Everyone loves a good bargain! Top 5 Tips on how to save money

Everyone loves a good bargain! Top 5 Tips on how to save money
Everyone loves a good bargain! Top 5 Tips on how to save money
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I can’t think of many people who do not get a little excited by the prospect of a good bargain! During the last year or so, I have become something of an expert bargain hunter! Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Swap supermarkets

And by swap, I mean step out of the mainstream mindset and move to Aldi or Lidl. I too fought hard against the newly opened Lidl at the end of my street, but after several months I decided to venture in; now I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Okay, so I have to pack my own shopping; often extremely quickly when the checkout assistant decides to scan through my items at record speed. But…I save approximately £15-20 a week, compared to previous shopping experiences. That’s a massive £1000, or near enough, per year.

2. Visit Pound shops

Once again, there was a time when I harboured a kind of snobbery regarding pound shops. Now I love them! As silly as it sounds; I am actually guilty of asking a shop assistant how much a particular item was: “erm…a pound love!”

3. Free registration on online site

Topcashback.co.uk will ensure that you receive money back on purchases you were going to make anyway. I was rather pleased with myself when I was credited with £6, just for booking an online supermarket shop via this site.

4. Do surveys

Whilst you are watching TV or browsing the net; provide your opinions to valuedopinions.co.uk and it won’t be long before you see a £10 gift card (for a range of high street stores), winging its way through your letter box.

5. Be cheeky!

Twice a year I make phone calls to my utility/internet providers etc. and ask them what deals or discounts they can offer me; as a gesture of goodwill for my continued loyal custom to their company. Some companies are more obliging than others but generally, I can make approximately £100 a year by just asking!

I’m sure there are many more money saving tips and sites out there. Does anyone else have any similar tips they would be willing to share?

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