How to help make primary school education fun at home with TheSchoolRun

How to help make primary school education fun at home with TheSchoolRun

Some of you may have children who took their Year 2 and Year 6 SATS this month. My eldest’s school is currently testing Year 2 indirectly, which means that the kids don’t know that they are being examined. While I prefer this method of testing, I still would like to take a more hands-on approach to my children’s education at home. I am a huge advocate of making learning fun and regularly print out activity sheets that I find on the internet and which I believe the kids would have fun doing at home when they have a spare 15 minutes to work with me. I even ordered Year 2 SATS past papers and worked through them with my eldest, so I’m hoping that if he hasn’t been tested yet, he is prepared for what is to come and he won’t feel so overwhelmed during the testing process.

It took me a while to find a reputable online resource that could provide me with not only extracurricular activity sheets that the kids could do at home, but a learning journey that myself and the kids could follow throughout their academic years. I found a fantastic website called TheSchoolRun, which, at first glance, looks complicated to use, but it’s so detailed and resourceful, it will have everything you need to help your kids through their primary education.

So, this article is all about how I use TheSchoolRun at home to help with my children’s academic learning journey. My kids are in Year 1 and Year 2, so I will be focusing mostly on those years, but the same process works with reception and Year 3 to Year 6. Since using TheSchoolRun, I have seen a noticeable difference in my kids’ academic skills and confidence. Plus, I get to learn what my kids do at school and I educate myself in maths, English, and science at the same time too.

So, what is TheSchoolRun?

TheSchoolRun is owned and run by a small team of mums all working from home. The website is a comprehensive online resource for primary school parents who want to help their children build on their education at home. TheSchoolRun’s resources work along with the current school’s curriculum, but also ensures that the activity sheets and workbooks are fun and engaging for children, so that they can have the best possible start in life. When you subscribe you will get activity sheets and workbooks, from KS2 SATs past papers to the best way to learn money maths and times tables, to even preparing for the weekly spelling test. TheSchoolRun literally covers every aspect of your child’s time at primary school and even offers information, advice and a growing community of like-minded parents. The resources are written by experienced primary school teachers and edited/designed into fun and educational games and activities for learning with the kids at home.

You can register to TheSchoolRun for free (see the Registered User Package) or you can subscribe, either for 6 months, 12 months (see Subscriber Package) or 7 years (see School Lifetime Package). More information on what you get below:

School Lifetime Package

You have the School Lifetime Subscriber Package, which costs £130 (I have a link below where you can get this package for £119) and covers the seven-year primary school duration. The package includes the following:

  • Articles and advice about primary education
  • Official past SATS papers for KS1 and KS2
  • Access to the history, geography, and science homework helper
  • Year-by-year English and maths termly progress checks
  • Unlimited access to thousands of English, maths, and science printable and interactive worksheets
  • Exclusive practice papers for KS1 and KS2 SATs, Y1 Phonics Screening Check, Optional SATs, KS2 Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPAG) test
  • 50+ downloadable learning packs and workbooks
  • A week-by-week English, maths, and science learning program
  • Weekly Learning Journey email with worksheets and educational updates
  • A year-long 11+ preparation plan (196 worksheets) with weekly email advice and support
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Subscriber-only discounts on books and eBooks
  • Your own Personal Account Manager
  • 7 years’ access to all the resources for a one-off payment

Subscriber Package

The Subscriber package costs £39.97 for every 6 months, or £59.97 every 12 months, with a 14-day trial for £1.97.

You get everything in the School Lifetime Subscriber Package except for the 7 years’ access to all the resources for a one-off payment.

Registered User Package

You can access all the articles, the glossaries and the worksheets for free as a registered user, but the vast majority of resources are subscriber-access only.

There’s also an online store where you can find additional resources that enhance your learning and show parents how to tackle certain subjects at home.

The video below will help you understand clearly what TheSchoolRun can offer:

And here is a video about your child’s Learning Journey and Learning Journey emails: 

Personalised emails

Once you’ve subscribed, you will receive a welcome email and your own Personal Account Manager. You’ll also receive a link to a video about how to use your Personal Account Manager during your child’s learning journey. Their job is to find any resources on the site that you need for your children and they can also help you tailor a personal plan for your child. All you have to do is email them your request and they will help as best as they can with your query. Within the email, you will also get information about how TheSchoolRun works and where you should start – both I and they recommend starting with the Learning Journey programme.

Every week they will send you an email with two worksheets (one English and one maths) to do that week. These worksheets closely mirror what the children are being taught in school, so you’ll be able to spot the topics that your child has not fully grasped with and reinforce that learning at home.

There is also a Subscriber Facebook Group, which you can opt to join once you subscribe. I would strongly suggest that you join this Facebook group once you receive the link via email, as it’s a friendly group and you may find yourself relating to other parents and connecting on like minded issues related to your child’s education.

From this point forward, you will regularly receive emails, some including discounts offers for books and updated information on the current syllabus. These emails are informative and they keep you on the ball with what’s going with the curriculum.

How do you use TheSchoolRun to enhance your kids’ learning at home?

The first thing you should do is visit TheSchoolRun online and register in the top right-hand corner of the website. Fill in yours and your children’s details so you can receive the personalised emails above, which are related to your child’s year at school. Once you have registered, you can try out the service by paying just £1.97 for 14 days. This is so you can have access to all the downloadable worksheets and packs. The free version only allows you a handful of activity sheets, which are great to practice on, but, in my opinion, you’re missing the crème-de-la-crème of what TheSchoolRun can offer. Plus, it is only £1.97, and you can cancel at any time.

So, head over to the top right-hand corner and subscribe to the trial for 14 days. Once you’ve done that, you now have access to all the resources.

So, the next thing you should do is check out the video on the right-hand side (see (1) below), so you know how to navigate through all the sections and then hover over the main navigation bar and check out what’s available. I would start with the ‘Learning Journey’ (2) as this section shows you all the activities and worksheets according to the subject and Year. If you are looking for something in particular, you can always search for this in the ‘Worksheet Finder’ box provided (3).

TheSchoolRun learning journey

So, if we use my eldest, for example, who is going through Year 2 SATS at the moment, I want to help him prepare for his tests, by working through past papers with him. So, I’d go here:

TheSchoolRun learning journey

You’ll see a grid of all the activity sheets that your child is required to have mastered by the time they sit their KS1 SATs test. Or you can go straight to past papers and work through them with your child. You can either download them and work on the PC if you have an interactive PDF program like Adobe Acrobat, or you can print them off and work through them on paper, which is what I do. There are lots of information on the page about the SATs work and how your child will be tested, so I would suggest reading through these so you know how the papers are marked before you get them to tackle the papers at home. SATS papers have specific marking criteria like showing or explaining the method when working out maths calculations, for example, and not being allowed to use calculators or number lines to work out the answers. These are not obvious rules, so it’s good to know these things when getting your child to practice at home. You can find more information on what you need to know about the KS1 SATs here.

Homework Gnome

The homework gnome is a great tool to use when looking for child-friendly homework. You can tap into facts, picture galleries, videos and much more in this section. Your child can view different types of media-related topics ranging from Geography to Religion and all subjects correspond with their year’s curriculum. Check out the video below for more information:

Other things to note about TheSchoolRun

When you subscribe to TheSchoolRun, you’ll automatically get access to everything on the website, but you’ll also get 50% off book bundles for your child’s school year, including The Complete Primary School Learning Library, as well as other resources for schools to enhance the child’s learning. You can also take part in regular fun activities like competitions and polls and be the first to learn about new projects and curriculum updates/changes.

Lots of parents like to have interactive options as well as having printout resources. There are now 60+ interactive tutorials on the site (a few of which you can try for free).

You also won’t just find downloadables for Maths, English and Science, TheSchoolRun offers so much more than that. Tap into Social and Leisurely activities like Educational Days out and Reading for Pleasure. If your child has special needs and requirements, TheSchoolRun have a dedicated section for children with ADHD, autism, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyspraxia and the SEN system, so there is something for everyone here.

Touching upon other topics, TheSchoolRun also has information relating to Music, P.E., Art and Drama for example, as well as other important subjects.

TheSchoolRun also has a complete program for the 11+ exams – you can check these resources out here: https://www.theschoolrun.com/11-plus-learning-journey

Why choose TheSchoolRun?

In my opinion – and I have been using TheSchoolRun since my eldest was in reception – I have not found a resource as comprehensive and as interactive as this website. It’s perfect for caring, concerned parents who want their child to excel in their education. Plus, there is a lot of hand-holding via TheSchoolRun Team, like getting your own Personal Account Manager and receiving personalised weekly learning programs in the form of emails every week. This means that you’re not faffing around trying to find activities online. You have a one-stop shop of what you need to enhance your child’s learning at school. There are over 5,000 practice worksheets on the website, plus more to come soon, so there is literally an activity for every subject and for every level at primary school.

I would thoroughly recommend that you subscribe to the School Lifetime Learning Package, which will give you access to everything on the website for the duration of our child’s primary education. As mentioned above, this is what you get:

  • Your own personal account manager, who will help you navigate the site, find resources and tailor a learning plan specifically for your child’s learning needs.
  • Access to ALL engaging English, maths, science and SATs practice worksheets (over 5000 currently, and they’re adding to them all the time).
  • Access to 40+ interactive maths tutorials.
  • Bespoke practice papers for KS1 and KS2 SATs plus mock Year 1 Phonics Screening Checks, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPAG) tests and Optional SATs tests.
  • A weekly learning programme tailored to your child’s age. (Some subscribers say this alone has increased their child’s ability by one whole school year!).
  • In-depth learning packs and workbooks: 50+ pages of information and colourful activities focusing on tricky topics (fractions, decimals, phonics, spelling, grammar and many more), developed to ensure your child really understands primary English and maths.
  • Access to the VIP support group on Facebook.
  • And much more, including a complete 11+ programme and exclusive discounts on a range of educational eBooks!

I have a special link below (it’s not an affiliate link), that provides you with a discount to the Lifetime Package.

Click this link to get the School Lifetime Package for only £119

Whether you are a hands-on mum like me or you prefer to take a step back from the academic side of things, TheSchoolRun allows you to be as involved as you want to be. Even if you just download the two worksheets you receive via email every week, this is enough to enhance your child’s learning and provide them with the confidence they need to excel in life.

* Motherhood Diaries was gifted a six-month subscription in return for this review, however, I have been using TheSchoolRun for three years and will continue to use it until my children attend secondary school – All thoughts are 100% my own.

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