How to create the best Pokémon themed birthday party for your child

How to create the best pokemon party for your child

The birthday events industry has exploded in recent years, largely due to our children living, breathing and sleeping their favourite characters, especially on the most special day of the year. Since the release of the Pokémon Go app, the Pokémon craze is burning ever strong, with a whole new generation of young Pokémon lovers and a massive 1,000 Pokémon characters to revel in now – a far cry from the original 150 back in my day!

My boys are obsessed with Pokémon, so it seemed right to organise a Pokémon themed birthday party for my youngest, who recently turned six. Melanie, the Sandy Art entertainer, transformed the party with sand equipment that she had brought with her and she tidied everything up afterwards. She successfully engaged twenty children in Pokémon Sandy Art for 1½ hours and they worked together to create some pretty spectacular sandy art. The added bonus was that they also got to take their creations home too as going home gifts. 

More on the entertainment package below, but let’s go through the basics of how to create the best Pokémon themed birthday party for your child, i.e. the venue, the invites, the party supplies, the party food, the birthday cake and, of course, the entertainment!

P.S – this article is aimed at children between 5 and 9 years old, however, there is no reason why children who fall outside this age group can’t enjoy sandy art too!

The venue

The venue - pokemon party

When considering Pokémon themed entertainment, your best bet is to find a venue that is big enough for the fun and games, as well as the table settings for the party food. Don’t forget to factor in space for parents to sit and spectate as well. Added bonuses would be having a toilet that is within walking distance and a kitchen in which to prepare the party food and cake. If your home is big enough then great, you save money on the venue costs. However, if not, then places like local halls, churches and some schools (especially those with sports halls) may permit you to hire the room for a couple of hours.


Sandy Art invitation

You’ve picked a date and time, so now you need to tell the guests. Melanie offers Sandy Art invitations, as part of her package (see above), but if your entertainment doesn’t include this option, then I use Kenzie’s Cards from eBay, which are a brilliant company, who personalise birthday invites for cheap and with a very short lead time.

Telling parents in advance about what they are likely to expect at the party will allow them to prepare their children too. Perhaps the entertainment is first and will likely take 1½ hours, but knowing this in advance means that parents can feed their kids a snack before arriving at the party, so they are not too hungry when the activity starts. I made sure people knew it was a Sandy Art party, so they would expect a hands-on sand experience, but Melanie’s invitations were enough to give it away.

Party Supplies

Pokemon party supplies

You can include as many or as little Pokemon themed party supplies as you want. You can buy affordable Pokémon Party Supply sets on eBay, which has TONS of options. For my son’s birthday party, I ordered a party supply package x 3, which contained paper plates, napkins, tablecloth (1) and paper cups x 8. Some sellers like the one I used, throw in balloons as well because I ordered multiple sets. eBay is a great source for party planning, even down to the tools I used for the cake, so it’s worth checking it out during the preparation stage.

Setting up the party table with Pokemon party supplies

I would say, at the very least, your party supply package should include the following:

  • Tablecloths
  • Paper Plates
  • Napkins
  • Paper Cups
  • Platters to serve the food
  • Cutlery
  • Balloons

Then, if you want to go further than that, then I’d get the following:

  • Table decorations
  • Ornaments
  • Birthday banners
  • Helium balloons
  • Party favours

Kids having fun at a pokemon party

Party Food

It has taken me a long time to get the food right, even though I still haven’t got the volume correct, i.e. there is always tons left over. So, I now stick to the following party food criteria:

  • Sandwiches with the crusts cut off (I don’t throw away the crusts, I place them in plastic cups or bowls and offer them with a variety of dips if there isn’t any filling on them. (Or I munch them while I’m preparing the party food at home, hence why I put on about 5lbs during the preparation stage… just FYI…)).

Fillings I find work really well are:

  • Chocolate
  • Cheese and tomato with butter
  • Tuna, cream cheese and sweetcorn
  • Egg mayonnaise
  • Crisps – all flavours
  • All sorts of fruit – clementine, bananas and apples, as well as berries and grapes
  • Biscuits – as many various kinds as you can get
  • Veggie trains – bell peppers (for the train), cucumbers (for the wheels), sliced celery, carrots and bell peppers (the passengers) – along with yoghurt and hummus dips – The lettuce makes up the grass on the ground (the platter).
  • Popcorn – sweet, salty, and/or sweet and salty. You can get toffee flavoured popcorn too if you’re feeling risky.
  • Drinks – water or juice for the kids and fizzy drinks for the adults. Although you’ll find some of the kids tiptoeing over to the adults’ table to help themselves to the soft drinks…

Adults party food table

Pokemon party table with food and drink

For the purposes of my son’s Pokémon themed party, I Pokémonised (not sure that’s a word, but we’ll go with it) the apples and strawberries. I was so rubbish at doing them, so I’m sure you can do a much better job than me! The good thing is, the kids didn’t notice, and they loved eating the candy off the apples and strawberries. I found the instructions via Koalipops’ YouTube videos for the Pokémon apples here and the Pokémon strawberries here. (I love that guy!)

Pokemon candied apples

Pokemon candied strawberries

Handing out the pokemon candied apples

Birthday Cake

I have somehow got myself into a bit of a pickle because I agreed to make the kids’ birthday cakes every year. It started last year when my eldest was in Year 1. I asked him what he would like the most for his birthday and he said a Ninja Turtles birthday cake made by me. I thought, yeah, why not! Easy, right?

I lost those 5lbs I gained during the food prep stage, due to stress… I have a newfound respect for cake makers and decorators – I don’t know how you do it! It took me six hours to make his cake and the fondant was so tricky to work with. But, it definitely looked homemade and no one can argue that it was a labour of love. Nevertheless, the kids loved the cake and it was totally worth seeing Aron’s eyes light up when he saw the cake for the first time.

Then, because I made my eldest his birthday cake, I, of course, had to make my youngest a birthday cake too!


And my baby’s Pokemon cake is done!! Phew! #pokemom #birthdaycake #homemade #recipe

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I was then, somehow, asked to do it again:

And again…

But for this party, I created Butterfree with the help of Koalipops again and it just did not turn out the way I wanted it to turn out. But, heck, I did it and the kids didn’t care:

Pokemon butterfree cake

Pokemon butterfree cake

I complain about the stress accrued making the cakes, but it was totally worth it to make my kids something completely unique and personalised. I’m happy to kill myself twice a year to get that priceless look on their faces – it makes me proud that I can offer something so personal to them.


With the entertainment, you can afford to be as simple or as extravagant as you want. You can opt for simple party games like Pass the Parcel and include little Pokémon toys as treats, with the main prize being Pokémon related. Or you can play Pin the Tail on Pikachu and other basic games like that. However, we went for the entertainment package where the entertainment was provided by a professional entertainer who engaged the children for up to two hours, while we parents sat back and watched – and possibly opened some Prosecco…

Pokemon Sandy Art Party Package

As mentioned above, we went for a Pokémon Sandy Art party, which was hosted by Melanie, who arrived half an hour earlier to set up four stands that contained four bowls of different coloured sand in each.

Sandy Art bowls of sand

Kids playing with the sand

A bit of information on sand play

Sandy art or sand play is considered a sensory activity¹, meaning that it involves the child’s five senses² (i.e. taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight), well eight senses³ in total, actually. Just, FYI, the latter are the senses that tell us where our body is in space, how it is moving and what is happening inside our body (i.e. tummy ache and when you need the loo.) So, sensory activities like sand art and play is a fantastic way for kids to engage in an activity that is mentally and physically stimulating. It is a very developmental process too, as it fine tunes motor skills and encourages kids to tap into that creative part of their brain.

So, how does Sandy Art work?

After Melanie arrived and set everything up, the kids were guided to the end of the hall as soon as they arrived, where Melanie had set up a corner stand of Pokémon design cards. The kids could choose any two designs that they wanted to start the sandy art process. There were also other designs to choose from (for e.g. Disney princesses or Minions) as some of the guests were not very interested in Pokémon.

Sandy Art Pokemon

Different sandy art designs to choose from

Melanie peeled away at certain parts of the design cards and let the children have free rein with the sand, so they could decorate their cards as they so wished:

Decorating the sandy art cards Decorating the sandy art cards

Decorating the sandy art cards

The children tottered around the stands and filled in their first colour before they went back to Melanie who then peeled off a bit more of the card. This way, the rest of the design was unaffected by the sand and it kept the overall look very neat. It’s quite simple, yet so clever!

Decorating the sandy art cards

Decorating the sandy art cards

Decorating the sandy art cards

Decorating the sandy art cards

Decorating the sandy art cards

And the process was repeated until the children had every part of their card filled in with coloured sand.

Decorating the sandy art cards

Decorating the sandy art cards

Decorating the sandy art cards

Decorating the sandy art cards

Decorating the sandy art cards

Decorating the sandy art cards

The finished result was pretty remarkable!

Decorating the sandy art cards

At the end of the activity, the kids had so much fun that they enjoyed having their photos taken with their creations.

Photos of their sandy art

Sandy Art photos

Funny glasses

If you’d like to learn more about Sandy Art or you’d like to book the above package, you can find Melanie’s contact details on her website. Melanie is very versatile and can offer children’s entertainment for multiple occasions in alternative types of events, for example, weddings (during speeches), workshops, festivals, Holy communions, Family & Fun days and School Fairs. 

Going home gifts

Going home gifts are a necessity at parties. Every young guest expects to go home with a treat after the party, whether it is a chocolate bar or a whole myriad of party favours. If your budget allows, you really do have free rein here. We ordered personalised Pokémon Kit Kat bars and a Pokémon pencil from eBay. We also ordered mini Pokémon notepads, but, sadly, they never arrived. We also wrapped up a piece of the birthday cake to include in the Pokémon party bags as well. The great thing about Melanie’s Sandy Art⁴ party is the kids got to keep their two sand designs to take home with them, so these doubled up as great going home gifts for the kids.

If you want to be fancy:

  • Little Pokémon mini figures or soft toys are a lovely going home gift for the guests and a great keepsake
  • Pokémon cards – or, even fancier, a Pokémon card set. Children who collect and trade Pokémon cards will love you for this, but it is a bit pricey, especially if you’re buying for up to thirty children.
  • Pokémon fiction and/or activity books. Young Pokémon fans will receive a book they’d really want to read, and they develop their brain while doing so – win-win!

If the budget doesn’t allow:

  • Making it yourself is really the best way to save money.
  • You could make mini cupcakes and buy a set of Pokémon cake toppers to Pokémonise (there’s that word again) them.
  • Little Pokémon mini keepsakes are a bit of fun for a short period. There is a whole variety to choose from, from yo-yos to bubbles – younger kids still love these kinds of things.

If your child’s birthday party is coming up and they love Pokémon, then I would thoroughly suggest that you check out Melanie’s Sandy Art Entertainment Package. The kids were engaged from beginning to the end of the party and the parents got the chance to sit back and relax for a couple of hours.


[1] Source from

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[4] Find out more at Melanie’s Facebook Page –

Photos by Preston Perfect Photography

We were provided Melanie’s Sandy Art package for the purposes of a review – all thoughts are 100% our own.

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