the kids so I haven’t used it yet. Great concept though! You just use the different spices to create a sauce for your dish.


Simply Cook Piri Piri Chicken 3 Step Meal Kit - £2.50

Ravish Pineapple & Yuzu Salsa

Ravish Pineapple & Yuzu Salsa

“Make food boredom a thing of the past with this super tasty Pineapple & Yuzu Salsa. This tangy relish will leave your taste buds feeling absolutely tropical. Dollop some on a burger or on Tacos to give your food a serious upgrade. “Available at Tesco and Waitrose.”

Our Opinion – This salsa is absolutely delicious! It tastes a bit like sweet chutney and goes great with crackers and feta cheese, as well as the bean wraps I made (see above). Love this!


What did I like most about July 2019’s Degusta Box?

The Pineapple & Yuzu Salsa and the Ape Coconut Bites were absolutely delicious and I would definitely buy them again!


4 out of 5 – A nice varied selection of products this month. It was nice to find some items to help cook dinner or make a picnic, so I’d love more helpful items for cooking recipes in the Degusta Box next month, please! Great snacks too!

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