How to redecorate your room on a budget

How to redecorate your room on a budget - motherhooddiaries

A while back I took part in a challenge to makeover my boys’ homework area for under £40. We managed it in under £35 and took the opportunity to renovate the entire bedroom at the same time. We ended up changing the bed, the homework desk, and the cupboards – as well as other homework accessories – in one weekend and the challenge forced me to change my mindset about looking online for deals, discounts and used items. I am so glad I took part because there are some real gems on the internet that I would have missed had I not searched the net for deals. So, this post is a brief overview of redecorating your room on a budget, from planning how to structure your new room to putting in the finishing touches.

Check what you have in your room already

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If you are redecorating your bedroom, do you have any furniture that could be repurposed? It’s amazing how much renewed life you can breathe into a room, just by rearranging things around. So, if you have any usable items, keep them to one side because you can always revamp them with a little bit of paint and some TLC. In my boys’ room, we had mattresses left over from race car beds that were too small and a cupboard with a door that was falling off its hinges. We decided to flip one of the storage shelves over and turn it into a bookshelf/toy storage area. We also kept one of the IKEA wardrobes and bought another one, so both boys had the same wardrobes for storing clothes on either side of their bunk bed.

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BONUS – Rearranging furniture is completely free, so keep them aside and in mind while you’re planning how you want your room to look.

Plan how you would like your room to look

Empty room - motherhooddiaries Your room needs a sole purpose and a focus point. If it is a bedroom, the focus point would be the bed, if it’s a lounge/living area, perhaps the focus point would be the TV area. There are really two ways to tackle the planning stage of redecorating a room.

  1. Clear the room out of everything and stand at the door. Envision what colours you’d like the walls to be and where your current furniture could go. What new items would you need to finish off the room? Write them down.
  2. Stand in front of the room with everything in place. What do you have already that you can embellish upon? Do you have items from other rooms that you could ‘borrow’ to add to the room?

White play room - motherhooddiaries Start the redecorating process – some ideas

You’re on a budget, so you’re trying to repurpose and revamp what you have.

Repositioning – For a bedroom, start by repositioning the bed and getting rid of furniture that you don’t need. Repositioning the bed changes the whole look of the room and could be the perfect start to get the creative juices flowing.

Refresh your furniture – Repaint or redecorate the kitchen table and replace your sofa cushions for new foam ones. Finding the right shape and size of foam for your furniture is really simple, check out foam company, GB Foam’s ordering process for more information.

Store items out of sight – Things you have accumulated over the years should be out of sight, so invest in some storage. There are some great fancy storage ideas out there – Google is your friend here.

Declutter – Get rid of stuff on your table and use your new storage ideas to keep them out of sight. A minimalistic room can make space look much larger than it is.

Walls – Decorate the walls with tapestries or patterned wallpaper, as they can add a colour accent without you needing to do up all the walls in the room.

Floors – You can change a room’s character simply by adding a rug to the floor. When choosing a rug, think about your floor type. For example, if you are opting to place a rug on a laminate floor, then you have more options available to you, as it’s relatively easy to use the laminate floor as a blank space to work from. Whereas, if you are looking to cover the carpet with rug then you’d need to think about the pile of your carpet and look for contrasting textures. For example, if you have thick carpet, go for a thin rug as a contrast.

Below is an infographic from Land of Rugs, which explains in more detail the types of rugs that work against the different types of floors you may have in your room.


Don’t be scared to venture outside of your comfort zone, though. Sometimes brightly coloured rugs can transform a bland living space and even add depth of space to a small room. You can find high-quality cheap rugs from Land of Rugs and there are tons of options to choose from that don’t involve you forking out too much money for the aesthetic fitting.

Paint – Invest in some paint and repaint the storage and any other bulky items to a theme colour you have in mind.

Use the walls – Mounting furniture onto walls will save space on the floor and cover up open wall space too. Installing sliding doors (you can find some great options at Barrier Components) will create more open fluid space in the home without burning too much of a hole in the pocket.

Freshen up the room – New/freshly washed sheets can freshen up a room too. Look for sheets that go with the theme of your room.

Look for old items and repurpose – Sites like eBay and Freecycle are brimming with old antique furniture that just needs a lick of paint to bring them to life again. You can even get old furniture for free on Freecycle! Just make sure your furniture gets to you safely, so you can maximise its use in your new room. Shiply is a great site for moving furniture and offer inexpensive delivery options. The website works a little like eBay in reverse, where couriers bid for your delivery job, which, in turn, can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Embellish your room with aesthetics

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Throws, cushions, plants and flowers can liven up space. If you’re worried about nature being in your room, you can find some fake plants, which would do just as well. Even changing the lighting can work wonders for a whole room, especially at night. You can find some cheap lighting on eBay or Amazon.


Planning to redecorate your room on a budget? Here’s an infographic that you can print out and follow:

how-to-redecorate-your-room-on-a-budget-infographic - motherhooddiaries

What are other tips there for redecorating your room on a budget? Share with us in the comments below.

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