How to Get Your Child to Sleep on Christmas Eve

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How to Get Your Child to Sleep on Christmas Eve
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For a stress-free, relaxing Christmas Eve, all you need is your home full of sleeping children. But how on earth do you achieve it? As anyone with young children knows, the chocolate-fuelled intense excitement that the thought of Santa and his reindeer arriving in the middle of the night invokes in your child can turn them into a fizzing mini-bomb, ready to explode.

So, to give you some sanity, and some sleep on Christmas Eve, here are a few handy tips from Children’s Bed Shop to getting your little ones off to the land of nod before the big day arrives.

Fresh Air and Exercise

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Nothing exhausts a child like a good bout of exercise and fresh air. Take your children on a winter’s walk to the park, on an adventure trail or for a bike ride. If it’s too cold or wet to keep them outside for too long, then take them swimming. Physical exercise throughout the day will ensure that they are tired out by the evening, making it easier for them to fall asleep.

Christmas Eve Box

Consider giving them a few bed-time presents to get them in the mood for bed. This can include a new toothbrush, a pair of pyjamas, some new fluffy slippers, a bedtime story book, hot chocolate and even a Christmas movie.

Late Bedtime

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Let your child know that they can stay up extra late as it’s Christmas Eve. By delaying their bedtime, they will be more tired when it is time to go to bed, and they will feel happy and excited about being allowed to stay up late.

If your child is very young, they probably can’t tell the time anyway, so you can make up any time you want! If you are prepared for them to have a later bedtime than usual, you are less likely to feel stressed by their staying up and can plan a fun activity such as watching a movie or playing a board game after dinner and before bed, for all the family to enjoy – yourself included!

Santa Doesn’t Arrive If You’re Awake

This classic statement works wonders for getting little ones off to sleep. Father Christmas never visits when children are awake, so your child will hopefully understand that they must go to sleep for Santa to drop off his presents, and therefore be keen to get to sleep.

Christmas Carols

Read a Christmas bedtime story or two to your child, then turn off the light and sing them some Christmas carols. Even if you can’t remember all the words to the verses, a softly sung or hummed carol can do wonders to helping your child drift off to sleep.

A New Magical Bed

For the ultimate ruse to get your child into bed, consider investing in a Julian Bowen mid sleeper bed. A fantastic multi-purpose bed can be fun not just at night time but during the day too. What better excuse is there to get your child into their bed on Christmas Eve?

Embrace It All

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Christmas really isn’t Christmas without all the craziness, excitement and potential for truly messing it up! After all, who thought delivering rustling stockings into your children’s bedrooms while they slept would be so difficult?

Enjoy it, embrace the madness and don’t let fretting about making it perfect ruin it for you and your family. Children are young for such a short length of time, and before you know it they’ll be teenagers, who you end up prodding in the morning to wake up. Celebrate Christmas Eve with your children and it’s bound to be one of the best nights of the year for all the family!

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