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Please scroll down below for an extensive review of February’s Degustabox, which includes a super salad recipe, using one of Degustabox’s products, and a secret code for readers to enjoy a £3.00 discount when registering to Degustabox’s service.


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Tommy (Daddy)

Leyla (Mummy)

Aron (3 years old)

Aidan (2 years old)


Hi, I’m the guy my wife refers to as hubby, smelly feet or Mr. Come-home-sit-down-and-watch-TV-a-lot. Well, Leyla Preston has managed to convince me to share a little insight into the modern and trending online service called Degustabox. I thought it would be wise to complete this review myself as I was very eager to identify what was in the mysterious huge brown box that we received through the door one day.

One normal Saturday afternoon, in between building train tracks for the boys, cleaning up trails of half-chewed apple pieces, and being a crash test dummy for my energetic kids, I received a text message from a courier. Within the text was a consignment number and notification that I could track a parcel online. I hadn’t the slightest bit of clue what the parcel was and, on top of that, my wife had momentarily forgotten what she was expecting. SO, I checked online. The clue I found on the courier’s tracking site was the word, ‘Degustabox’.

I googled the courier, the word, ‘Degustabox’, and came across a few blogs where people had encountered the same problem. One blogger, who went by name of ‘What the Hell am I Blogging About’, expressed that he was expecting a Degustabox and he was excited to find out what was inside. For a moment, I thought we had won some sort of competition that I had entered ten years ago, but forgotten about. But, no, after a little more research – and by that I mean into my wife’s subconsience – she remembered that a parcel would be arriving that contained a mixed box of nutritional surprises for the whole family to enjoy.

With this thought fresh in my mind, I joined the bandwagon of excitement. I had no clue what a Degustabox was, let alone what could be inside. When the courier re-delivered the massive package, I couldn’t wait to look inside….

I snatched at the box and didn’t let my wife near it. At that point, I was child number 3 in the house. When I opened the box I was amazed at how neat and tidy everything in it was placed. And then out came a load of different food products. Not your everyday essentials, but little and large specialities, things I find you would hardly ever pick up and buy in a supermarket because it may be unfamiliar to you.

Then we started to taste them and, before you know it, a couple of days later, selfish old daddy had nearly scoffed away all of the contents.

Before I go further and describe the yummy products that were in the Degustabox, let’s have a look at how you can get one of these surprise boxes in the post, and how easy it is to organise the package, using Degustabox’s online service.

Degustabox’s Website:

Website – http://bit.ly/DBhomepage

Facebook – http://bit.ly/DBUKFacebook

Twitter – http://bit.ly/DBUKTwitter

What is Degustabox?

Degustabox is an online retail service that offers a monthly package full of nutritional goods for a reasonable monthly fee. Every month, registered members receive a variety of products in the post. The products range from condiments, to biscuits, to organic drinks (and many more!) Most of the products are mainly speciality or premium brands that the every day shopper may overlook in a supermarket. That is what makes this service so appealing. You most probably will be trying something new every time a new package arrives. You can choose to be surprised or you have the options to check on their website what the past or present boxes have or will contain.

It is a very simple service and by no means does that refer to the contents that you receive. Here is a more visual example of the service they offer, taken from their website:

So, how do you sign up and how much does a Degustabox cost?

It’s quick and easy, as long as you remember your name and address and are willing to pay a £12.99 monthly fee via a security protected online payments system (includes shipping price).

But, what is their real selling point and what should you look out for?

On their website they make three very appealing promises (see image below) and they don’t fall short on delivering this.

Some of the products they select are truly great. And, when considering the number of products you receive along with the retail value versus the monthly fee you pay, it is evident that you are certainly paying a very reasonable price.

I looked up the cheapeast retail value of all the products we received. I estimated an average total retail value of £17.00. Therefore, we would have saved £4 by purchasing the products via Degustabox.

So, it could be said that it depends on the consumer and on whether he/she deems it appealing to purchase a random selection of unique branded products as a treat for a price lower than the retail value. Or, whether you are a consumer who would rather pay the price to pick those personal favourites in the supermarket.

Next to the quality products and the great price for value that you are in control of every month, as you have the freedom to unsubscribe at any time, there is also no minimum subscription period. Having said that, I would advise reading the Terms and Conditions on the website, as it does mention that Degustabox can alter their monthly subscription prices at their own discretion. It is therefore important to be aware of the monthly activity on their website. And should you want to unsubscribe, be sure to do it before the 10th of the month if you don’t want to pay for a further month. All you have to do to unsubscribe is send them an e-mail.

What other features do Degustabox offer?

Every product selected has its own section on the website for consumers to identify what kind of product it is. Along with a brief description and a ratings bar, Degustabox also allows consumers to leave feedback and comments about each product. Below is an example of this:

Alongside this, the Degustabox also offers something very unique and inventive. By adding a blogging section, they encourage consumers to use the products received to cook meals and share recipes. It is fascinating searching through some of the recipes fellow consumers have created by using the products from the Degustabox. See example below:

So, what did I receive in February’s Degustabox?

Over to my wife, Leyla, for an extensive review of February’s Degustabox!

P.S – Degustabox also offers serving suggestions in the form of 2 recipes; Peppadew Spaghetti with Yellow Peppers and Italian Sausage (using Peppadew Piquante Peppers), and Redcurrent & Hazelnut Roast Lamb (using English Provender Co.’s Redcurrant Sauce with Rosemary). Please see below for our ‘Swissriot Salad’ recipe using the Peppadew Piquante Peppers.

1. RYVITA Thin Bites – £1.89/each

We received two Ryvita Thins Bites in flavours, Cheddar & Cracked Black Pepper and Sweet Chilli.

Both had quite an edge to their aftertaste.

The Cheddar & Cracked Black Pepper tasted quite peppery.

The Sweet Chilli had a little spicy aftertaste to it.

Both went fantasticlly well with the (2) English Provender Co. condiments that were provided in our Degustabox. See (2) for more information on English Provender Co. products.

Perfect for snacking enthusiasts who want great tasting treats. They are quite healthy too at 89 calories and 80 calories per serving.

2. and 3. English Provender Co.

Damson and Port Chutney – £2.00

Redcurrent Sauce with Rosemary – £1.60

The English Provender Co. condiments were my absolute favourite of all the products in the Degustabox because they went with absolutely everything; cheese, grapes, meat, and potatos, you name it, I tried it!

“An intensely plummy and pleasantly tart chutney, balanced with a good glug of ruby port. Naturally delicious for when something a little special is called for, but who needs an excuse to indulge in some creamy camembert and stilton?”

Our opinion – I could definitely taste the port in this gorgeous chutney. So rich and full of flavour, this versatile condiment complimented almost any food perfectly, especially cheese.

“A seriously juicy and delightfully fruity redcurrant sauce, enriched with the addition of milled rosemary. Naturally delicious with roast lamb and lean venison steak. Stir through gravy or add a good spoonful to your beef casserole for the perfect finishing touch.”

Our opinionA little like jam, the Redcurrent Sauce with Rosemary had a beautiful fruity flavour that would compliment a Sunday roast perfectly.

4. Soreen Toastie Loaf – £1.39

“The same unique malty taste as the original Soreen malt loaf and full of juicy raisins, can now easily be enjoyed toasted as a delicious breakfast! Presliced for ease and sized perfectly for the toaster. Send your little monkeys to school with a spring in their step.”

My boys are big fans of the Soreen malt loaves, so we were really interested to try the Banana Lunchbox Loaves too.

Our Opinion A regular favourite in our home, the Soreen Toastie Loaf is perfect for breakfast with a lashing of melted butter (yum!)

5. Soreen Banana Lunchbox Loaves – £1.35

Our Opinion – Not a big fan of these soft and squishy banana loaves myself, but they worked a treat on the boys during snacktimes and days out in the car or buggy. It’s a great pick-me-up too when we were trying to keep our little son up after missing his nap time and we wanted him to reach his bedtime.

6. Scheckters – £1.35/each

“Scheckter’s Organic Energy is the world’s first 100% natural, organic, vegetarian, FairTrade, Informed Sport certified drink. At Scheckter’s Organic Beverages we believe that it is possible to use the best quality ingredients to create the best tasting energy drink that is POWERED by NATURE!”

Our Opinion – The Organic Energy Drink and its light companion had a bitterer taste than its sugary counterparts, but I really enjoyed the taste. I did notice my energy building up throughout the day and the sparkling drinks were very refreshing after a large meal. The light version has a slightly more subtle taste, but was essentially the same. I could definitely taste and believe that these drinks were 100% organic.

7. Bahlsen Pick Up! – £1.60

“NEW Bahlsen PiCK UP! Is a delicious bar of seriously thick solid milk chocolate, sandwiched in between two crisp biscuits – this is chocolate that demands respect. Each PiCK UP! is individually wrapped so they are perfect for on the go. Now available from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrison’s.”

Our Opinion – A lovely chocolate biscuit snack, with a rich tea like biscuit, sandwiching tasty milk chocolate that snaps off with every bite. Not too sweet either, which is a plus.

8. Bahlsen Waffeletten – £1.65

“Bahlsen Waffeletten are a crispy, delicate treat. The perfect coffee companion and a great way to end an evening. The first thing you will notice is the way that these Bahlsen classics are rolled. Then you will experience the tantalising choice: Dark Chocolate first, or straight to pure wafer indulgence?”

Our OpinionThese are very light, crispy snacks that taste scrumptious when dunked in tea or coffee. The dark chocolate compliments the crispy wafer and they’re very moreish. You may finish the whole packet in one sitting!

9. Tyrrell’s Apple Crisps – £1.15/each

“”Pip pip” for our new Apple Crisps! We’ve created two lovely variants, Smashingly Cinnamony and Perfectly Plain. We use the whole apple so not a morsel of the fruit goes to waste, even leaving their smart red coats on, so they look (as well as taste) fantastic! Perect with a morning coffee or as a sweet treat in the afternoon, pick them up in convenient 30g packs from quality independents across the country and Sainsbury’s.”

Our Opinion
The boys are huge fans of apples and thoroughly enjoyed these apple crisps, both plain and with cinnamon. It allows parents to offer a suitable healthy alternative to crisps, whilst still enjoying the crispy taste in snackable servings. A huge success in our home and, no doubt, a future staple to our shopping list.

10. PEPPADEW Piquante Peppers – £3.00

“PEPPADEW Piquante Peppers deliver a truly unique tongue twisting sweet heat taste sensation! On their own, with drinks, added to snacks or included as an ingredient they are sensationally versatile. Gluten free, zero calorie rated, without additives/preservatives/colourings you can find us in all major supermarkets and at www.peppadew.co.uk.”

Our Opinion – Exactly what it says in the jar, these peppers are sweet and spicy at the same time, and extremely versatile. We added the peppers to salads, pastas and curries. Please find below our recipe for a ‘Swissriot Salad’ using the Peppadew Piquante Peppers.

‘Swissriot’ (Swiss/North Cypriot inspired) Salad with Peppadew Piquante Peppers

(Just to let you know – Leyla (Mummy) is Northern Cypriot and Tommy (Daddy) is Swiss, so we always enjoy perfect traditional salads from both countries. We have taken the best from both and come up with our own tailor-made salad that has been a huge hit with everyone we know.)


  • 2 Eggs
  • Half an Iceberg Lettuce
  • 200g Spinach
  • 1 can of Tuna
  • 3 Plum Tomatoes
  • Half a Cucumber
  • 4 Spring Onions
  • 10 Peppadew Piquante Peppers

Italian Salad Dressing

  • ¼ Onion cut into small pieces
  • ½ Clove of Garlic Pressed or Grated
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 1 Tbsp of bring from the Peppadew Piquante Peppers
  • 4 Tbsp Red Balsamic Vinegar
  • 5 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/3 Tsp Salt
  • 2 pinches of Black Pepper

(Just to let you know – We used products from the OXO Good Grips range to make our salad, i.e. the Good Grips Salad Spinner, the Good Grips Swivel Peeler and the Good Grips Chopper. If you have these, great, if not, a large bowl, a normal peeler, a good sharp knife, and a large spoon should do the trick nicely.)


1. Gather all your ingredients together

2. Place eggs in a pan and boil in water for approximately ten minutes or until hard boiled.

3. Wash and tear the lettuce and spinach, and add to Good Grips Salad Spinner.

(Just to let you know – The Northern Cypriots tend to slice their lettuce into fine strips for their salad, but the Swiss like to tear their lettuce into large leaves. We’ve opted for large, teared leaves as we believe it adds to the whole personality of the salad.)

4. Grab the tomatoes and half them before placing them in the Good Grips Chopper to chop them up nicely into little pieces. Place in the Good Grips Salad Spinner.

5. Trim off each end of the spring onions and chop finely using the Good Grips Chopper. Place in the Good Grips Salad Spinner.

6. Use the Good Grips Swivel Peeler to peel the cucumber and add to the Good Grips Chopper to chop up the cucumber finely. Place in the Good Grips Salad Spinner.

7. Open a can of Tuna, drain the liquid, and add the tuna flakes to the Good Grips Salad Spinner, using a fork.

8. Add 10 Piquante Peppers from their jar to the Good Grips Salad Spinner. Be sure to keep some of the juice in the jar for the salad dressing!

9. At this point, I would check the eggs, which should be hard boiled by now. Pour out the hot water and immediately refill the pan with cold water to set the eggs for peeling. Use an egg slicer to slice the eggs and place in the Good Grips Salad Spinner.

(Just to let you know – If you spin a hard boiled egg on a counter, it should spin really fast. If it’s not boiled yet, the egg will spin slowly.)

10. Take half an onion and chop in half before placing in the Good Grips Chopper to chop the onions finely. Add to the Good Grips Salad Spinner. Grate a clove of garlic with a grater and place in the Good Grips Salad Spinner. Save ¼ of the onions and garlic for the salad dressing.

The Salad Dressing

Use a small pot for the salad dressing. I used the bottom part of the Good Grips Chopper to make the salad dressing.

11. Juice half a lemon, and add to the pot, along with the onions and garlic you saved.









12. Place 1 tablespoon of the Peppadew Piquante Pepper juice from the jar into the pot and stir well.

13. Add 2 tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar to the pot.

14. Add 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil to the pot.

15. Add 1 tablespoon of salt and 2 pinches of black pepper to the pot. Mix all the ingredients very well and store in the fridge, ready for when you serve the salad.

16. When you are ready to serve the salad, pour the salad dressing over the salad.

17. Spin the salad, using the Good Grips Salad Spinner, or mix well with a large spoon.

18. Your salad should look a little like this:

Enjoy your salad!

What did I like most about the Degustabox?

How easy it was to register to the service, the money saved from buying the products via the Degustabox and, of course, the very tasty products available! We enjoyed all of them!

What to watch out for:

Be sure to cancel your subscription before the 10th of the month to ensure you do not receive the next Degustabox.

Other points to note:

All products are different every month, and you do have the choice to opt for a lucky dip of products every month, or select the products using the Degustabox’s online service.


5 out of 5

Fantastic service, great savings, and all round general great fun enjoying the Degustabox with the family!

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