Fun things to do with the kids that don’t involve them using a screen!

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The topic of ‘screen time’ damaging children’s minds has ironically been on every screen available, but parents are unsure how to keep kids away. I have been on several radio stations and TV channels talking about this very same topic, and I have come to the conclusion that a balance of efficient outdoor physical activity and quality screen time (so not spending hours numbly scouring through social media) is probably the right way to tackle this epidemic. We parents need to encourage our kids by getting them to try kid-friendly activities that will engage their mind, body and soul. If you’re unsure of what to do, below are ten fun things to do with kids that don’t involve them using a screen. P.S – I’ve added my recommendations on an app called Kinfo, which is an online community of parents, relatives and carers who share activity ideas with the community.


Kinfo is a community app where you can find product or place recommendations when looking for fun activities to do with the kids. Activities are divided into twenty categories, including books, recipes, places, movies, toys etc., all of which are tested and recommended by parents, relatives and carers alike. It’s an excellent resource for those who might not know what to do with the kids or for relatives who are looking to find more ideas on what to buy for their cousins, nieces, nephews, Godchildren etc. You can look for a place too, which can be located on the map, so you are able to look for activities that are located nearby to where you live.

Kinfo is a great place to consult if you’re stuck for things to do and you can’t think of any activities you’d like to try. You can download the Kinfo app here.

“Kids spend 6 hours per day in front of a screen. We think it’s too much. We want to change this. Join us to discover and share meaningful activities for our kids.”


You can also recommend your own by creating a personal profile and clicking on the plus sign to add your favourite things to do with the kids. But, for now, here are my top ten fun things for kids to do that don’t involve them using a screen!

Kids Cookery School

About three years ago, on my youngest’s 4th birthday, the kids and I attended the Kids Cookery School with Quorn for a kids’ cookery class. The class aimed to teach kids culinary skills and broaden their palate so they would feel more confident in trying out healthy ingredients as well. We were fortunate because the rest of the blogger group attended the afternoon session, which meant my boys had a private cookery lesson all to themselves in the morning!

Chef John Kids Cookery School

Chef John (awesome guy!) played games with the boys before they got down to making a super healthy pizza topped with veg and Quorn. The boys had such a great time.

Boys making pizza at Kids Cookery School

I would thoroughly recommend parents book a cookery lesson for their kids at the Kids Cookery School because it’s such a fantastic way to teach kids about food and encourage them to eat healthy too. My boys would only eat cheese and tomato pizza, now they eat almost any topping (except for meat). The proof is in the pictures!

Eating Quorn pizza
Eating Quorn pizza

The boys also got to make Quorn burgers which they also enjoyed.

Eating Quorn burger

Click here to book a cooking lesson with the Kids Cookery School.

Harry Potter Paperback Series

My boys love reading and are obsessed with Harry Potter. So my sister bought them the entire Harry Potter Children’s Collection, which kept them quiet at bedtime for a long time. I wouldn’t recommend some of the later books for younger children, but the first few books are lengthy and easy to digest. My kids are 7 and 8, and they had no problems reading these books on their own. Reading is a great way to broaden children’s imaginations and encourage vocabulary, so I would always recommend reading as a great way to get kids off the screen. Plus it helps kids think outside the box with their own imagination land, which may, hopefully, one day help them to become a bestseller. One can dream…

The boys are obsessed they dressed like mini Harry Potters for World Book Day.

Harry Potter World Book Day

You can buy the Harry Potter Children’s Collection from Amazon here.


Playing Monopoly with the family

I think Monopoly is probably one of the best games to teach kids early because it’s a great way to build on children’s math skills by allowing them to be the banker and working out what is owed via money maths. And, not only does Monopoly develop their maths skills but it encourages children to think about investing and managing a property business. My youngest (7) only ever buys the two most expensive houses on the board and then saves his money to buy hotels. He clears us out every time!

Plus it’s a great bonding experience for the whole family as well.

You can buy the classic Monopoly set from Amazon here.

Family Fun Package stay at The Arch Hotel in London

Boys Arch Hotel London

The family got to enjoy a VIP Family Fun package at The Arch Hotel in London, and the boys were treated like VIP for the weekend. From their welcome dressing gowns, activity packs and Archie teddy bears to authentic 3-course pizza meals (finished with a large helping of ice cream sundaes) to milk and cookies and TV in the bathroom, the boys had so much fun – in fact, we all had so much fun, we’re going back again next weekend! If you can afford to splurge for one weekend, I would genuinely recommend it.

Click here for a full review of The Arch Hotel in London.

One night stay at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London

Royal Lancaster Hotel London

We were also fortunate to stay at the prestigious Royal Lancaster Hotel in London earlier this year, and we stayed at the newly refurbished Junior suite on the 15th floor. The kids absolutely loved their stay. They had their own conjoining room to ours, and they had free reign to do whatever they wanted. The hotel’s restaurant, Nipa Thai, has, without doubt, the best Thai food we have ever tasted and the boys really felt like they were living in luxury. If you can afford it for one night, it’s an experience no one will forget in a hurry.

Click here for a full review of the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London

A fun day at Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor

I love fun days out with the boys because not only is it super fun for them, but I think educational activity days out enhances their development. The first time I took the boys to Legoland Windsor, they were just two and three years old, but there was so much for them to see and do in such a massive place. We enjoyed the Spider Spin ride, driving down the various police cars dotted around the resort, and then the boys finished off the day devouring ice cream. I would thoroughly recommend taking your children. They’ll be exhausted at the end of the day and sleep like actual babies at night!

Click here for a full review of Legoland Windsor

Get the kids riding bikes!

Boys riding bikes

I’m a huge believer in starting kids on sports activities as early as possible. To date, the kids now have skateboards, scooters, bicycles, rollerblades, a trampoline, goal posts, and footballs. I think one of the best lessons you can teach your kids and discourage them away from the screen is to get them exercising and having fun outdoors. Bikes are absolutely perfect for that and my boys love riding their bikes now – they are so skilful and nimble they put me to shame!

You can find great kids’ bikes from Amazon here.

Get them involved in an Escape Room!

AIM Escape Escape Room

We recently attended our very first Escape Room as a family at AIM Escape, and we were blown away with how cool it was and how much fun we had together solving clues and escaping the three rooms, which we managed in just over 60 minutes. I’ve been to a few escape rooms myself, but it was so great to bring the kids, especially as they love solving clues and being spies. I would say the escape room we attended was more difficult than we imagined and some of the clues went over my youngest’s head, but my eldest who’s 8 got stuck in and even solved some of the clues! I’d thoroughly recommend getting the kids involved, but I think it might be a bit too overwhelming for anyone younger than 6.

To book your Spy Heroes escape room with AIM Escape, just click here for more information. It’s so much fun, I’d definitely do it again!

Aldenham Country Park

Aldenham Country Park

Aldenham Country Park is our favourite park because it contains everything a child needs to have fun outdoors, any time of the year. With an obstacle course, a super long nature trail, the chance to visit farm animals and lots more other activities, it is such a fun way to spend the day with the family!

Visit Aldenham Country Park’s website for more information on what’s on offer.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

We love jigsaw puzzles as a family and often attempt 1,000 piece puzzles together. My 8-year-old can spend hours working on a jigsaw puzzle as it calms him down and if we’re stuck for something to do, out comes a jigsaw puzzle! Jigsaw puzzles are fantastically educational and teach kids of all ages patience, logic and creativity, as well as the ability to build on concentration, analysis and memory.

You can buy the above Ravensburger 500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Amazon here.

If you have your own recommendations, it’s really straightforward to add them to the Kinfo app. Create a profile for yourself and your kids and then click on the plus sign to start recommending!

Click here to download the Kinfo app and let me know in the comments below when you’ve done it so I can follow you!

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