Four steps to a perfectly styled living room

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Which room of the house tends to be the first room you take your guests into when they enter your home? For most families, it’s the living and space rivals the kitchen and bedroom as space you spend the most time in. When it comes to comfort, style and functionality, your living room is probably the most important of all the places in the house. So how do you create the perfect living room for your home? Overall, the living space should be warm and inviting, but also reflect your personal style. Above all, your living room should serve the purpose of living in for long periods.

Here, I’ve come up with four key steps for creating a perfectly styled living room, one which everyone will get to enjoy.

Simplify the room

As much as your living room should reflect your personality, a place that is too cluttered with gadgets and items of no relevance will look disorganised and messy. Strip back on the accessories, as you want the room to appear as large, open plan and luxe as possible. If you fill the room with clutter, it becomes too much ‘mess’ to the eye, making the room look visually smaller.

There’s nothing wrong with a couple of photo frames that share personal memories, and ornaments which have sentimental value. But try to keep mantle pieces, window ledges and coffee tables spacious and styled, otherwise, these will become dumping grounds other shrapnel that you find around the house.

Instead of over accessorising with decorative items, simplify by keeping only things that you truly love or use on a regular basis. This allows any key accent pieces to stand out and become statement pieces, as there isn’t anything else competing.

Open the space

A living room that flows into another room without walls in the way instantly looks more prominent and spacious. If your living room sits in front of the dining room, look at removing the wall and having the two rooms flow into each other. This instantly opens the potential for ample, airy space.

If your living room is towards the back of the house and has a conservatory or garden behind it, look at investing in external bi-folding doors to immediately add the illusion of light and open space. If you remove a wall and replace with ceiling to floor folding doors, which open into the garden or conservatory, you create this instant source of interior light with a free-flowing open space.

If you don’t have the time or budget to remove any walls or change up any doorways, look at painting all the rooms in the living room with a bright white, fresh cream or soft beige. Keep the furniture all one colour, and you will again give the illusion of a brighter space.

Make the most of wall space

There are some items which will always sit rather bulky in your living room, as well as taking up precious floor space. This is where mounting pieces to the walls can massively help.

The key culprits include the television, bookcases and floor lamps, which can take up valuable amounts of space. Why not look at mounting your TV on the wall? Instead of a mirror above your fireplace, your TV can sit above it just perfectly (this only works if your sofas are situated in the right spot, and your cables work in this position too).

Although the TV won’t entirely disappear, the frame of it will blend in effortlessly with the other artwork and distract the eye. For any bookcases or shelving units, look to place several shelves onto a feature wall, which you use to creatively display books, photos and any decorative items.

As for floor lamps, look at the different types of stylish wall lights that are now available. From chic lamp heads which point downwards, to glass enclosures which point the light upwards, you can space floor space by investing in a couple of wall lights dotted around the room.

Use mirrors and simple artwork

A streamlined, scandi-style living room tends to be the most attractive interior trend, in which living rooms are clean, classic and fuss-free. One of the best ways to ensure your lounge area reflects this is to not go too overboard with wall decoration. Too many mixtures of frames, prints and colours can risk looking tacky and messy, so consider your wall fixtures carefully.

A handy tip is to utilise a large wall mirror facing your window, which will bounce natural light around the room and give the illusion of extra space. The artwork you do put on the walls will look more effective if it is all themed and in-keeping with the rest of the decor. For example, large wall prints from the same design collection.
Above all, bear in mind that every item visible in your living room, from the coffee table to the couch, should flow in harmony with each other and be pleasing to the eye. When this happens, your guests are treated to a visually stunning room, which looks spacious, welcoming, and well looked after.

The only problem you’ll have is trying to get your guests to leave your lovely living room!

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