Hyland’s Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health Products

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Caring for little ones is a delightful task full of joys and challenges. However, infants are often susceptible to discomforts and illnesses, and we must always be on guard to protect and nurture our children’s health. Having reliable over-the-counter children’s medicines on hand can help save you frustration and panic when your child gets sick or experiences pain. Here are five products that you should always keep handy to bring your child relief.

For Fever

A fever in a baby is a frightening event for many new parents. It is not an illness in itself, but it is often a symptom of sickness. When your little one’s temperature is too high, you need something that acts fast. Little Remedies Children’s Fever + Pain Reliever provides relief for fever and minor aches which may be caused by the common cold, flu, sore throat, or a headache. This product is free of artificial colours and flavours, high fructose corn syrup, saccharin, ibuprofen, and aspirin. The Accusafe system ensures accurate dosing to reduce the risk of accidental overdose. You should call your paediatrician’s office immediately for advice if your child experiences a fever.

For Colic

Colic is an intense and prolonged fussiness in an otherwise healthy baby. Medical experts have yet to pinpoint the cause of colic. Some underlying factors may include food sensitivities, overfeeding, or family stress. Colic can be especially exasperating because it tends to flare up with no reason in the evening when parents are usually anxious to rest. Hyland’s Baby Colic Tablets can provide relief and help babies calm down and relax. Users have attested to the speedy effectiveness of the tablets. Simply place the tablets under your baby’s tongue and they dissolve quickly to bring almost instant relief.

For Teething

Hylands Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health Products

Few babies escape the pain that comes with growing teeth. When your child reaches this stage, you can be ready to ease their discomfort with NatraBio’s Children’s Teething Relief. This homoeopathic medication contains precise amounts of natural ingredients combined to bring gentle relief without side effects or drowsiness. You can apply this alcohol-free formulation straight into your baby’s mouth to soothe sore gums and toothaches.

For Gut Health

Your baby’s tummy issues may be an indication of an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in her digestive tract. Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Probiotic Supplement has a proprietary combination of prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic. Research has shown that regular intake of probiotics promotes immune system health and relieves gas and bloating. This supplement supports natural balance in your child’s digestive system.

Hyland’s has been formulating homoeopathic medicines for over one hundred years. We have always believed the scientifically proven evidence that the body can restore its own balance and heal itself, which is what homoeopathic medicine promotes with naturally occurring ingredients. The need for effective remedies without uncomfortable or dangerous side effects is greater than ever, and Hyland’s stands committed to delivering time-tested and innovative solutions to today’s home health needs for all ages.

Make sure you have a healthy stock of medicinal products to hand when your baby has an ailment so that it saves you that middle-of-the-night search for a 24-hour chemist.

*Collaborative feature post with Hylands*

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Hylands Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health Products Leyla Preston (544 Posts)

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Hylands Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health ProductsHylands Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health ProductsHylands Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health ProductsHylands Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health ProductsHylands Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health ProductsHylands Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health ProductsHylands Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health ProductsHylands Recommends Top 5 Baby Home Health Products