How to be an active mum

How to be an active mum -motherhooddiaries

With babies/toddlers/school children in tow, it may seem like the only physical activity you get is chasing them when they run amok. You probably don’t have time for the gym or Zumba classes you used to attend, and ‘baby yoga’ sounds like a spa trip for the babies and more work for mums!

Here are some easy ways you can remain active with your baby, including fun activities you can do together as a family.

Keep Up Your Routine Before Baby Arrives

Keep Up Your Routine Before Baby Arrives - Motherhood Diaries

Don’t give up working out just because you’re pregnant – in fact, it’s more important than ever to keep it up! Mums-to-be that are active throughout pregnancy help their babies have healthy hearts. And, you’re less likely to lose motivation to be active once the baby is born if you never quit your healthy habits.

Workout Before Baby Wakes

Some fitness-mums recommend getting your workout in before baby arises for the day… This is achievable if you have a dream baby who naturally rouses at 8am, less so if you are a parent to a 5am early bird. We’re not saying you should get up at 4 am to do your squats, but if you can fit it in before your baby wants breakfast, do it!

Jogging Buggies

Jogging buggies - motherhooddiaries

Ever seen yummy mummies out on a jog with their specialist strollers? These are more affordable than you might expect, and not only allow you to get active on your travels but are amazing all-terrain buggies too.

Hit the park with water bottles, snacks and provisions for the day, then enjoy a run with your baby babbling and singing with you all the way. Have two kids? No fear – jogging strollers come in double as well! Check out for detailed reviews on dozens of double buggy styles, including ones that help you get active in the great outdoors along with your babies.

Get Back into Classes

Seize the opportunity when your toddler is at nursery, your child is at school, or older kids are at music/art/sports classes, to go to your own workout class. This is all about maintaining a schedule, being motivated to not sit at home enjoying the peace and quiet while the kids are out, and jumping at every chance you get to be active. It takes a lot of willpower, but you’ll feel great that you did it.

Baby Yoga

Mums doing baby yoga

Baby yoga may make you have visions of your baby puking up lunch everywhere during a yoga class with the other mums… But that’s the beauty of it – you’re all in the same boat! Baby yoga is amazing for both of you to get some exercise through light stretching, relaxing your baby with baby massage, and meeting likeminded parents.

If you don’t want to venture out to a class, there are plenty of mother-baby yoga YouTube videos you can do at home. YouTube is an amazing free resource that offers at-home workouts of any discipline you can think of. Get your child involved on the mat or wait until they’re napping to do some on your own!

Make Active Dates

Meet up with friends and go jogging; go to a class; rendezvous at each other’s houses for a coffee and home workout. Physical exercise is much better when you do it with other people (and by that, we mean adults. Getting small people to cooperate with a workout tends to be a bit harder).

If not, then make a date with yourself. Write it out on the calendar and it will seem important and set in stone, so you’re more likely to view it as a commitment and honour it. Dad will look after the baby while you have some ‘you’ time; and of course, vice-versa for him.

Be an Example

Monkey see monkey do. Studies, like this one, show that mothers who are active and eat a healthy diet instil these qualities in their children, who grow up to make healthy choices themselves as a result.

If you enjoy yourself when getting exercise, the baby will want to copy you and join in the fun! Get active together and ensure a healthy, happy life for all the family.

How to be an active mum

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