Half Term Fun at Ora’s Cookery Event

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Event:       Half Term Cookery Class with ORA (the all-round kitchen towel)

When:      Wednesday 28th October at 2.30pm

Where:     The Lounge Café, Kingsgate Community Centre, 107 Kingsgate Road, NW6 2JH

Back in October 2015, during the kids’ half-term holiday, we were invited to a special cookery class hosted by Ora (the all-round kitchen towel), to prepare for the Halloween and Christmas festivities (where did the time go?) The event promised lots of festive treats, new cookery skills and a bag full of goodies to take away with us. As my boys are generally not the type to sit/stand in one place for too long and take orders, I tentatively accepted, wondering whether I had the strength to travel into London and supervise two very energetic boys preparing food with sharp knives and operating a hot stove. I suppose it’s better they learn now rather than later. And, knives are not actually dangerous, the people using them are. However, as an avid cook, who is always super excited to learn new recipes and, especially, share my passion with the kiddies, I arrived with positive expectations.

So, who or what is Ora?

I had heard absolutely nothing about Ora before I was invited to the brand’s cookery event. But, I learned a lot about the conically shaped, super absorbent kitchen towels, which are stacked so intelligently that they can fit 100 sheets in one pack with no inner tube. That’s equivalent to two traditional kitchen rolls. Instead of 1 square sheet that you tear off from a traditional roll, you get a circular version, which fits perfectly under my boys’ small plates and even protects our table. It’s super versatile and can be used for mopping, baking, daily spills and cleaning up general kiddie rubbish. They’re great as snack holders and regular go-to face cleaners for the boys too.

Ora Cookery Event at The Lounge Café

We were the first to arrive at The Lounge Café and were greeted with rows of tables and a lady who was standing by the main hob, preparing some vegetables. She was going to be our chef teacher.

The Lounge Cafe - Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com

Carve that pumpkin!

Everyone was handed some special green Ora cooking aprons, including mini sized versions for the kids, and then the children were guided to a table that was splattered in Halloween-style arts and crafts and some rather large pumpkins. I was relieved to see that there were some extra activities on hand for those (like my boys) who lose interest in certain projects halfway through and start to use their idle hands for devil’s work. At least the boys could make themselves useful, carving Halloween pumpkins for mummy to use during the Halloween Trick or Treat season. They got straight to work, following an Ora lady’s every move and, might I add, who proved to be extremely helpful throughout the entire cookery class. She could see that I was struggling and stuck by the boys to offer a helping hand – such a lovely lady!

Carving the pumpkin - Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com

Carving the pumpkin - Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com Scooping the pumpkin - Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com

The boys hung onto her every word on how to prepare the pumpkin, by scooping out the nasty bits and carving a face to bring it alive.

Decorating the pumpkin - Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com The boys decided to put their creative stamp on the same pumpkin, decorating the face with graffiti-style names and various drawings, most of which I couldn’t make out. Looked great though!

Decorating the pumpkin - Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com Finished pumpkin - Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com

The finished result was a pumpkin with a menacing face and very clean, scooped insides, ready for the tea light to be inserted (thanks boys, this pumpkin is going outside to scare the kiddies on Halloween night (mwahahahaha!)).

Super impressed with how well the boys worked together – no fights, no hogging, just a good old team building exercise, which, no doubt, showed them that they can, indeed, work together and create something beautiful without someone crying in the process.

Time to start cooking with Ora

Right, onto what we really came here for, some cooking! We were to create a three course meal in the short space of time we were allocated, armed with some new cookery skills that we were going to learn shortly. I could hardly contain my excitement and made a mental note of buying myself one of these separate hobs for my kitchen because I think they are super useful for travel cooking.

Aron was slowly trying to sneak back to the arts table behind me, whilst Aidan stared really quietly at the hob. He tried to play with the buttons, but was greeted with my hands whipping them back to his side. Neither of them were really concentrating on the teacher, so it was up to me to relay all the information back to them about the tasks ahead. I was standing in the middle of my two boys, trying to take in a wealth of information from the head chef, whilst wondering how I was going to control two hobs and two different sets of food preparation. Not to mention two sharp knives and 4 hands. My new best friend, the very helpful Ora lady, headed over to assist Aron, so I could concentrate on working with Aidan. And, we got to work.

Below was our menu for the day:

Starters – Lentil and Spinach Soup

Main – Vegetable Curry with Soda Bread for dipping

Dessert – Banana and Chocolate Empanadas

Preparing for the Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com

We prepared the lentil and spinach soup, which Aidan really enjoyed, as he got to meticulously stir whilst the soup simmered slowly. A job he took very seriously.

Making the lentil and spinach soup -- Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com Making the lentil and spinach soup - Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com

Aron was ready to head onto the next step… the dessert. Not yet Aron, not yet.

Lentil and spinach soup -- Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com

The lentil and spinach soup coming on rather nicely.

Shortly afterwards, we got to work peeling, chopping and preparing the veg for the deliciously aromatic Thai green vegetable curry, whilst the Ora ladies finished off making the soup and packing it into neat plastic Tupperware boxes for everyone to take home. The boys’ thoroughly enjoyed making the soda bread, which they polished off cleanly before we got to the dessert.

But, the boys’ favourite moment, by far, was when a tub of Nutella was placed in front of them, whilst we made the Banana and Chocolate Empanadas. I didn’t even get a bite…

As I had brought two boys with me, we were given three boxes, each with two tubs of curry, soup and a pack of Ora. We also got to keep our pumpkin, which I did place outside, lit, on my porch for the entire duration of Halloween (including the weekend… and a few days after that).

We managed to fit in one last activity to finish off a very creative and inspirational class, and really put Ora to the test with an Ora Christmas Angel.

Ora Christmas Angel - Ora Cookery Event - motherhooddiaries.com

Look closely… the Ora Christmas Angel is made out of three Ora sheets! Cool.

The boys and I had such a great time at Ora’s Cookery Class. We all learned some valuable lessons on how to hold a knife (properly) and how to cook some veg in a really nice green curry. I learned how to control two boys doing that. Plus, the dinner was made, so bonus.

We’ve enjoyed using Ora at home too. I’m completely converted to the idea of an economical, ecological and innovative product that not only saves the environment, but saves my house and my sanity. Ora works on practically anything, even snotty noses and all liquid spills. You can also use it as a makeshift table mat and create Ora angels out of them. So, multifunctional too.

Ora Kitchen Towel - motherhooddiaries.com Ora kitchen towel as a table mat - motherhooddiaries.com Ora as a face cleaner - motherhooddiaries.com

A little bit more about Ora

“Easy one hand grab – no tearing, no unravelling, no wastage. Twice the number of sheets than on a conventional kitchen roll. Clever, economical and too good-looking to hide under the sink.” Ora

Ora was launched in 2012 by entrepreneurs Oday and Colena Abbosh, and is now stocked in over 1,300 Tesco stores across the UK. Ora’s environmentally friendly and unique conical shape means that 30% fewer lorries are on the road and 20% less packaging is required than other leading kitchen towel brands.

Ora has won multiple awards for its design and effectiveness, including the prestigious Grocer New Product Award (Household category).

Last month, Ora launched a Handy Pack and an Ora Holder (in white and lime green) into the Better All Round British consumer goods company to complement the standard sized Ora stack. They will be available to buy in Tesco Express and Extra respectively. Visit Ora’s website for more details on where to find your nearest stockist.

You can follow Ora on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram too. Ora’s Facebook page is brilliant; they really have a great sense of humour. Well worth a check!

*Motherhood Diaries was invited by Ora to attend Ora’s Cookery Class, to learn about Ora and make some delicious food. All opinions are 100% my own*

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