Home hacks to revamp a tired home

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Home hacks to revamp a tired home
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Whether you are a large or a small family occupying a big house or a tiny flat, the ideal family home begins at the heart, where your family feels the most stable, secure and loved. Some houses can look retro, modern and edgy, while others have a more traditional feel to them. Whichever you prefer, below are some ideas which can help you get the ball rolling on building your family home.

Make the centre of your home the family room

The family room should be the place where everyone you love gathers together. If you have a small lounge/living room area, you’re better off adding just one or two large pieces of furniture in the room, i.e. the TV/TV stand/supporting shelves, a nice statement coffee table and a couch. Depending on the width and length of the property, a small coffee table could work too. Keep the room bright and airy and make clever use of large spaces, as seen in the image below from www.housebeautiful.com of a lounge using the space around the window rather intelligently. Homify is a great website for inspiration and can provide out-of-the-box ideas on how to structure your family room (and other rooms in your home).

Family Room - Interior Design ideas for Family Homes - motherhooddiaries.com
(Image is taken from housebeautiful.com)

Add colourful blankets that have multi-uses, like the Camouflage Secret Pillow from Secret Projects, which is ethically sourced and doubles up as a blanket for the colder months. What’s more, each maker receives 500 rupees for stitching each Secret Pillow, free training and a 2,000 rupee Empowerment Fund, so buying these pillows saves lives!

Secret Pillow from Secret Projects that doubles up as a blanket!
Camouflage Secret Pillow from Secret Projects that doubles up as a blanket!

Create themed bedrooms to suit the personality of the home

Your bedroom should be a room of calm and serenity, so enhancing the mood and ambience in great decor and lighting is key. Whether you are kitting out the master bedroom or your child’s bedroom, it’s important to think about the personality of the inhabitant. Are you bright and wild or placid and neutral? Again, start with your focus point, i.e. the bed, and set the theme with the colour and style of the bedding. You can find some great luxury bedding from Peacock Alley, which will help you then pick out the desk, lighting and cupboard.  Try not to overcrowd your bedroom in too many pieces of furniture. Instead, include a simple, bed, desk and cupboard style room to make a room pop if you stick to a theme. You can brighten up your windows too, by adding window stickers like these Moon and Sun Centrepiece window stickers below from Purlfrost.

Add some pictured frames from frames.co.uk to brighten up the walls and, better still, use posters/paintings that encourage positivity and motivation like these lovely posters below from Edu Prints Plus below:

Posters from Edu Prints Plus and frames from frames.co.uk
Motivational posters from Edu Prints Plus and frames from frames.co.uk
Motivational posters from Edu Prints Plus and frames from frames.co.uk
Motivational posters from Edu Prints Plus and frames from frames.co.uk

If you live in rented accommodation or you don’t want to mess up the walls, you can use mount strips from vikings.co.uk which are easy to affix and to remove, without causing any damage to the walls. They are easy to use, you simply clean the area where you will be adding the mount strips, separate the strips and press the two strips together until they click. Remove one of the liners and press onto the frame. Repeat with the other strips and press the frame onto the wall firmly for around 30 seconds. To remove, grab the bottom corners and peel the frame up and away from the wall. Don’t pull straight off. Never pull the strips towards you or peel from the wall. Always pull straight down and as slow as you can.

Using mount strips from vikings.co.uk to affix the frames to the kids' bedroom wall
Using mount strips from vikings.co.uk to affix the frames to the kids’ bedroom wall

Kitchens don’t have to be just about food preparation and cooking

Nowadays, families enjoy socialising and relaxing in the kitchen alongside food preparation and dining, so it’s important to choose a layout that suits your family’s lifestyle. How many people are there in your family? Do you have babies or teenagers? Is your home more of a hustle and bustle, in and out of the kitchen, or does everyone prefer to relax and eat together? Maximising space, even in a small kitchen, is quite doable – make the most of your walls for storage or invest in built-in cupboards with pull-out cabinetry. A small round table like the Element No 1 Table from Magisso would be perfect in the corner of a bright and airy room. A couple of potted herbs will also transform a small kitchen and make it look cosy.

Element No 1 Table from Magisso
Element No 1 Table from Magisso
Element No 1 Table from Magisso
Element No 1 Table from Magisso

If you have an open plan kitchen/diner, breaking up the room with a kitchen island not only provides you with extra space for storage and food preparation, but it also creates an illusion of two rooms, making the whole space feel larger and more spacious.

Kithcen - interior design ideas for family homes - motherhooddiaries.com
(Example of an open plan kitchen broken up by a simple kitchen island – image taken from www.housetohome.co.uk)

Use kitchen appliances too to enhance the theme of the kitchen, like the Cutting Board from Magisso, which is a lovely extra large wooden chopping board that can rest on the side of the counter and brighten up a lived-in kitchen.

Chopping Board XL from Magisso
Chopping Board XL from Magisso

Adding a tablecloth on the kitchen table also enhances the kitchen’s decor. If you have kids, then you can buy a DIY tablecloth from coolgift.com, which allows the kids to draw and colour to their heart’s content and then you can throw the tablecloth in the washing machine when you’re done! Funky tools like a Cereals Dispenser from Coolgift.com can also make a kitchen look really cool!

DIY Tablecloth from coolgift.com
DIY Tablecloth from coolgift.com
DIY Tablecloth from coolgift.com

Stocking up on fancy glassware and dish sets can also enhance a kitchen. These lovely Pino Pint Glasses and Pine Wine Glasses from Magisso can dress up the main dining table beautifully when guests come over.

Dress up the windows too with decorative stickers like these leaves window stickers or butterfly window stickers from Purlfrost

Window stickers from Purlfrost
Leaves window stickers or butterfly window stickers from Purlfrost

If you are short on cash but your kitchen desperately needs a revamp then look into buying used kitchens.

Small bathrooms can also look smart and elegant

Unfortunately, British homes. even some of the larger sized properties, are equipped with smaller than average bathrooms. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make your family bathroom your own. Clever storage is a must to maximise space in a small bathroom, so you can store bathroom products and children’s toys out-of-sight. Getting the design just right means that you will be able to enjoy a nice relaxing bath in your own haven after a busy day, as well as create a space that the kids can enjoy. If there is no more room left for windows on the walls, try a roof window that can bring you light from above and that much-needed breath of fresh air! Solstro stock a wide range of roof windows that suit your project’s needs at the prices your pocket can pay. A splash of colour or, perhaps, some decorative wall art that the whole family will love will complete the look and bring in lots of fun, as well as relaxation to another focal room in the family home. In the image below, taken from www.housetohome.co.uk, the bold splash of red paint makes the whole bathroom pop instantly.

Bathrooms - Interior Design Ideas for Family Homes - motherhooddiaries.com
(Image taken from housetohome.co.uk)

Add window stickers to your shower windows like these Goldfish Printed Window Film stickers below and to brighten up the toilet area you can use these Football Stamps Window Film below from Purlfrost.

Keep your bathroom clean with designated bath cleaners, like the multi-surface bathroom cleaner, Glass Complete Care Kit from bathroomspareparts.co.uk to keep the bathroom looking brand spanking clean! Keep them in a storage cupboard to hide them out of sight!

The above are just a few ideas to brighten up a tired home, please leave your tips in the comments below on how you customise your own property!

*Some items have been gifted for the purposes of this article – but all opinions are 100% my own*

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