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Houses come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so what’s on the inside should matter more than what’s on the outside (you can’t judge a book by its cover, so you shouldn’t judge a house from its exterior). But, if you are looking to sell your house or you are just house-proud, there are ways to make sure you have the prettiest property on the road. Here a few tips on how to give your that extra kerb appeal:

Keep Your Garden Neat and Tidy

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If you have a front garden, it is important to keep it looking neat and tidy to show people that you care about your home. Spend about half an hour, once a week trimming up hedges, mowing the lawn or investing in garden paving. Use a courier to acquire materials so you can spend time working on your house. If you have plants in place, make sure all the weeds are pulled and the flowers are watered. Colour can make the front of a house pop, so flowers are great for this. Or, invest in some little antiques to give the front of the house some extra character.

Keep Your Driveway Clean

As with the garden, a clean, weed-free driveway can do wonders for how people see your house (and by extension, you too). A quick power wash regularly stops dirt and muck building up on the drive and a decent spray of weed killer will keep away the weeds that can make a front garden look messy.

Paint the Front of Your House

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If you are wanting to give your home a fresh new look for as cheap as possible, one way this can be done is by giving the front of your house a quick coat of paint. Whether you’re wanting a complete change of colour, or to just refresh what you already have, setting some time aside to paint your house can help to give it a completely different feeling.

Finish off the painted wall with some garden benches. If you have a large front garden, then a bench can make the place more inviting, especially if you decorate the area with some potted plants and ornaments. When you’re done, you can even paint the bench to match your outside wall colours and invite some friends over for a front garden get together or even a cocktail party. Sloane and Sons have published a fancy guide on simple cocktails that you can enjoy in your garden. No matter the temperature or whether you’re hosting in your front or back garden, invite your friends and enjoy these classic drinks that taste great all year around. The guide includes cocktails such as Minty Magic Mojito, A Salty, Sweet, Sour Blast Lime Margarita, A Coco-Pineapple Blender Dream Perfect Pina Colada, A Short Italian Drink Packed with Boozy Flavour, The Negroni, Vodka Woo Woo, Manhattan, The Whiskey Sour, Porn Star Martinis, The Classic Dry Martini (move over James Bond!), Tropical Daiquiri, Sex on the Beach, and The Moscow Mule. The guide also includes an infographic of each cocktail if you prefer a visual guide. Just print them out and pop them on your kitchen fridge so you can make these cocktails at the drop of a hat!

Keep Your Windows Clean

Keeping your windows clean can help to revamp the look and feel of your home – not just from those looking from the outside, but for you looking out too. If this isn’t a job that you want to do yourself, get in touch with your local window cleaner who will be happy to do the job for you regularly and at reasonable rates.

Wheelie Bin Storage

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People often see plastic wheelie bins as eyesores, so many people opt to have wheelie bin storage at their home. This is a timber structure where the wheelie bin can be placed inside, which can provide a more natural and appealing look. You can also lock the timber structures, so that your bins cannot blow away and, since only you have access, you don’t have to worry about anyone pinching them either. You can find out more about wheelie bin storage here –

There are lots of other ways to enhance your house, but the above are good starting points to getting that house you desire. The continuous upkeep to improve the look of your house may sound daunting, but once you break into them, you will realise that they are in fact small jobs which will end up having a huge impact on how you, and others, view your home.

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