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How to RV in the winter - motherhooddiaries

The weather is becoming colder and the days are getting cut short, but it doesn’t mean you should enjoy your holidays indoors or even abroad in the hot sun. Bring out the RV (or rent one here if you don’t have one) because RV’ing in the winter is just as awesome in the winter as RV’ing in the summer. Here are some tips on how to RV in the winter.

Prep your RV first

Most RVs are designed to handle the tough climes of the winter, but to make sure your RV is up to scratch, ensure that your mobile vehicle is well insulated, so you can stay cosy in your home away from home. Check the window sills and access all areas to keep cold drafts out and empty your water tanks before your trip. Add about a quart of antifreeze to each tank to protect the dump valves from freezing. Also, test and clean out your furnace to remove all dirt and debris before you set off.

Keep the water out!

I don’t mean go thirsty during your trip – a dry RV is a happy RV. Consider investing in a dehumidifier to prevent mould on the walls. Don’t forget that heat and confined spaces lead to humidity and condensation, so ensure you keep the wet out. Also, apply antifreeze to the pipes, as mentioned above, too prevent burst water pipes too.

Holiday where there is natural sun

Try and seek out a destination with as much exposure to the sun as possible. The heat of the sun’s rays will warm up your RV during the day and so you can give your propane heater a bit of a break.

Cover your RV screen door with thin plastic

A great way to ‘winterise’ your RV is by adding a thin layer of plastic, so you can keep your RV door open during the day to let the sun rays in, but keep the plastic screen door closed to keep the cold out.

Keep yourself warm!

The best way to keep warm while you’re RV’ing in the winter is to get moving! Layer up with jumpers and jackets, so you can use less of your heater as possible. However, if you’re still cold, then exercising is the best way to get the blood pumping. All the basic exercises work here, i.e. star jumps, sit-ups, push-ups and running on the spot. You’ll soon turn your heater off because you’ll be sweating! If against all odds you will still need a heater, then I’d recommend getting a Lasko, which doesn’t get in the way of your exercising!

The most important rule about how to RV in the winter is to just enjoy yourself any time of the year. If you follow the simple guidelines above, then you can spend your time during your holiday enjoying the sights with your loved ones. Some of the most beautiful views will be on the way to your destination, so keep your eyes open and enjoy a nice cosy holiday with your family and your RV this winter.

What are your top tips for RV’ing in the winter? Please share with us in the comments below.

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