Does your personality affect the way you plan your holiday?

Does your personality affect the way you plan your holiday?
Does your personality affect the way you plan your holiday?
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When you’re a family getting ready to head on a journey, either in the car, on the plane or by foot, you’ll learn pretty quickly that planning what you need to take with you will save you hours of stress and nightmare, especially when you are taking babies and young children with you. You must factor in food, a spare set of clothes, drink and, if you’re in the UK, a jacket, sunscreen and an umbrella – all at the same time! But, did you know that your personality or the personality of the chief packer, will affect the way you plan your holiday? For example, I’m organised, but I’m also quite an in-the-moment kind of packer, which means I don’t make long lists to tick off while I pack. I mentally visualise the beginning to the end of the journey and try to factor in what could possibly go wrong on the way. Then I pack for that situation. Of course, this means I naturally overpack. But, ‘just-in-case’ works a lot better for me than not having it when it’s needed. My husband, on the other hand, packs like a Swiss clock – with precision. Due to his well-travelled childhood, he knows exactly what to pack. He never overpacks – but his clockwork manner means that sometimes he forgets to pack the anomalies which my non-clockwork manner picks up.

You see? Personality can mean a lot! So, how does your personality affect the way you plan your holiday? Let’s find out!

You’re a planner in life

You're a planner in life

You’re the kind of person that has a constant to-do list running through your head, on your desk and probably in your bag as well. Your whole life is made up of to-do lists because if you don’t have one you’re scared that you’ll forget what it is that you need to remember. You get as much fun out of planning the journey as being on the journey itself. Being a good planner makes you a conscientious person and someone who pays attention to detail. This is a great skill, but you may end up being the one who takes control of the planning and either you will feel resentful of this, or your partner will. Are you letting others plan the holiday for you? Let me rephrase that question. Are you afraid of letting others plan for you? What do you think will go wrong if someone like me plans your journey, for example? Remember to take a step back sometimes and allow someone the reins for a bit. If they mess it up, take the reins back. But at least let them try.

You hate planning

You’re the one who steps back and lets the planners plan. You like to experience life at the moment and, like me, you plan for emergencies, but for anything else, you wing it. However, you may suffer from continuous planning errors and end up in certain disastrous consequences. Either learn how to plan for the most basic things that you need on your journey or carry on letting the planners plan for you. Remember, however, if you’re going on a journey by yourself, you must learn how to plan for the least number of things that you need. You don’t have to spend all day on it, but it may be worth planning two days in advance and committing the list to memory, so you don’t feel you’re planning.

You love new experiences

You’re an innovator, you’re open to new experiences and you seek places you’ve never been before. You feel you get the most out of your journey because you plan to try and do as much as possible to expand your mind on holiday. You’ll pick the most elaborate places. However, remember that not everyone wants to try novel places all the time. Some people like the same-old-same-old holiday, so compromise with the family and see if you can get them to agree to take a few days doing something new to you all and then go back to the comfort zone. You may broaden the minds of those who don’t like to experience new things and they may end up agreeing to pick up the pace with you next time. This means that planning can become difficult. Plan for the new experiences and let the comfort planner take control of the rest.

You don’t love new experiences

You don't love new experiences

Vice versa, as above. You like to go to the same place every holiday and you pack the same items as you always do. You’re happy to just do the things you love and know the places you go to without having to learn anything new. You will chill and relax, grab some respite from your busy reality, rather than attempting to try something new and wasting conserved energy. As above, some members of the family may want to try new things so it’s important to take into account that not everyone plans for a journey to stay in the same familiar destination. Broaden your mind and allow yourself to experience something new, even if it’s just for a few days. You’ll never know, you may like it and start enjoying the new experiences!

You penny-pinch

You don’t like to part with too much cash on holiday, so you’d probably scour the net, undertaking hours upon hours of research to find the best all-inclusive deals that you can find. You interview your friends and family to find out what worked on the holiday and what didn’t. You’re probably neurotic about the value and want to pay for the absolute minimum, from choosing the right tyres for your car to picking the right seats on the plane. If you can bring your own sandwiches on holiday, then that’s perfect for you – no one wants to pay £15 for chicken nuggets and chips! Be honest with yourself, however. Are you worried because you don’t have the cash to spare? If so, is it the right time to plan a journey? Or are you worried about being swindled? Maybe it’s time to just roll with the punches, so to speak, and if you find a place that requires money, but it will make a great memory for the family, then just allow yourself to let go once in a while. Your family will be happy, and you don’t have to spend too much money on holiday, as you’ve already planned for the cheapest journey and destination.

You’re laid back

Holidays are a time to let go, not to worry about what will happen. You are a mix of someone who likes to try new experiences or can stay in the same place for two weeks – you don’t care, as long as you are on holiday. You’re highly agreeable and you don’t get too bothered when you encounter problems on holiday, like travel delays, unhelpful staff or when someone gets sick. You plan for experience and fun, not the kitchen sink and if you forget something then, what the hey, “we’ll pick it up on the way!” It’s a fun way to be and you make a great companion on holiday. However, those who are too agreeable may get taken advantage of, and you may not know of some dangers of travel. However, if this situation happens, you’ll fix it and you’ll move on. Sometimes we just can’t control everything, can we? Just make sure you’re taking your family’s worries seriously and that you don’t shoo them away for the sake of having a relaxed holiday experience.

Interestingly enough, I am a little bit of all of the above, so it’s hard for me to plan sometimes when my mood is in penny pinching mode, or in laid back mode. A tyre company called TyrePlus sent me an infographic, which posed the question about what people think about before they head on their journey and the road trips they enjoy, which can be heavily influenced by their personality. This infographic is what inspired me to write this post, so I’d like to share it with you below:

Infographic - TyrePlus - Off the Beaten Track

So, whichever personality you fit into, it’s important to take other family member’s personalities into account, and make sure you’re planning for that journey. As long as you have the basics in mind, and you’ve found yourself a good deal before you set off, then you should be good to go with no further worry or arguments along the way.

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