How to dress your baby in the Spring

How to dress your baby for the spring - motherhooddiaries

Spring in the UK is almost here. The blossom is settling in its full bloom and the weather is fluctuant. Even though we can feel the warmer climes creeping up amongst us, Spring is notorious for its temperamental weather change. Sometimes we Brits experience all four seasons in one day and it is for that reason we need to be well prepared and on our toes for the ‘forthcoming showers’, the intermittent heatwaves and even occasional outbreaks of hail. It is why a lot of us suffer from what I call the ‘Climate Change Cold’. The erratic and interchangeable weather, however, has resulted in us becoming experts in how to dress for the seasons and this includes protecting our children against this ‘fatal weather’ too. For example, 16 degrees in the sun is seemingly perfect (it is what they call ‘Heaven’s temperature’, I believe?), but in the shade, its contrast is chilly and hazardous, especially when rain or wind ensues. So, I’ve come up with some tips on how to protect our babies in the Spring:

Layer up

How to dress your baby for the spring - motherhooddiaries

Dressing in layers enables you to quickly peel off or add on as required by the weather. Start with a simple short-sleeved onesie, which protects the chest regardless of the temperature, and then layer up with trousers and a long-sleeved shirt. For days where the sun is hiding, you may need to layer further with a jumper or a cardigan, which can be taken off easily. When the cold seeps in, it may also be worth packing an extra pair of socks for added feet protection and a light blanket/sheet over the legs when the baby is stationary, i.e. in the pram.

Keep a hat with you when you’re out and about

Keep a hat with you when you're out and about - motherhooddiaries

The sun can get quite strong at times and so a nice organic cotton hat with a rim will protect the face and head from the sun and UV rays, especially if you opt for a sunhat with natural UV resistance. It means you don’t need to break out the sun cream just yet. 

Combine outfits

Boys playing in the pond - motherhooddiaries

As we wave goodbye to winter, we say hello to spring fashion in the stores. Online clothing stores will be stocking great spring choices for kids of all ages, so shop around now and strike while the spring iron is hot. At the same time, shops will be wanting to sell off the last of their winter items, so check out the kids clothes online and see if you can grab yourself a bargain now.

Don’t be afraid to bring out the baby dress for girls, even though the weather is temperamental. A simple cardigan/jacket and leggings combo mean that you’ve layered up easily and adjusted for the chillier temperature. Woolly leggings are warm enough for the cold and light and breathable enough for the warmth. Plus, they’re easy to take off during those heatwave moments. There are also tonnes of baby girl dresses that have thicker, more durable material that does not let the wind through, so your baby girl would be protected. For boys, mini waistcoats on top of a smart short-sleeved shirt and trousers (or long shorts) look so smart when the sun is out to play. These combinations can be paired beautifully with a little rain/wind jacket when the sun creeps briefly behind the clouds.

Be prepared for harsher weather conditions How to dress your baby in the Spring - www.motherhooddiaries.com

Brits are obsessed with the weather, but that’s because we have no idea how the weather will play each day. This means we tend to be armed with a barrage of weather equipment, including a staple umbrella, a rain jacket or coat and a sun hat during the spring. But, this is the unpredictable truth that we must deal with. When taking the baby out and about, ensure that the pram has a workable rain cover to ward off nasty rain/hail surprises and a suitable overlay to protect baby from the sun too. You may even have to take both off to let some air in when the weather takes a turn for the better. But, at least you will be well prepared if it doesn’t.

It is important to note that flexibility is the key to withstanding our changeable spring weather and ensuring that the baby is protected from all forces of nature, including rain and hail. Remember to layer up, so you can take away as soon as the temperature increases and add on when it gets a little chillier. Combine your external protection with some internal protection like healthy food and adequate supplements and you’ll get through the ‘climate change cold’ season in one piece!

Do you have any tips on how to withstand the spring weather? Please share with us in the comments below.

How to dress your baby in the Spring - www.motherhooddiaries.com

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