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Fruit Shoot invited the Motherhood Diaries clan (that’s me and my two boys) to Home Cottage Farm in Iver Heath for a day of fresh fruit picking, saying hi to the free-range sheep, chickens and a turkey, and enjoying a lovely picnic of delicious fruit-based snacks with lots of Fruit Shoot drinks to wash down all the fun. The aim of the event was to show consumers that Fruit Shoot is made from real fruit like the ones we picked at the farm and that these healthy juice alternatives are also made with no added sugar, so they make great additions to children’s lunchboxes..

The boys and I have only experienced blackberry picking in our back garden and down the road from our house, but this event had us picking delicious plums, apples and raspberries too! We even got to visit Holly Bell from the Great British Bake Off (she’s so lovely!). So here is a rundown of how our day went.

Fruit Picking in abundance!

We all congregated at the entrance of the farm, where I got the chance to introduce myself to other bloggers’ families and catch up with those whom I’d met at previous events. We were then guided to the start of our fruit picking journey, which was situated in a maze of beautiful farm fields that looked even more inviting on a very lovely sunny day. Aron was quite intrigued by the farm’s large tractor beside the entrance while Aidan analysed the signs that led us to the blackberries and raspberries.

Aron intrigued by the farm's large tractor - motherhooddiaries

Aron and Aidan analysing signs to the blackberry and raspberry fields - motherhooddiaries

While we were waiting for the go ahead to start, Aron spotted an empty picnic area which housed some bottles of Fruit Shoot, which we were given the go ahead to taste test while we were briefed on the day’s events.

Empty picnic area full of Fruit Shoot bottles - motherhooddiaries

Aidan enjoying a fruit shoot bottle - motherhooddiaries

Aron enjoying a Fruit Bottle - motherhooddiaries

The boys were getting restless, but, thankfully, we were given the go ahead to start our fruit picking journey.

Me and Aidan ready to start our fruit picking journey - motherhooddiaries

First stop, blackberry fields

We walked around the blackberry fields, where blackberries were growing in abundance. Armed with a punnet basket each, the boys and I set off to try and fill one of the punnets with blackberries before we headed over to the raspberry fields.

Aron immersed in the blackberry fields - motherhooddiaries

Aidan picking blackberries while Aron is watching - motherhooddiarie

Aron examining a blackberry - motherhooddiaries

Aidan showing Aron his blackberry picking success - motherhooddiaries

The raspberry fields

Next stop was the raspberry fields and I was amazed at how many raspberries were available for the picking!

Aidan staring at a vast raspberry field - motherhooddiaries

Aidan surprised at his raspberry picking skills - motherhooddiaries

Adjacent to the raspberry fields lived the livestock, which Aron enjoyed watching for a good while, while Aidan got to work, picking as many raspberries as he could find.

Aron watching the animal livestock - motherhooddiaries

Onto the apple fields

We headed down the road to the apple field, where the boys decided to take a quick break from fruit picking and have a Fruit Shoot break (as well as having a go at taking some lovely photos of the apples with the photographer’s camera)

Aron and Aidan taking a fruit shoot break - motherhooddiaries

Aron taking photos of the apples - motherhooddiaries

The boys eat on average about 5 to 6 apples a day (no exaggeration!). Apples are their favourite snack between meals, so, no doubt, it was the apple fields that got them really working hard to get as many apples as they could find to fill the two plastic carrier bags full to the brim.

Aidan busy picking apples from the tree - motherhooddiaries

Aron picking apples from the tree - motherhooddiaries

Aron examining the apples - motherhooddiaries

Lunchtime after some hard work on the fields

The boys and I were quite exhausted at this point and feeling quite ravenous from picking all the fruit, but not eating them! So, we were very happy to hear that lunch was ready. So, we left the plum fields (after only managing to pick a few) and headed over to a full blanket of people, food, cake and, of course, Fruit Shoot in abundance. But, not without both boys having to go in the Portaloo, which was quite an experience because you had to pump the water with your foot while washing the boys’ hands and holding the door open at the same time!

Aidan enjoying a Fruit Shoot - motherhooddiaries

Aron enjoying a Fruit Shoot - motherhooddiaries

At the very beginning of our fruit picking journey, I had been immersed in a conversation with Holly Bell, who was really lovely. We got to talking about having 3 kids and school life, as well as not having enough time to work on our businesses, but still loving every minute of being a mum. Finally, however, we got to see Holly in action where she had baked some really gorgeous healthy cakes with the fruits from the field that were so delicious the boys almost finished them at the picnic! I apologised to my fellow bloggers for my boys’ monstrous appetites. They always seem to make me look as if I starve them, even though, on this particular occasion, they had already had a full breakfast and snacks before they arrived at the farm!

Holly Belly talking about her delicious fruit cakes - motherhooddiaries

Holly Bell talking about her raspberry flapjacks - motherhooddiaries

Spiced apple and blackcurrant cupcakes

Spiced Apple and Blackcurrant Cupcakes – Recipes from a Normal Mum

Orange and raisin fat free tea loaf - Recipes from a Normal Mum

Orange and Raisin Fat Free Tea Loaf – Recipes from a Normal Mum

Banana and Raspberry No Refined Sugar Flapjacks - Recipes from a Normal Mum

Banana and Raspberry No Refined Sugar Flapjacks – Recipes from a Normal Mum

Recipe for Holly’s delicious Fruit on the Farm cakes can be found here.

We filled our bellies with Holly’s delicious cakes and other lovely sandwiches, kindly put out by the Iris PR team and washed everything down with the lovely Fruit Shoot bottles.

Enjoying a picnic on the farm - motherhooddiaries

Our cab was scheduled to arrive in a few minutes’ time, so we quickly said our goodbyes to Holly, the Iris team and our fellow bloggers, but not before we managed to get in a quick shot of the boys and I with our amazing goody bags, full of baking utensils and grow-your-own fruit pots to encourage the family to bake with fruit at home.

Me and the boys with our lovely goody bags - motherhooddiaries

We got home at around 6pm and we were all physically exhausted after a truly amazing day of picking fruit on the farm. The boys and I still talk about the event and we can’t wait until the spring season, when we get to plant our strawberry seeds in time for the strawberry season. We have been making a lot of fruit biscuits, smoothies and cakes using the boys’ silicone baking set and the fruit that I’ve frozen from the farm so we can continue to enjoy them long after the event.

What we picked at the farm - motherhooddiaries

Our amazing goody bag - motherhooddiaries

Thank you so much to Fruit Shoot, Iris PR Team, Holly Bell and, of course, Home Cottage Farm for a truly fabulous and educational day of fruit picking and fun. We will never forget the fun we had!

To find out more about Fruit Shoot’s ingredients, you can visit their website here for more information.

Also, you can follow Fruit Shoot on Facebook here.

*Motherhood Diaries was invited to the Fruit Shoot Fruit on the Farm event where we were kindly allowed to take home the fruit we picked for free. All opinions in this post are 100% our own.*

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