What to pack in your hospital bag for labour and birth

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It’s almost time for baby to greet you in the outside world, but you’re wondering what to pack in your hospital bag for labour and birth. During my first pregnancy, I initially packed two hospital bags for mum and baby, but I quickly realised that was overkill. So I ended up with one bag and enough items to carry me through for three days (as I had a c-section).
It’s important to try not to pack too much as you’ll be overwhelmed when the baby comes. Ensure you have the essentials for labour and birth, as well as for the baby, then you’ll be fine. And, if you know you’re having a c-section then pack a c-section hospital bag, which includes some of the items below, like disposable knickers that don’t have the elastic in the band and rest above the scar.

So, without further ado, below are my hospital bag essentials that should cover labour, birth, delivery and baby. If you need a particular item for your hospital bag, you can click on the link from Amazon to purchase that item. It’s an affiliate link so I may get a commission if you buy from this link below, but it’s at no extra cost to you.

(P.S – if you are packing a hospital bag for twins, then just double the items you need for your babies).

For me:

For the baby

When to pack your hospital bag

You may be thinking, ‘But when should I pack my hospital bag?’

You should start thinking about preparing your hospital bag from the beginning of your third trimester and have it ready by 34 weeks because you’ll never know when your baby will decide to grace you with their presence. I have created a hospital bag checklist printable below for you to print out and stick to your fridge, so it can help you pick out things to pack in your hospital bag. Just click on the link below for the full sized image:

Hospital bags

A large bag should suffice when thinking about a hospital bag for labour. I have found some suitable hospital bags to buy from Amazon, which is affordable and will give you ample space to include all your essentials for a hospital overnight bag. They can double up as a nappy bag later too!

If this is your first baby, fight the urge to pack everything but the kitchen sink. You won’t need it and you’ll just have to lug it all home with a new baby afterwards. Good luck!

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