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Get your Boogie Bounce on with lights by TENA - motherhooddiaries

I have been to some very interesting lights by Tena events now and they’ve always been entertaining and informative. From being brutalised (in a good way during a hardcore workout) and then pampered at Champneys, to learning about how to make your own perfume, lights by TENA encourages ladies to make light of those little Oooops moments by laughing at the situation and having fun instead.

This time around we got to enjoy a Boogie Bounce at the Haymarket Hotel in London which further expands on the belief that women can continue on with normal tasks, whether that be working hard in the office, laughing with friends, tending to the kids or enjoying a little bounce on the trampoline – lights by TENA has got you covered when you experience those little Oooops moments. Furthermore, by using lights by TENA’s My Pelvic Floor Fitness App, my PFF, you can strengthen your pelvic floor and prevent light bladder weakness from occurring in the first place.

Boogie Bounce at the Haymarket Hotel

Boogie Bounce at the Haymarket Hotel

It was a miserable rainy January, with a little bit of snow at the beginning of the day, so I arrived via cab at the Haymarket Hotel half an hour early and headed straight to the Shooting Gallery, where I was met with an array of mini trampolines and a long table decorated with lights by TENA products. One by one, fellow bloggers started entering the room – some of whom I had recognised from previous events. I started chatting to Katy from What Katy Said and got to know Hannah from Budding Smiles, and Afra from Mad Mum of 7 a little better too. We had some time to catch up and talk about the constant juggling of blogging and managing our kids before we were ushered to sit down at the main table to learn more about lights by TENA and how the discreet feminine liners help women to feel comfortable and confident to carry on, regardless of those little Oooops moments. We also learned about the My Pelvic Floor Fitness app, which is available for free on iPhone and Android and acts as a helpful reminder to do your pelvic floor exercises daily, so you can significantly reduce or even eliminate those little leaks. 

lights by TENA array of liners
lights by TENA ultra liners

We were also given the chance to experiment with the lights by TENA liners and I was so surprised at how quickly the water was absorbed into the pad I added a healthy gush of water as well, but after a few minutes the water had completely disappeared, and the pad was dry – Lights by TENA liners really work!

Experimenting on the lights by TENA liner
Boogie Bounce and refreshments at the Haymarket Hotel in London
Boogie Bounce with lights by TENA

We put our pelvic floors into action with a mini Boogie Bounce session of our own. I had never heard of Boogie Bounce before, but boy was it fun! It’s an exercise class where you get your own mini trampoline to work on during the fitness class. You can also buy your own trampoline for at-home workouts because we all know how gold dust a mums’ free time is – sometimes we just can’t get to a class. The bouncing really works your core and legs, which were sore even after 15 minutes. And, I did feel like my glutes experienced a real workout. As soon as I got home, I looked for a class in my area and found that there are classes just 15 minutes away from where I live, so I shall be swiftly signing up! Maybe I’ll even invest in a mini trampoline of my own…

We finished off our Boogie Bounce with a very welcoming hearty lunch (a vegan style veggie wrap, some lettuce, chips and fruit) and enjoyed a great chat with the girls while eagerly munching away at our food. I then hopped into a cab home with my goodie bag of lights by TENA panty liners and sports bottle and relayed the great day I had with my family.

Lunch after Boogie Bounce
Chips, lettuce, bread and fruit
lights by TENA goodie bag

If you are experiencing light bladder weakness

You’re not alone.

Nine million people in the UK experience light bladder weakness, which is astonishing really. In fact, light bladder weakness is more common than hay fever, yet 35% of women in the UK still see light bladder weakness as a taboo subject. Why do we not talk about this problem more because, honestly, there is nothing to fear and so many of us suffer in silence. There seems to be this massive stigma attached to urinary incontinence, so lights by TENA’s primary aim is to get women to open the conversation about not only getting on with life and feeling protected during those Oooops moments but also learning about how to prevent or eliminate light bladder weakness by exercising your pelvic floor muscles. If you are one of the 62 % of women in the UK that experience those little leaks, it is important to ensure that you are using the right product to protect yourself. Menstruation protection liners do not absorb the urine as quickly as lights by TENA or other bladder weakness liners do. You can order a free sample pack here if you’d like to give it a try.

What causes light bladder weakness?

Many things can cause light bladder weakness, including:

  • Pregnancy
  • Eating habits/diet
  • Weight gain/obesity
  • Lifestyle
  • Fitness regime
  • Genetics

There is a multitude of things that can cause or encourage the onset of light bladder weakness. 70% of new mums experience light bladder weakness because of the pressure that carrying and having the baby puts on the pelvic floor during those 9 months. 1 in 10 mums also admit that those Oooops moments stop them from doing things during their normal routine, but it can be totally fixable. Those weakened muscles would just need to be retrained by practising your pelvic floor regularly.

Times when you’re most likely going to experience light bladder weakness

Depending on the exercise, of course, 24% of women experience light bladder weakness during exercise (trampolining has been known to bring on little leaks), compared to a whopping 44% who have those little Oooops moments when sneezing. Laughing (32%) and coughing (36%) also came up as some of the common occurrences that bring on little leaks.

Protection from those Oooops moments

There are an array of lights by TENA products, which use FeelFresh technology™ that locks in the moisture and the odour as well, and helps to control the smell. Lights by TENA don’t just provide the ultimate protection against little leaks, they perform five times faster and five times drier than normal feminine liners.

Strengthen your pelvic floor with the My Pelvic Floor Fitness App – myPFF

Strengthen your pelvic floor with the My Pelvic Floor Fitness App – myPFF

You can significantly reduce or even eliminate those Oooops moments by doing your pelvic floor exercises, yet, 1 in 4 women have never exercised their pelvic floor muscles and 5% don’t even know what their pelvic floor is! It is important that we practice our pelvic floor exercises regularly to ensure that our nether regions don’t fall south (heck, I’m doing it right now as I write this).

But, how many of us remember to do it? I don’t.

And, how many of us actually know how to exercise our pelvic floor? I don’t either.

So, I downloaded the app and started playing around with it. There are two sections, a ‘little squeeze’ which you should start off with if you’re a beginner and a ‘big squeeze’ if you’re a pelvic floor muscle pro. I honestly thought it wouldn’t be that difficult, even to try out the little squeezes, but it felt like a proper workout. So, I set my reminder to do my pelvic floor exercises six times a day to significantly reduce the number of times I would experience an Oooops moment (although, so far so good on the little leaks front).

It is understandable that life gets in the way sometimes, so it’s important to make doing your pelvic floor exercises part of your daily routine. Download the myPFF app now and start setting your reminder to work that pelvic floor. Some people say that you can do your pelvic floor at a red traffic light or when you’re waiting for the bus. But, you should be doing it at least 3 times a day, so you can reduce or even eliminate bladder weakness and say goodbye to those Oooops moments.

What did I learn from the Boogie Bounce event?

  • Boogie Bounce is awesome! It works everything, from your head to your toes and it shows that even when you do have those Oooops moments, you’re protected by lights by TENA, so get on that trampoline and enjoy that workout!
  • The lights by TENA liners really work – I was so impressed with how much water they could take and how quickly the water was absorbed into the pad
  • I had such a wonderful time, as always, and enjoyed the really good company. Thanks to Myriad PR, lights by TENA, the great wait team at the Haymarket Hotel and the lovely group of bloggers for a wonderful and energetic day. I left with a lovely goodie bag, but more importantly, a new set of friends, knowledge on how to build my pelvic floor muscles, and a newfound love for Boogie Bounce!

Here is a recap video of the event, hope you enjoy it!

*Motherhood Diaries got to enjoy a fun day out courtesy of lights by TENA and Myriad PR – all opinions are 100% my own*

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