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Autumn is the time when we start warming up our ovens to prepare for the busiest period of baking/cooking over Christmas. I usually opt for the simplest baking recipes, especially when I host the Christmas holiday feasts, as the guests I need to prepare for normally run into the double digits. This year is no different, with at least 13 guests gracing their presence at ours this Christmas. Easy recipes ensure that I can plan, prepare and cook everything according to a well-thought out schedule, with the added bonus of allowing me to spend more time with my kids, instead of staying in the kitchen all day long.

This year, pancake recipes are on the Christmas menu. Pancakes are not only one of the simplest sweet treats on the planet, but they are also very flexible: they allow you to experiment with as many different ingredients that you can think of and they can easily be turned into a decadent cake too. Not only that, the pancake batter can be used to make other sweet treats like muffins and other (Christmas) wonders. For inspiration check out the best American pancake recipe collection on MyGreatRecipes. Here are some classic pancake recipes that have a Christmas twist, so they can easily be worked into your Christmas schedule this year:

Classic Christmas Pancakes

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Prepare your favourite standard pancake recipe (I like BBC Good Food’s Fluffy American Pancakes) and then cut and shape in the form of a snowman or reindeer. My favourite pancake “art” is the Santa Claus face made with whipped cream for the beard and hair, chocolate chips for the eyes, and halved strawberries for the nose and hat. Simple and effective.

Green Christmas Pancakes

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Add green food colouring to the batter and cook the pancakes in different sizes, from smallest to largest (use spoons and different sizes of cups to achieve this). Then stack them on top of each other to form a Christmas tree, cover in sprinkles and add a star cut from an apple on top (stick it on a toothpick to position it easily).

Red Velvet Pancakes

Red velvet pancakes - motherhooddiaries

Nothing says “Christmas” better than these red velvet pancakes, made by adding red food colouring to the batter, with cream cheese glaze and sprinkles on top. I love using my Christmas moulds with this batter because the final product is simply amazing. In this case, use a food-storage plastic bag to draw with the cream cheese over the pancakes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and candy sprinkles.

Christmas Pancake Muffins and Parfaits

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Place the pancake batter into muffin tins for baking. I love muffins because they allow me to get creative with amazing, yet simple decorations that complement the Christmas festive table beautifully.

For example, you can create Christmas ornaments by decorating the top of the muffins with icing, M&M’s and a rolo candy as toppings. Another option is to cover them with chocolate icing and decorate with reindeer “faces”, made with candy eyes and red M&M’s for the noses, and cut pretzels for the antlers.

Sundae pancakes - motherhooddiaries

Parfaits and trifles are the best and easiest way to “save” your pancake leftovers. In fact, they are so quick and simple you can hand them out to your guests before they leave.

Simply place them in jars, cover with lids and tie a bow! Mix red and white to capture the Christmas spirit, of course. Pour a layer of plain or vanilla-flavoured Greek yogurt, then drizzle with honey and a pinch of cinnamon. The second layer is made with cranberry sauce and the third with cubed pancakes and granola. Repeat with a second layer of yogurt, honey and granola. Decorate with fresh cranberries and mint leaves. Merry Christmas!

What’s your favourite Christmas pancake recipe? Share in the comments below!

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