Introduction – Journey to getting my girl – Part 1


It’s no secret to close friends and family that I want to have another baby. I am one of four children and my dream is to have a large brood myself. However, a lot of people think I’m crazy for wanting another when I had two boys in such quick succession (they’re fifteen months apart at four and five years old). But, ever since one of my mummy friends had a baby daughter, I haven’t been able to quieten my womb – it wants a baby girl. And, since we can’t pre-order baby girls, there is a strong likelihood that I’ll end up with another boy, which isn’t bad, of course. The boys would get another best friend and, as long as my baby was 100% happy and healthy, I wouldn’t mind having a teeny tiny baby to hold again. But, if there was a small chance I could get my princess, would I take it? I don’t want to take invasive measures and go under the knife or create test tube babies. I also don’t believe a lot of that mumbo jumbo on the net about what to eat and how to position yourself to conceive, in the likelihood that I’ll increase my chances of having a girl by 0.02%.

Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1

A couple of years ago, a doctor from Michigan approached me via Motherhood Diaries, with an amazing new discovery that claimed that just like there are two kinds of sperm (which actually determine the gender), women have alternating boy-girl specific menstrual cycles. His data suggested that 92 out of 100 couples got their dream babies if they conceived within the appropriate cycle. This success rate makes one believe that the uterus may be sorting the X and Y chromosome-bearing sperm, depending on the type of cycle the woman is in and, therefore, then selects the gender of the baby. Most importantly, the process is administered through non-invasive methods, such as urine testing, and boasts a whopping 92% success rate. At the time, I was knee deep in two babies and experiencing utter turmoil, so the thought of having another baby was far, far from my mind. A couple of years on and I am now all ears.

About the discovery.

Urobiologics, headed by Dr. Kuldeep Verma, massively researched into the area of non-invasive methods of gender selection and post-conception gender determination. They found that women housed two different types of hormonal environments, which alternate in every menstrual cycle. Urobiologics call each cycle the ‘boy cycle’ and the ‘girl cycle’. So, evidently, if the couple want a boy, they conceive in the ‘boy cycle’, if they want a girl, they conceive in the ‘girl cycle’. The 92% success rate is the highest in the gender selection industry, far better than 37% for IVF! The company is so confident of their success that, in recent times, they even ask for the proposed name of the baby before starting the tests.

So, I have named my future baby girl ‘Ayla’.

So, how are these urine tests so accurate at determining the cycle?

Urobiologics offer two types of tests, the first is the PreGender Preconception Test, where the female mails in two mid-cycle urine samples collected from two consecutive cycles, in order to determine which favours the boy or girl cycle.

First month urine sample – any 2 nights between the 13th to the 17th day after the start of your period – in one separate bottle

Second month urine sample – any 2 nights between the 13th to the 17th day after the start of your period, in a separate bottle

Both bottles are shipped through couriers. It is legal to ship urine samples across international borders under the ‘exempt human specimen’ clause shown on Urobiologics’ website. The samples are kept at room temperature, which actually makes them easier to test and process over time.

If there is a ratio of more testosterone to oestrogen in one cycle, the environment will favour conception of a boy. If there is more oestrogen to testosterone in the alternate cycle, the environment will favour conception of a girl. Urobiologics then guides the couple as to when to try and conceive. And, if you don’t conceive first time, Urobiologics will keep emailing you your conception plan in every desired cycle until you conceive at no extra cost. When conception occurs in a particular cycle, the process locks the existing environment until the female gives birth or the baby is miscarried. So, when the couple call Urobiologics up and let them know that they have successfully conceived, Urobiologics is fully aware of the gender already. The female then collects a urine sample for three nights, in preparation for the FirstGender test, which determines the gender of the baby.

The following graph provides a better understanding of this new concept:

Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1

The FirstGender Post-conception Test, can detect the gender of baby as early as 3 days before the expected menstrual date onwards with a 96% accuracy. So, there is no need to wait until the 20-week scan then!

Why I decided to go for it and get my girl

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But, the 92% success rate, plus the fact that I only need to send urine samples in and conceive within the girl cycle means that I am not putting my body under any undue risk to get my princess. So, from this point onwards, I am going to be documenting my journey and will be living proof of whether Urobiologics’ guidance gets me my baby girl. I have already sent my two samples in and I am now waiting for my chart, which I will then publish in my second post in the series.

So, here is what to expect in the feature series, ‘Journey to getting my girl’

  1. Introduction – this post and the first of the series.
  2. The conception plan – A look into the urine sample results
  3. Getting pregnant – Tips on how to get pregnant and the FirstGender Test process
  4. Competition/Giveaway – Enter to win the PreGender Test and FirstGender Test for free

Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1

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Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1Introduction - Journey to getting my girl - Part 1