Fun things to do with the kids over winter half-term

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Fun things to do with the kids over winter half-term
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I am willing to bet that parents from around the country were counting down the hours until the children broke up from school and the festive season could start properly. Whether it was Hanukkah (Jewish), Christmas (Christian), or the Prophet’s Birthday (Muslim), the time for festivities was here and now. Finally, we could knuckle down to wrap the pressies with the kids, prepare a grandeur meal for friends and family, and just make sure the days – and nights – were supremely merry. The kids got to have a whale of a time, surrounded by their loved ones, whilst opening up a barrage of awesome presents and enjoying the sudden relaxation of bedtime rules, as well as the right to eat chocolate into the night.

Decorating the Christmas tree - motherhooddiaries.com
(The boys decorating the Christmas Tree)

But, then the boredom hit after the parties had finished, the fun was over and the festive food had been eaten. Back to school, the kids went.

Now, half term is nigh and the holidays are back on, albeit for only a week. So, what is there to do to keep the kids occupied this winter half term?

Here are some of Motherhood Diaries’ tried and tested ways of having fun with the kids and, better still, some fun things the kids can do by themselves, so you can have that well-deserved rest. Yes, it’s deserved.

Invest in an activity box – or make your own!

The boys and I enjoy receiving our fortnightly Weekend Box and monthly Toucan Box in the post. But, sometimes, we’re not always up for an afternoon of arts and crafts, especially when the kids are winding down after school. So, I store the boxes away and when we actually have some time to get creative, I bring them out again. Our latest activity was making a snowman over the Christmas holidays, courtesy of Toucan Box. I just love how everything you need is so helpfully provided for you in exactly the right amount that is required for the activity. Plus, we get to build our own activity box of items that are left over from each box. So, if you don’t want to buy or subscribe to an activity box, just use your own, along with all the wrapping and packaging you received over the festive period. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make anything super constructive, just the act of mucking in and actually achieving something you built together is well worth the bonding session and the brain cells used in the process!

Snowy activity from Toucan Box - motherhooddiaries.com

Build a really large jigsaw puzzle

If you fancy another team building exercise, jigsaw puzzles are at the top of the list. If adults join the party, try a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle together, which should last a long period of time. It may be worth investing in a Portapuzzle, so you can put the jigsaw away when you’ve had enough. When you’ve completed the puzzle you can hang it up on your wall with some Jigsaw glue. I found this great tutorial on how to frame your jigsaw onto the wall here.

Alternatively, you can buy a 75 – 100-piece jigsaw puzzles just for the kids, which will keep them amused for hours and give you a little bit of a break. 100-piece jigsaws can also look great on the wall.

Wasgij 1,000 piece jigsaw - motherhooddiaries.com

Do something different and try out an Experience Day together

Winter shouldn’t confine you indoors and actually, it’s good for you to get out into the crisp, fresh air and get the blood pumping a bit. I love taking the boys out to do sports-based activities** and research (albeit limited) has shown that moderate exercising boosts the immune system and helps fight off those winter bugs. Plus, getting active in the winter helps combat those seasonal blues and get you out of bed just that bit easier.

Our next goal with the kids is to go camping somewhere out in the wilderness for the weekend. I found a great deal on Into The Blue’s website of Experience Gifts and Memories for a ‘Luxury Tree House Break‘ for £399.00 (for 2 adults and 2 children). A two-night break in a luxury tree house, with running toilet facilities and a hot Springwater shower sounds to me like glamping with the family at its finest! Then, we could head out into the woods with our bikes and work up our appetites with some outdoor exercise as a family before we relax and unwind with that hot Springwater shower. Motorbike supremos can leave the kids at a playhouse/creche and journey the area at super speed (you can find some great bikes on BikeBandit.com if you’re looking to invest – my husband is!) Make sure to kit out your bikes with some great Dunlop Tires, which are suitable for rough outdoor turf – safety first!

You can also check out the article I wrote on the ‘Top 5 ways to enjoy the half-term holiday with the family’. What are your favourite tips for keeping the kids amused over the winter break? Please share in the comments below.

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