Easy ways to revamp your garden this spring

Easy ways to revamp your garden in spring - motherhooddiaries

With Spring almost upon us, we can expect to get ready for lighter days, warmer weather and generally more time spent outdoors. If you neglected your garden over the winter period, then there’s still time to get spring-ready with these easy tips on how to revamp your garden this spring.

Plant some flowers

Plant some flowers - motherhooddiaries

Flowers are the easiest way to revamp a garden in the spring, and planting them can be easier than you think. You can choose between planting either flower plants that will instantly spruce up your garden, or plant some summer-growing bulbs and seeds. You’ll need to make sure you’re planting your flowers in an area with the best types of shade and soil, and ensure they have a lot of space to grow. Sunflowers, Lilacs and daffodils are all great spring flowers and are perfect for adding a nice touch to any garden.

Fertilise your lawn

If you have an area of grass in your garden that’s not received some love and care in a while, then fertilising your lawn is an effective way to improve its appearance. Using manure as a fertiliser is good for ensuring any gaps and bare patches in your grass are filled, and encourages the growth of more grass, resulting in a healthy green lawn. Make sure you stay on top of your lawn and avoid it becoming overgrown by using a high-quality lawn mower such as a Husqvarna model.

Fix and re-paint fences and gates

Fix and repaint fences - girl with dog outside - motherhooddiaries

Wooden fences can become old and worn from winter’s harsh weather, and even broken along the way. Make sure you fix any areas of your fence or gate that need some attention and re-paint areas that need a touch more colour. If you’re painting your fence, why not consider choosing a brighter colour than usual? Using bright shades like green, yellow or blue could be a fun, creative and super-easy way to renovate your garden.

Buy some garden accessories

From hanging baskets to garden ornaments, there are loads of cool accessories you can buy to spruce up your garden for the spring. One of the easiest ways to make your garden stand out is with some garden lights. Garden lights such as fairy lights can look lovely draped around a plant or bush, and means you can still sit back and relax in your garden after dark.

Make do and mend

DIY your garden - motherhooddiaries

Another option is to not automatically go to garden stores to source accessories but to have a look what bits and bobs you have in your house that you can work some DIY magic on. Think about using old candle holders as plant pots, or using an old wooden drawer to home your flower bed. Adorning your garden bench with old blankets and cushions is also a good option to give your garden a welcoming, bohemian feel – just make sure to bring them in when it rains!

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