How I’ve changed in thirty years, 1983 – 2013, #SpecialK30 Linky Challenge

Thirty years ago, in 1983, I was but 2 years old, an apple in my mother’s eye and a happily spoiled toddler. I was cute, but super energetic – no iPads to keep me company, or video games to take my attention away from my parents – just pure, unadulterated fun with me, myself and I. My brother and my two sisters hadn’t been born yet, so in 1983, I got to visit my extended family in North Cyprus for the first time by myself (with my parents of course, I wasn’t that independent yet).

Leyla Toddler

Apparently, In North Cyprus, I tanned quickly, I swam loads and I ate lots of meat (nothing’s changed in thirty years then). I got to experience scorching heat and came back with a nasty stomach bug.

In 1983, I stored my first ever long term memory (a memory that I can recall even now in 2013), the memory of experiencing agonising pain (which later, at aged 15 was diagnosed to be a grumbling appendix). I remember my mum frantically trying to keep me distracted with a red toy truck until the Doctor made a home visit to check out my stomach. Then when he arrived, my pain had miraculously vanished and I was absolutely fine! My parents were happy, however, because they had made a new friend – the Doctor turned out to originate from North Cyprus, which is a huge coincidence seeing as North Cyprus makes up just one half of one of the tiniest islands in the world!

Growing up, I remember my mum always being very slim; she ate well and sensibly and she always advocated a hearty breakfast and a bowl of fruit a day.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” – (my lovely mum)

Special K cereal was part of a staple diet in our house, alongside Coco Pops and Weetabix. I always ate the Coco Pops when I was very young, but never failed to watch my mum eat her Special K in the morning, harping on at me constantly about “those sugary junk cereals”. I remember thinking she was beautiful and I always wanted to be beautiful, so I started to eat Special K with my Coco Pops instead. Looking back, I realise I had missed the point… but Special K tasted extremely yummy with my Coco Pops and that soon became my favourite breakfast food.

Special K Mum

Fast forward thirty years and I am now 31 years old and a mummy myself. I have two beautiful boys with my husband, who are even busier than me (if that is even possible.) My sisters and brother are very much alive and my eldest is 2 ½. I can see so much of myself in him. We look almost identical and our personalities are so similar. His energy surpasses mine, but at least the world invented the iPad and video games in 2013, which takes the heat off me sometimes and keeps him busy when I’m tending to my Duracell bunny number 2, my 1 year old Aidan.

Special K - Leyla and Aron

Left – me aged 2 years old
Right – Aron aged 2 years old

I can see in both of my sons’ eyes that exact same eagerness to please their mummy, the same energy they offer when they’re enthusiastic about something, and the same doggedness about doing something over and over again to get the perfect result.

I nag my boys about the same thing as my mum did – history indeed repeats itself – and I educate my sons about the importance of eating right. I still eat my Special K with Coco Pops, but when I tried the new and improved Special K offered by Britmums, I found that I preferred to eat it by itself. It tastes crunchier, sweeter and more wholesome. The Coco Pops isn’t needed anymore.

Special K also gives me the energy I need in the morning to look after my children, to give them the best that I can possibly give them, because I am looking after myself properly, by eating a balanced diet and giving myself the best possible start to the day. It’s so tasty too at only 160 calories a bowl!

Special K Leyla in red

Not quite the lady in red in those Special K commercials, but it’s a start!

In my thirty years, there have been highs and lows, and some grey in between. I have experienced life and death, happiness and sadness, love and hate, stress and relaxation and I feel that, even though I am still an energetic little so-and-so, I am also well-balanced and emotionally intelligent enough to look after my family.

Leyla and boys

Me and my boys

My mum is so wise and ahead of the game – all those important lessons she taught me over the years – how to love your family enough to make sure that they will always rely on you 100% if they ever need you; to ensure that you give people the same respect as you wish for people to give you; to ensure that you look after yourself on the inside because that will shine on the outside; to spoil your children because no one else will spoil them like their mother does; and to always work for what you want, luck comes from giving yourself those options to invite luck in, the rest comes from you and no one else. 

And last but not least, to eat good food!

Thank you mum, a Special K box is on its way to you! 🙂 xxx

Special K

If you would like to find out more about Special K then please visit www.myspecialk.co.uk.

This post is an entry for the BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge”.  I was provided a box of Special K for free in return for this post and a review of the cereal. My thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and impartial. 

Special K30

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