Emma Bridgewater: Personalised Mugs

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Emma Bridgewater: Personalised Mugs
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Through years of crazes, fads and weird trends, the mug has stood strong in the market as a solid people-pleasing gift for any occasion. Others tried and failed, with only socks and boxed chocolates giving it a bit of competition in the gift buying seasons. Yet the mug comes out on top. After all, some people are very fussy in their sock picking and you never know when people are on diets these days. However, what person do you know that doesn’t partake in a morning coffee, afternoon tea or a cheeky hot chocolate?

Any occasion can befit the personalised mug. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to really get the message out there that your mum is the best mum in the world. Christmases lead the way for traditional images and “Season’s Greetings”, with Easter the perfect time to use the mug as a chocolate egg holder! If your wife is a hot drink lover, a mug decorated in love hearts is sure to impress. (Her, not your mates.)

If you aren’t that creative, personalised mugs with names on are great gifts for any occasion. If someone you know has had a new child, a named mug is a fantastic present. It shows how much you love the name they have chosen for their precious newborn and comes in handy to make sure you remember it. A personalised mug is also ideal if daddy is working in an office and needs a quick pick-me-up, but Julie in Accounts is always stealing his to “make a quick cuppa.”

With all these important mug-buying occasions on your calendar, it’s necessary to know the best place to buy them. Emma Bridgewater’s homeware shop is a fantastic little shop perfect for any occasion. Traditional patterns of hearts, polka dots, flowers and starry skies are great backdrops to the message or name you want for your design. There is also a range of sizes to fit all hands perfectly. Baby mugs, pint mugs and even double-handed mugs (for those desperate to hang on to their cocoa) are all available on the site, http://www.emmabridgewater.co.uk/.

With designs to match anyone’s personality or kitchen, buy a personalised mug now and give them the perfect gift this [insert occasion]!

*In Collaboration with Emma Bridgewater*

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