Ella’s Kitchen Little BIG Meals and Greek Yogurts Product (#TinyTitans) Review

Ella’s Kitchen Little BIG Meals and Greek Yogurts Product (#TinyTitans) Review
Ella’s Kitchen Little BIG Meals and Greek Yogurts Product (#TinyTitans) Review
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I’m a huge fan of Ella’s Kitchen, not just as great food products for my little ones, but for the company’s proactive and innovative thinking in getting kids involved in what they’re eating. Their packaging always includes bundles of information on what their food contains and they are so visually attractive that they make me want to try out their range of products when I’m at the shops. To be given the chance to review a whole new range (well, THREE whole new ranges) of Ella’s Kitchen products – the Little Big Meals, Squishy Smoothie Fruits and the Yummy Greek Yoghurts – was not just an opportunity to try more food, but to get my sons to open up their minds and try new things. I love cooking – and baking – so I cook three times a day, sometimes more. I definitely enjoy cooking a whole variety of food for my boys and, bless their hearts, they do try everything once. But, my eldest isn’t a meat eater and my youngest isn’t a veg eater, even though they love my Spaghetti Bolognese, which contains both meat and veg. So, I knew that the boys would try these ready meals from Ella’s Kitchen, and there’s no doubt they’d sink into the Squishy Smoothie Fruits and Greek style yoghurts because I’ve never seen two little boys neck down so much dairy in my life! Be it, cheese, milk or yoghurts, they will have it, and not once have I seen or heard them decline any of these products in my life.

So, let’s dig into Ella’s Kitchen and discuss what they’re all about, and whether my boys loved the food as much as I loved what “it says on the tin”.

Ella’s Kitchen Website and Social Networking Sites:

Website – http://www.ellaskitchen.co.uk

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/ellaskitchen

Twitter – https://twitter.com/EllasKitchenUK

What is Ella’s Kitchen all about?

A father, Paul Lindley, passionately believed that his daughter, Ella, and her generation should have the opportunity to eat better food and also to discover that healthy food can be fun, tasty and cool. From his experience with Ella and her brother Paddy, Paul took simple, natural ingredients and created baby foods, and packaging that really connects with little ones – with flavours, colours, textures and even names that will appeal to all of their senses. Hence, Ella’s Kitchen was born.

Ella’s Kitchen tries really hard to be good in every sense – not just through the food they make, but also by doing good stuff for the environment and giving stuff back to their local communities. They’ve done research with parents, little ones, psychologists and supermarkets to understand the very important role that all 5 of the senses play in developing healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

Products for Review:

Ella’s Kitchen My Little BIG Meals:

  • Chunky Pasta Bolognese Bake with a handful of herbs.
  • Cream Coconutty Chicken Curry with a sprinkle of spice.
  • Stacked & Packed Veggie Moussaka topped with creamy sauce.

Other dishes in Ella’s Kitchen Range:

  • Full of Beans Pork Stew with Hearty Veg.
  • Beefy Beef Stew.
  • Full of Colour Chicken Paella-ella-ella (Love it!)

Squishy Smoothie Fruits Range

  • The White One
  • The Pink One

How much does each product cost?

My Little BIG Meals – RRP £2.19 for 200g

Squishy Smoothie Fruits – RRP £0.79 per 90g. The White One is also available to buy in Asda (4 x 90g multipack, RRP £2.99), and The Pink One is available in Sainsbury’s (5 x 90g multipack, RRP £3.25).

Where can you buy Ella’s Kitchen My Little BIG Meals and Squishy Smoothie Fruits?

My Little BIG Meals – The baby food aisle in any major retailer from August 2014.

Squishy Smoothie Fruits – Available to buy now from Ella’s Kitchen website in multipacks and single pouches.


Leyla Preston of www.motherhooddiaries.com

Aron Preston (3 ½)

Aidan Preston (2)


My Little BIG Meals

Ella’s Kitchen introduces ‘Little BIG Meals’, the very first range of 100% organic meals from Ella’s Kitchen for little ones from 12 months +. The new range is specially made for growing toddlers and includes 6 dishes, each consisting of at least 5 different fruits and vegetables. Each meal is full of simple ingredients with nothing added. The range includes favourites as well as more exotic dishes such as Veggie Moussaka, which includes 7 different types of chunky veggies, so toddlers can explore a wide variety of different tastes and textures. The Little BIG Meals come in a 200g pot, helping bigger little ones enjoy healthy and tasty food whether they are exploring at home or on the go.

Stacked & Packed Veggie Moussaka – topped with creamy sauce and Creamy Coconutty Chicken Curry – with a sprinkle of spice

Both the Veggie Moussaka and the Chicken Curry take 1 minute to warm up in the microwave and come in a healthy 200g portion size, which are perfect for my 2 and 3 year old boys. Aidan loves chicken and Aron loves anything vegetarian, so I knew which dish my boys would have opted for straight away.

Stacked + Packed Veggie Moussaka

The Stacked + Packed Veggie Moussaka includes 100% vegetables and lentils topped with a creamy sauce and is the only vegetarian meal within the Little BIG Meals range. The visually appealing Moussaka contains a lovely mix of organic hearty food, with a whopping 7 different vegetables (tomatoes, aubergines, carrots, potatoes, red peppers, yellow peppers and onions). Aron was very cautious when trying the Moussaka out straight away because it had quite a strong exotic smell, but one taste and he was pleasantly surprised. Aron is 3 ½ now, so I don’t worry too much about lumpy bits in his meals, but the chunky vegetables were quite bite-sized and small enough for any toddler to feed and digest easily. Aron finished his tray easily, but he was still hungry after his meal, so the 200g portion might be a little too small for pre-schoolers aged 3 years and up. Having said that, Aron has always had a larger than normal appetite, so it’s hard to measure these portions against him.

Cream Coconutty Chicken Curry

Aron has a large appetite, but Aidan is the one who will try anything once – and he LOVES chicken! So, getting Aidan to try the Creamy Coconutty Chicken Curry was a no brainer really. And, boy did he love that dish! The chicken smelled amazing and I had a sneaky taste too. You can definitely taste the coconut, which adds a sweet flavour to the dish and complements the chicken beautifully. The Chicken Curry dish contains chicken, rice and 5 different fruits and vegetables (carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, green beans and mangoes), which is perfect for his 5-a-day diet and the chicken makes up part of his meat portion for the day, so I was very pleased with the results. Not as happy as Aidan was, I bet!

Chunky Pasta Bolognese Bake

As much as Aron loved his Veggie Moussaka, I was unable to coax him into trying another unfamiliar dish, even though pasta is his favourite staple food. So, I was set to persuade Aidan to try the chunky pasta, but he hopped right to it and was quite excited to taste the Bolognese Bake. This dish looked the most appetising of them all, with the pasta left in its fine form and the tomato sauce shining through. Made with 100% vegetables, beef, pasta and a handful of herbs, this dish is a clear favourite. I managed to grab a spoonful of the dish and it tasted like a milder version of my homemade pasta bake, which could only mean that it had much less seasoning, and that’s a good thing! I’m not a huge fan of salt myself, so this pasta bake got a huge thumbs up from me, especially as it contains 5 different veggies too (tomatoes, yellow peppers, red peppers, carrots and onions). Aidan, true to form, polished the tray off in 5 minutes flat.

What did I like most about Ella’s Kitchen Little BIG Meals?

I’m not a fan of readymade meals because I was always brought up to have home cooked meals and wanting to know what was in my food. Over my parenting years, I’ve become a little more open minded about ready meals, purely because of food brands like Ella’s Kitchen who really put a lot of thought and effort into the meals they make, and their honest and open attitude towards what goes into the meals takes a lot of pressure off mums like me with busy kids and minimal time and money to give them the best diet they can have. You can’t beat home cooked meals, but there’s no way I can include as many fruit and vegetables in one meal like Ella’s Kitchen does, and like most parents, I am always worrying about whether I’m giving my boys enough vegetables a day (fruit, on the other hand, is massive in our household!). So, this point alone was a winner for me. The dishes are tasty too and not bland, so they are edible, and the aroma they give off when warmed up is very enticing. Ella’s Kitchen’s mantra about playing to all children’s five senses can really be seen in their dishes. The proof is in the pudding, as they say…

Squishy Smoothie Fruits Range

Ella’s Kitchen welcomes two new additions to the bestselling squishy smoothie fruits range, The White One and The Pink One. There are now 7 tastes in Ella’s Kitchen’s rainbow of smoothie fruits, which are packaged to be enjoyed as colourful lunch box treats, or a healthy, handy snack on-the-go for every day of the week.

“A great way to enjoy one of their five a day.”

The White One

“With coconut, tangy pineapple & banana, The White One is bursting with creamy tropical taste that is totally dairy free.”

The White One is made with 100% coconut milk, pineapples, bananas and apples, with a dash of lemon juice. I shared The White One with both boys and this smoothie was absolutely gorgeous! It’s very sweet and the coconut milk makes this smoothie a winner. Both boys lapped this smoothie up easily and wanted more afterwards, so I will definitely be buying the multipack (4 x 90g) again for the boys.

The Pink One

“The Pink One has a scrummy berry taste and is packed full of cherries and raspberries which little tummies will love.”

A tangier taste than its coconut counterpart, The Pink One contains 100% apples, bananas, cherries, raspberries and a dash of lemon juice, which makes it a very healthy dessert option for after meals or when you’re on-the-go. The pouches are awesome, as it’s very easy to suck the smoothie out of them, but the boys prefer to see their food on a plate, so I dished the smoothie out for them as well. Aidan prefers his desserts with more of a ‘zing’ to them, as I do, but Aron has taken after his father, which means he has a very sweet tooth, so he didn’t like The Pink One as much as The White One. But, not one to turn desserts down, he gobbled his portion up happily and I would be very keen to buy this option as a multipack next time.

What did I like most about Ella’s Kitchen Squishy Smoothie Fruits?

They are so easy to take around with you when you’re out and about and they’re super healthy, containing lots of fruits in one small pouch. The boys loved them and I love them too, so perhaps I will be munching these as part of my ‘lose mummy weigh’ diet in the future!

#TinyTitans Blogger Challenge – Yummy Yoghurts Greek Style:

Ella’s Kitchen have brought out an exciting new range of ambient yoghurts, which comes available in three new fruity flavours, which are fantastic for keeping tiny tummies happy. Without need for refrigeration, these snacks are also perfect for using on-the-go, and come packaged in Ella’s Kitchen trademark squeezy pouches.

To celebrate the new product launch and to take inspiration from their fun Greek style, Motherhood Diaries was enlisted in an exciting activity, using the materials provided in the little package Ella’s Kitchen sent us. All we needed to do was think Greek and get creative!

We were sent:

  • Some white material
  • Gold belt (for the toga)
  • A gold laurel wreath
  • Mango Yummy Yoghurt Greek Style
  • Strawberry Yummy Yoghurt Greek Style
  • Berry Yummy Yoghurt Greek Style

So, I decided to dress my little ones up as little Greek Gods and here are my little #TinyTitans trying out the yummy yoghurts:

The Yummy Yoghurts were, indeed, very yummy and the boys lapped them up swiftly, allowing me to have a sneaky taste of them all. You can buy these Yummy Yoghurt Greek Style pouches in major leading supermarkets, RRP £0.99

Check out some other #TinyTitans enjoying the yummy new pouches in this very cute video below:


5 out of 5 – Lots of yummy goodness with all the natural goodness left in for good measure. I love Ella’s Kitchen and they are a firm favourite in our household. Keep ’em coming!

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