How to clean out your garage to make your home look bigger

Garages are notorious for being a storage dump in most homes. Studies have shown that a quarter of homeowners are too embarrassed to leave their garage doors open for neighbours to see, and many have problems parking in their garage due to the clutter. While garages can serve as an excellent storage space in a home, inefficient use of this storage can make your home’s value go down and seem smaller than it really is. While organising your garage can seem daunting; there are simple solutions on how to clean out your garage to help you maximise space and finally be able to fit your car in your garage.

Clean Up

The first step to garage care is garage cleaning! Get rid of all the clutter you don’t need and either sell or give away if they can be reused again. There is probably a lot of stuff in your garage you don’t need, and a lot of things you probably didn’t even know lived in there. Having a good garage clean up will show you everything you actually need to store in your garage and give you an idea of how much storage you need. Throw away all that trash, hold a garage sale for unused items, and donate anything else you don’t need.

Storage Solutions

Look around your garage and see if you’re taking advantage of all the storage space. If you have shelves make sure, they’re appropriately organised. If most of your storage is the floor, consider utilising the walls and even the roof of your garage. The most efficient wall storage is a slat wall system. These systems use various hanging accessories to hang things on your wall for secure storage. Tyres, sports equipment, and tools can be stored on the wall for easy access to the things you use regularly. Another culprit of garage clutter is seasonal items. These probably take up much of your floor space, and you only use them once a year. These are the ideal items to store on your garage ceiling. Overhead storage racks will get everything off the floor and let you use the garage for its intended use, as one of the places to store a car. You would be surprised how much utilising these storage solutions can open up your garage space and make the whole house seem bigger.

Turning a garage into living space

You can add real value to your home by creating some garage living space. You’re less likely to need planning permission for converting a garage as you’re probably not altering the actual structure of the building and you can create an extra room for the family to enjoy too. Converting a garage to living space may cost a bit of money upfront, but you could add more value to your home and make the overall look of the house more significant. If you are a growing family, you can also have the added benefit of staying in your current home, but with additional living space. Remember that if you’re creating an extra bedroom, you may go up on the council tax band, but if you’re simply converting a garage into living space, like an additional lounge, then your council tax band should remain unaffected. Make sure to get some advice from an architect or an architectural designer before you start as they may come up with some ideas that you hadn’t thought of before.

Having a useable garage space gives you more room for hobbies, sports, and fun. Garages often take up a lot of home space and opening it up can really make your home feel more prominent and useable. A well-maintained garage can add a lot to your home’s feel and overall look, so be sure to get the help of a professional like CSS Garage doors when planning the look and exterior of your garage and take the time this summer to clean up and organize your garage and see the difference it makes in your home.

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