Healthy lifestyle habits when you have a hectic schedule

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Healthy lifestyle habits when you have a hectic schedule
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“A healthy body is a healthy mind.”

The above age-old saying is 100% true. However, for a lot of parents of young children, it can often become quite difficult to make your own wellbeing a priority. Perhaps you’d like to lose the baby weight and get into better shape. Or you would like to eat healthier and concentrate on your diet. But when do you find the time to commit to preparing meals for yourself and hitting the gym, when you feel that use of time is a selfish one, especially when your kids are vying for your attention 24 hours a day? Equally, you may find that you have such a busy lifestyle that time gets away from you, and before you know it, it’s time for bed, and you haven’t got around to losing your ‘baby weight’ when your child starts school.

We have busy lives, this is true. But, if this sounds like you, and you want to make summer 2019 the time to stay healthy and happy, as well as shift some unwanted pounds, then below are some healthy lifestyle habits when you have a hectic schedule.

Find a diet that saves you some time

There are so many different nutritional approaches to losing weight, and it’s important to pick the right diet plan so that you’re not concerned with losing time to shop and prepare for special meals for you and the family. You can find plenty of diet options that actually save you time. For example, stick to meals with five ingredients or less and keep to whole food-based ingredients. If you stick to a rule of cutting out processed food, you will find that you will lose excess weight naturally over time.

One other example could be to follow meal replacement programs like Slim Fast, or the recent trend called intermittent fasting, otherwise known as ‘IF. IF is where you fast either for a whole day as part of a weekly routine, or for several hours every day. You can organise this, so you only eat one meal a day, which is a popular way to practice IF, and because you need to get your whole calorie allowance for the day in that one meal, you can select dinner as your main meal with your family every evening. This can save you a lot of time, because you are skipping so many meals, and it also means that you aren’t restricted to having special dishes when you do eat.

However, this method may cause you to spike your sugar levels as you are not eating for the whole day and then binging during that one meal. And, it’s a restrictive diet so you may fall off the wagon quite quickly. So, another option would be to use a meal subscription service, where you get everything you need to prepare foods that fit a calorie-controlled diet delivered to your door. Again, this could be quite restrictive and also expensive. So, it would be advisable to have a flexible diet plan and stick to meals that contain five ingredients or less. You then eat regularly throughout the day to maintain your sugar levels and if you keep it to whole foods then you will lose weight naturally.

Make exercise a personal priority

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Starting a new fitness regime to help yourself meet your weight loss goals can be fun and exciting. But it is important to make sure you are mentally treating the time you spend at the gym or outdoors as an important part of your day, so you don’t skip it just because something came up – because a lot of things will naturally come up. A good way to do this is to mark your workouts in a calendar as if they are important appointments that you cannot miss without a very good reason, and without rescheduling them. Don’t think ‘I will try and find time to go to the gym later’ – make it a hard date. It may even be easier to workout at home, so you don’t spend the time getting to the gym, showering and then coming back. If you’re busy at work, then a gym may work for you, but if you’re a stay at home mum, working out at home might be easier. If you have small children, then find ways to involve them in your exercise routine like running with the buggy or using them as weights – just be careful not to drop them when you’re working out!

Reward yourself with things that are just for you

Losing weight and becoming a happier, fitter and more confident person will benefit your whole family in the long run. But, to stay motivated, you need to be kind to yourself and reward yourself from time to time after you have achieved the goals you have set for yourself. These can be anything from a long bubble bath to a new hairstyle. Or for bigger goals a luxury purchase. Bonus points if you can make the things you reward yourself with add to your motivation even further, for example, exercise gear, or a trip to a health spa.

Another great example could be to reward yourself for getting halfway to your target weight and allowing yourself to invest in a designer pair of sneakers. You can find some gorgeous Gucci sneakers and other high-end designer training shoes at luxury designer retailer SSENSE that will make you want to spend as much time working out as you can just to wear them.

Losing weight can be an exciting and enjoyable process, and it can do wonders for your energy levels and self-esteem. So if you have been putting it off because you are worried about how much time you will have to spend on good healthy habits, or you aren’t sure you can remain motivated when your life is that busy, then try these ideas. You may be surprised by how easy it becomes to find the time you need for your own self-care, nutrition and exercise, and how good you feel when you earn rewards you really deserve!

Healthy lifestyle habits when you have a hectic schedule

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