Grilled bell peppers drizzled with Clover – #NothingArtifical

Grilled bell peppers drizzled with Clover – #NothingArtifical
Grilled bell peppers drizzled with Clover – #NothingArtifical
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Grilled Bell Peppers drizzled with Clover #NothingArtificial -

I just wanted to alert you to this hot new (well, not so new), healthy food ingredient I found out about recently – Clover butter.

Continuing with my newfound love for Clover (check out my Cocoa, Almond and Raisin Cookies recipe), I decided to try out my go-to- snack, freshly grilled bell peppers, with Clover buttermilk instead of my usual olive oil drizzle.

Now, I know olive oil is quite healthy in its own right, but having added Clover to almost anything this month, I realised that change is good, especially when it’s a healthy change.

And, the result is a richer flavour with plenty of the melted oil effect for good measure.


*This sponsored post is in collaboration with Clover and TOTS100, but the post and all opinions are my own.*

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