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Get active with the Polar Loop 2 and Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor – Part 3 of 3 – Final part

Polar Loop 2 and Polar H7 Heart Rate sensor -

Welcome to Part 3 of my journey to getting fit with the Polar Loop 2 and Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor and I’m on the last stretch to getting fit and healthy. This final month has been a bit tedious. I lost my charger for a few days (d’oh!) and then my little ones got sick, so I had no sleep and, therefore, didn’t exercise for a while (well, a few days). But, I got back on the horse (as they say) and I’m still fighting the bugs off myself. So, overall, I do feel fitter, more energetic and slimmer.

Please check out Part 1 of my Polar fitness journey for a full introduction and set up guide for both devices and Part 2 for an update on my training activity. This post will be all about explaining how I feel about activity trackers boosting motivation and encouraging families to get fit and healthy together. In fact, they do because my husband has (finally) decided to join me… next month. Hubby has been suffering with late nights and early mornings, so his excuse is that he needs to rest as much as he can when he’s off work, so he can tackle the day ahead. Seeing as I have been on call for 24 hours a day, due to my two boys feeling unwell, I haven’t had much sleep either. But, I’ve stuck to my 3 / 4 times a week exercise schedule and, thankfully, I feel much better for it. Maybe it’s the reason I’m still fighting off the bugs, I don’t know. But, my diet has improved tremendously and I’ve learned quite a few things in the PRO-CESS.

1. Exercising requires a lot of mental strength, especially when you’re tired and have a million tasks to do during the day. Thanks to Tony Horton’s P90X3 (yes, I can’t stop harping on about my exercise buddy), my workouts are only 30 minutes a pop, so I squeeze them in before I have to pick my little one up from nursery. In fact, those days when I really don’t want to exercise and I end up pushing myself to do it anyway, I actually enjoy the workout more. I down a small cup of coffee, which is my little boost for the 30-minute exercise, and then I just power through it.

2. Exercising also requires a healthy appetite. No starving yourself and eating salads all day. I can’t do it. My body literally goes into starvation mode if I haven’t eaten for a few hours. So, my new mantra to healthy eating is not what you eat (well, it is a little bit), but it’s more the underrated cliché of:

“Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.”

This is my new motto and, boy, have I been keeping to it. But, instead of munching on McDonalds and general processed food (I make awesome homemade burgers instead that taste way better than Maccy D’s cheeseburgers (recipe will be posted soon.)) I eat as cleanly as I can. My favourite go-to snacks are feta cheese, apple and wholemeal Krisprolls and my all-time favourite meals are protein pasta (egg, tuna, spring onions and light Philadelphia cream cheese with a garden salad on the side) and lean chicken spaghetti. For breakfast, I always enjoy a lovely poached or boiled egg with avocado and cherry tomatoes on wholemeal toast, finished off with a sprinkle of sea salt and lots of lemon. So I’m still eating carbs, I’m still packing the protein (which, I believe, is super important to aiding weight loss and healthy exercise) and I’m still ingesting plenty of fats. I don’t calorie count, but I do watch my sugar intake now because I’ve learned in my 34 years that sugar is the root of all evil in food. Sugar can cause heart disease and obesity, which is a well-known risk factor for diabetes, (although sugar doesn’t directly cause diabetes per se.) So, I found some very suitable alternatives, like Natvia, which is a natural sweetener and maple syrup, which can actually boost your immune system and help fight against cancer (whaaat!?) But, make sure you pick out the pure maple syrup and not the products that contain processed sugar. Same goes for honey.

3. Activity trackers do encourage you to be more active, but it’s primarily up to you to take that first step. Like I said above, there were very many occasions when I just could not be bothered, but the motivation of keeping track of my exercise journey through my Polar devices is what encouraged me to keep going. Just being able to track my heart rate and seeing that it’s working hard to get me fit, boosts my morale for the whole day. And, keeping my heart rate sensor strapped in all day, so I can see how many calories I’ve burned, and then receiving a lovely message from my Polar Flow app that congratulates me on boosting my immune system and my health in general, are the kinds of motivating factors that I need throughout the day, especially when I am on a low.

4. The more you exercise, the more you want to exercise. Erm… obvious? But, actually, it’s true. It’s so hard to start at the beginning because it’s just too much work. But, guess what, exercise releases endorphins which triggers this really positive feeling in your body, which is likened to morphine! And, it reduces depression, which is why you get this sudden burst of energy and it motivates you to keep going. So:

Encouragement from the Polar Activity Trackers + Natural boost from exercising + a healthy approach to eating right = a new slim and sexy you.

Most importantly, I now feel like I can keep up with my kids and I can enjoy activities with them using my renewed healthy energy.

So, do Polar Activity Trackers encourage you to be more active? Yes, they do. And, it gets easier the more you do it, trust me.

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