Interior design: is minimalism finally out?

Interior design minimalism - desk and chair

It’s tempting to think that stripping away various aesthetic elements of your home is not only fashionable but even, in many practical ways, necessary. After all, when you are a mother, you can rely on so many items that you could easily lose some among the clutter of a busy-looking space.

However, there is evidence that the interior design philosophy of minimalism is dying out. Here are a few compelling reasons to consider lessening your adherence to the mantra of “less is more”.

Minimalism can feel rather like a glossy façade

Spa like bathroom

When poring over images of influencers’ homes on Instagram, you could feel like your interior design habits are out of step with what the “in” crowd advocate. Refinery29 observes how the likes of models, DJs and fashion entrepreneurs show off “zen, spa-like” bathrooms.

However, mindbodygreen cautions that, “these days, impeccable homes can feel like a facade”. Yes, perhaps like many Instagram photos – featuring interiors or otherwise – of which you catch sight.

Minimalist homes aren’t always practical

Lounge living area

When you are regularly running after a child and don’t want to forget their favourite toy, it’s clear to see why you might think minimalism is the way to go with your home layout. After all, wouldn’t it make all of that Duplo easy for you to find – and avoid inadvertently walking barefoot on?

However, the Irish magazine site House and Home share some wise words:

“Life isn’t minimal; it’s busy, it’s unpredictable, it’s chaotic at times”.

A pretty accurate description of motherhood…

Further to the point, the site urges that you “don’t add to the stress of life, by worrying about that cup you didn’t put in the dishwasher before you left for work.” Adhering to “maximalist” interiors instead makes it easier for you to embrace the unpredictability of life as a mother.

Arguably, minimalism was always just a trend

Minimalist bathroom

It could be posited that minimalism was always bound to fade in popularity at some point rather than establish itself as the shape of things to come in the world of interior design. History bears this out. Even around 50 BC, Cleopatra seemingly saw the appeal of personalised interiors, having reportedly had her own pampering room with a marble tub in which to bathe in milk and honey.

Much more recently, such visual flourishes as teak accents, shower-based plants and colour-coordinating medicine bottles have become popular in bathrooms. Surely encouraging such trends have been reports that well-known women – like First Lady Melania Trump – use what interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard has termed “glam rooms”.

With a little clutter, you can tell more of your story

Garden home

One major drawback of sticking overly closely to a minimalist aesthetic is throwing away the opportunity to give your home visual individuality. For example, if you are into arts and crafts, the fruits of your labours could serve as enticing decor. Meanwhile, a well-maintained garden can form a backdrop in your home when seen through windows fitted by a firm like Bifold Shop.

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