Free family eye test during school holidays – What parents need to know

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Third week in and we parents have settled down from the mad rush of back to school and we’ve updated our calendars with umpteen birthday party invites and school-related activities for the year. However, as much as we think we are on top of everything, over 1.8 million children in the UK still have not had their eyes tested – ever! With only 1 in 10 parents prioritising eye tests before their child heads to school, Vision Express, the leading experts in eye health, is offering a Free Family Eye Test during school holidays to ensure that we parents make our family’s eyes a priority from now on.

Just under half of children have poor eyesight

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Research commissioned by Vision Express showed that almost a quarter of children never had their eyes tested, and of the children who did, 45% were found to have poor eyesight. From the statistics,  it’s clear that eye tests are low on the agenda of back to school prepping, with 70% prioritising buying a school uniform and school shoes. But, as the statistics for poor eyesight are worryingly high, parents are urged to look out for signs of visual problems in their child as these symptoms could make a significant impact on on their child’s learning and social development.

Vision Express offers Free Family Eye Tests during School Holidays

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To encourage all family members to take their vision seriously, Vision Express are offering a Free Family Eye Test during school holidays, which means that when parents book their child’s eye test, they can receive an adult’s appointment for free too. The offer is valid throughout the school holidays, including half term, and can be booked by phoning your local Vision Express and asking for a Free Family Eye Test.

“Whilst children looking the part for school is always important, it’s necessary for parents to see the bigger picture and make sure their children’s eye sight is fit to get the most out of the classroom learning experience. With our Free Family Eye Test offer and extensive and affordable Exclusive Brands Kids range, Vision Express is putting eye health on the Back to School agenda.”

Jay Ghadiali, Director of Professional Services, Vision Express
Vision express eye health

What parents should know – ways to spot whether your child needs glasses

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There are ways to spot whether there is an urgent need for a Free Family Eye Test now. The statistics in brackets are taken from Vision Express’ research to show how many of the children studied experienced the below symptoms.

  • Your child has headaches (17%)
  • You notice your child squinting (14%)
  • Your child can’t see the board in class (13%)

Although it is recommended to have your eyes tested every two years, should you spot the above symptoms, book in for an eye test straight away. Click here to find your local Vision Express store

Back to school is always a mad rush, which means that our to do lists are off the charts, but as long as we make sure we make our children’s eye health, as well as their mental health a priority, we can avoid any preventable issues later on.


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Free family eye tests during school holidays - what parents need to know
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