How to get fit with Beats Headphones

How to get fit with Beats headphones

It’s difficult to find the motivation to exercise all the time, especially when the sun is out and you’re feeling hot, sweaty and sleep deprived. But, if you haven’t used music to work out yet, then you’re missing out because music can really help boost your motivation and your endurance during your workouts. HMV stock some great headphones that are designed to move when you move, so that you can enjoy listening to your favourite tracks during your workout.

So, crank up that hardcore music and burn those calories! Here is how to get fit with Beats Headphones:

Block out the noise from the gym

Beats headphones are designed to block out noise from the outside. Plus, they’re wireless, so that means you can hop onto that treadmill and pound away without the wires getting caught up in the machinery and the headphones being yanked off your head. With up to forty hours of battery life, you can charge up before you head out and do a full hour in the gym without having to worry about running out of battery. I would recommend a good running workout playlist that helps you stay on tempo to burn off those extra calories. Five minutes of charge provides three hours of playback, so you can get back on track quickly if you need to.

Spring clean your house

Spring cleaning your house is a real chore when you have a mountain of work ahead of you. But, it’s a great way to get a free workout in, when you have to vacuum all the floors, scrub the dishes and hang up the clothes. So, the best way to beat boredom is by using music. Beats headphones are comfortable to use, and the on-ear, cushioned ear cups means you can customise the headphones, so they don’t move while you’re vacuuming and scrubbing. Beats headphones are designed for optimum comfort and sound delivery, so they won’t fall off when you’re moving about.

Go for a long walk

Go for a long walk with beats headphones

Going for long walks is my favourite form of exercise and one of the best ways to get fit with Beats Headphones. Apart from the long battery life, Beats headphones have integrated on-ear controls, coupled with dual beam-forming mics, which means that you can take calls, play music and adjust the volume while you’re on-the-go. Plus, you can activate Siri if you have an Apple phone.

Other benefits of working out with music

There are many reasons to work out with music, but here are some great motives:

  • Music helps to push your body through your workout and distract you from the pain – no pain, no gain!
  • Music elevates your mood and provides that extra motivation to push through the heavyweights
  • Music minimises perceived effort, meaning that it doesn’t require such mental will to complete a physical task.
  • Music gets you in the ‘zone’. Find the songs that fire you up and use them to channel your inner Rocky. The motivational power of a song can inspire you to improve that physical performance

Exercise is important to maintain health and fitness, so instead of making it a chore, use music to enhance and inspire you to get fit. You’ll be surprised at how much it can help to improve your endurance.

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