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How Serenz can help combat common allergies all year around

How Serenz can combat allergies all year around - motherhooddiaries

Allergens are everywhere, whatever the season, and they can really impinge upon your daily routine. In the spring/summer, hayfever is rife, whilst in the winter, central heating can bring about serious congestion issues within the nasal passages. But, some allergies can cause discomfort all year around, for example, dust allergies, animal dander, insect bites and stings, and food allergies, like nuts, fruits, shellfish, and dairy. Whatever the reason for a flare up, allergies can result in pain and distress, and sometimes over-the-counter medication can either be too expensive or ineffective.

What is an allergy and how does it happen?

“An allergy is a reaction the body has to a particular food or substance.” NHS Choices

An allergic reaction can usually happen quite quickly and within a few moments of being exposed to the allergen. If you experience symptoms like sneezing, a runny/blocked nose, red/itchy/watery eyes, or wheezing and coughing (amongst others like a red, itchy rash and worsening asthma/eczema) then there are several medications available to help control the symptoms, including antihistamines, decongestants, and steroid medication. But, there might just be a more natural allergy relief product out there that is clinically proven to start working within minutes. This new approach to combating allergies is called Serenz Allergy Relief.

Serenz Allergy Relief uses carbon dioxide for drip-free relief from nasal allergy symptoms

Serenz Allergy Relief uses only Carbon Dioxied

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Traditional nasal allergy treatments include antihistamines or steroid relief and, unlike these treatments that need to be taken routinely, Serenz can offer rapid relief through its hand held device quickly and only when needed. The benefits of using Serenz is that it only uses carbon dioxide, which is part of the air you breathe, so Serenz works quickly against nasal allergy symptoms without causing the drowsiness that may occur when using its medicinal counterparts.

“In the UK, a person with nasal allergies can suffer from symptoms five months of the year.” Serenz

How does Serenz work?

Serenz Allergy Relief

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Serenz Allergy Relief is a handheld device with a blue key that you insert into the bottom and turn clockwise 180 degrees, to activate it. You either sit down or stand up (you do not lie down), remove the safety cap, and hold the Serenz upright. You form a tight seal between your nostril and the nosepiece and either breathe through your mouth or hold your breath, but you do not breathe through your nose, as Serenz is not an inhaled product. Press the blue on/off button for ten seconds and then repeat for the other nostril. You then replace the safety cap. Serenz works quickly the first time you use it, so you only need to use Serenz when you have symptoms and because it doesn’t cause drowsiness, you can get on with your day as well. For more information, call 080 0085 3550 or email

“It’s really reassuring that the clinical trials and the patient feedback in day-to-day practice have been so overwhelmingly positive for Serenz.” Dr. Mariette Grant, General Practitioner

Serenz during the winter season – my central heating allergies and how Serenz helped to combat my nasal congestion

I suffer from nasal congestion related to central heating in the winter and, although, my symptoms have improved somewhat since my twenties, I still find my blocked nose and itchy eyes to be very discomforting, especially when I’m trying to sleep. I, however, rarely, take antihistamines and prefer to allow my body to fight the allergies through hot tea and lemon, which almost always help, or lavender/camphor oil in boiling hot water. The steam slowly starts to alleviate the symptoms, but it is not as instant as some antihistamines. I was invited to try out Serenz Allergy Relief during the upcoming winter season, when the central heating starts to come on. It doesn’t happen all the time, but, generally after twenty minutes, if the central heating has been on full blast, my hands start to chafe, my eyes start to burn, especially when wearing contacts, and my nasal passages block up. I may start coughing, but the worst of it is my congested nose. Sometimes, I am continuously blowing my nose and not receiving any respite. The other night, I was suffering only slightly and decided to use Serenz Allergy Relief for the first time and my first reaction was to flinch through the initial stinging. However, I soon realised this was because I was subconsciously inhaling the carbon dioxide, which is what you’re not supposed to do. I held the blue button and waited ten seconds, whilst sitting down in bed. The effects were not instant, but after a few minutes, I started to notice my nasal passages clear up. I did find that my eyes watered up a bit and that there was a stinging sensation in my nose, but these side effects are far more bearable than my congested sinuses. I haven’t needed to use the Serenz again and I’m not sure whether that’s because my symptoms are not as harsh as they used to be, but I will definitely be considering using Serenz again if my symptoms worsen.

Are there any side effects?

To date, Serenz has shown to create only minor side effects, such as nasal discomfort and watery eyes. However, these effects stopped a few seconds after cleansing was completed.

Where can you buy Serenz Allergy Relief?

You can buy Serenz at any Weldricks or Paydens stores for around £20, which will provide you with 40 x 10 second treatments. For a list of stores, click here.

Other points to note

  • You can use Serenz up to six times a day.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You can find out more about Serenz Allergy Relief at

Do you suffer from allergies? Would you consider using Serenz Allergy Relief to help alleviate your symptoms? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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