How to make annual travel insurance more cost-efficient

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How to make annual travel insurance more cost-efficient
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It makes sense for families who are frequent travellers to purchase annual travel insurance. This type of insurance is ideal for travellers who undertake several trips over a period of 12 months. There are a range of insurance options that you can take out which provides coverage for 365 days.

Choosing a multi-trip annual plan is more cost-effective and convenient especially if you and your family travel more than once within a year. Here are some of the benefits of taking out annual travel insurance and what makes it so cost-efficient:

If you take out the 45-day annual multi-trip coverage, you get free winter sports cover for 17 days.

Kids snowboarding in the snow

Many insurance companies offer annual trip coverage where the duration of each stay can last up to 45 days. On top of this, they also offer free winter sports cover if you plan to go cross-country skiing or snowboarding. The free winter sports coverage may last up to 17 days.

For people ages 65 and above, you can have individual trip durations that last up to 120 days at a time.

The older you get, the harder it is to get good coverage. However, the best travel insurance companies offer trip durations up to 120 days at a time if the insured is 65 years old and above.

Couples are offered discounts, and if there are children under 17 years old, they get free coverage.

Families and couples can access a special annual travel insurance package that has great discounts. The whole family is protected as children are covered at no additional cost.

There are no hidden costs and there are low excess levels. 24-hour Emergency Assistance is also available.

Once the insured pays the premium, they will not be charged with any other costs. Having low excess levels mean that the amount that you agree to pay once you make the claim on the policy will not be high. Another valuable perk is that 24-hour emergency assistance is available to you. This is especially useful in foreign countries where the costs of emergency assistance are prohibitive.

Cruise cover is included as standard.

If you are going on a cruise, you will also get coverage during the duration of the trip, whether you are on-board or your ship is docked in a port of call. This is important since a cruise has multiple legs.

You will always be covered for the next twelve months no matter how many holidays you take within the period.

As long as your 12-month period has not lapsed, you can take as many holidays or business trips as you want and you will be covered for each of your trips.

These are just some of the benefits of taking out annual travel insurance. It is more practical to have this kind of insurance because it will save regular travellers a lot of money. There is travel insurance available that provides multi-trip annual coverage, so there is less worry whenever you travel, whether for business or for pleasure.

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