December 2017 Degustabox Review

December 2017 Degustabox Review
December 2017 Degustabox Review
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Another great month of delicious edible goodies from Degustabox, which features the following brands this month:

Here is the link to the full background of the Degustabox and the service they offer: https://motherhooddiaries.com/degustabox-review-plus-competitiongiveaway-win-aprils-degustabox/

But, for a quick recap, Degustabox is an online retail service that offers a monthly package full of nutritional goods for a monthly fee of £12.99. But lucky customers like yourself will receive a £7.00 discount when signing up for your first Degustabox by inserting discount code BLDEG15 at the checkout.

Products range from condiments to organic food and drink, packed with lots of information on the product and its manufacturer. You can sign up to receive a monthly Degustabox here: http://bit.ly/DBhomepage.

You can stay updated via Degustabox’s social networks too:

Facebook – http://bit.ly/DBUKFacebook

Twitter – http://bit.ly/DBUKTwitter

Instagram – @Degustabox_UK #Degustabox_UK

And, that’s not all! Customers have the opportunity to receive a hefty 40% discount when signing up with their email address.

One other thing. Degustabox has recently introduced DB Discoveries as a way to keep us in the loop with new, smaller brands that we may not have heard of, but are equally as delicious. We’ll keep you posted on these too, by marking a ‘*’ next to the brand’s name.

So, let’s get started!


Tommy (Daddy)

Leyla (Mummy)

Aron (7 years old)

Aidan (5 years old)

What’s in November 2017’s Degustabox?

November 2017 Degustabox Review

Degustabox 2017 Review Canvas Bag

Thanks for the lovely canvas bag, Degustabox. Now, I can carry all my lovely Degustabox food items in there (and their replacements!)

Motherhood Diaries unboxing this month’s Degustabox below:


Planters Peanuts Nut-Rition

Planters Peanuts Nut-Rition

“At Planters, we only use the most delicious nuts to make sure each mouthful is as tasty as the next. Whether you love cashews, peanuts or dried fruit, you can rely on Planters to deliver protein-packed nuts that taste delicious.

Our nutrition range combines different types of nuts and fruit together for the ultimate trail mix. They are ideal for a quick nutritious snack that is guaranteed to provide you with energy, without the unhealthy side effects. Why not try them all so see which one is your favourite?

*Two varieties of Planters were included in each Degustabox.


Our Opinion – We reviewed the Planters Fruity Chocolate Crunch, which was delicious as it contained milk chocolate buttons (which I no longer eat because I’m vegan now). These versions of Planters Nut-rition were not just tasty, but much healthier. It provided me with my protein intake, which is what I’m looking for more than anything now. Great snack packs for the handbag or for kids! 4.5/5

Popchips Galactic Puffs

Popchips Galactic Puffs

“Every fan in the galaxy knows that boring snacks can lead you to the dark side. We found a new way to use heat to pop this light and airy snack into your favourite Star Wars shapes. And if you’re lucky, you may even find the secret shape!

*One flavour of Popchips was included in each Degustabox.

Twitter – @popchipsUK
Instagram – @popchipsUK

Our Opinion – These are really salty and darn delicious. They’re also probably not very healthy for you, but the boys loved them as a great snack in-between meals  4/5

Taking the Pea Snacks

Taking the Pea Snacks

“Mike, an Aussie living in London and long time ‘hater’ of peas, first gave peas a chance when he munched on his first wasabi pea. To his surprise he quite enjoyed the crunchy texture and eye watering kick it came with. Being the health conscious, gym going, beach weights kinda guy he is, Mike was delighted with the nutritional benefits, but something bothered him. Why didn’t peas come in any of his favourite crisp flavours? After extensively searching the internet it looked liked only one flavour of pea existed, it was time for Mike to put a stop to this pea discrimination, it was time to give peas a chance!

So that’s what he did. Mike developed Taking The Pea, the UK’s first brand to offer a range of delicious dried peas available in 4 familiar flavours; Wacky Wasabi (of course), Smoked Ham, Sweet Chilli Salsa and Cheesy Peasy & Onion.

*One flavour of Taking the Pea was included in each Degustabox.

Facebook – @takingthepea
Twitter – @takingthepea
Instagram – @takingthepea

Our Opinion – These snacks are very tasty, but I found them to be super salty, so not suitable for the kids I think. I wouldn’t eat the Smoked Ham now, but I’d love to try the Sweet Chilli Salsa. 4/5

Sleep Well Milk

Sleep Well Milk

“Get Unstressed for Bed

When you get a great night’s sleep you feel like you can rule the world. Getting enough shut eye helps improve health, moods, thinking, memory and immunity. And now there’s a natural drink that can help you get your eight-a-night without feeling groggy the next day.

At Sleep Well we’re on a mission to help the world get a better night’s sleep. Our gorgeous tasting vanilla drink combines Jersey milk with honey and valerian, a herb that’s been helping people relax and sleep for 2000 years.

Jersey Milk – enriching and delicious, Jersey Milk enjoys 20% more protein and calcium than milk from other breeds. It not only tastes great but does you good too.

Valerian – the herb that’s been relaxing people and helping them get to sleep for nearly 2000 years. Ours is organic and lovingly grown and harvested in Rutland.

Honey – containing simple sugars that are better for you than white sugar or artificial sweeteners, honey is the perfect blend of fructose and glucose to help you sleep. It’s also packed full of antioxidants.

So, make Sleep Well part of your bedtime routine. Available in 1 litre or handy 200ml cartons, it’s the perfect drink for the whole family. Simply drink hot or cold thirty minutes before you want to sleep.

For some great sleep tips, head to our Sleep Zone at www.sleepwellmilk.com

To enjoy Sleep Well today with FREE P&P to UK addresses simply buy online at: https://sleepwellmilk.com/product/vanilla/. Sign up online to enjoy a 10% discount off your first order. #sleepwell


Our Opinion – My kids tried the Sleep Well Vanilla Milk which they liked, but they didn’t sleep! Also, I wouldn’t want to give my kids a sugary drink before bed because it can’t be good for their teeth. Tasty though. 3/5

Mary Berry’s Foods Lemon & Mustard Seed Vinaigrette

Mary Berry's Foods Lemon & Mustard Seed Vinaigrette

“Mary Berry’s Foods offer a range of top quality dressings, vinaigrette’s, sauces and condiments that use the best ingredients and flavour combinations to create a range that truly tastes excellent. The Lemon & Mustard Seed Vinaigrette is a versatile zesty vinaigrette that works very well with all salad combinations. This flavourful and delicious dressing is the perfect accomplishment for smoked salmon and potato or pasta salad.

*This product was not included in all boxes. Either this product OR the Lift Green Tea was included each Degustabox.

Facebook – @MaryBerrysFoods
Twitter – @MaryBerrysFoods

Our Opinion – I really loved this Vinaigrette because it was so versatile. I added a few teaspoons to salads, used it as a dip for bread, and added it to my meals – Mary Berry’s sauce added a lovely zing to whatever I ate. 5/5

Coldpress Golden Delicious & Valencian Orange Juice

Coldpress Golden Delicious & Valencian Orange Juice

“Our delicious juices are made only using cold pressure HPP (High-Pressure Processing). Most juices are heat pasteurised. Vitamins and nutrients are damaged by heat, so we use cold pressure instead to keep the vitamins, nutrients and fresh taste in! We only use single variety fruit for our orange and apple juices to ensure an intense, unique flavour, distinctively different between each variety.

*One flavour of Coldpress was included in each Degustabox.

Facebook – @ColdpressJuice
Twitter – @ColdpressJuice
Instagram – @ColdpressJuice

Our Opinion – This is one of the few orange juices where it tasted like the oranges were directly pressed into the bottle. There’s no unnatural sweetness or smoothness to the liquid – it is definitely one of the nicest orange juices I’ve tasted in a while. Doesn’t beat juicing your own oranges though! 5/5

Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon Gourmet Sweets

Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon Gourmet Sweets

“Hello! We’re Candy Kittens and we believe that life’s too short for boring sweets. So, we decided to do something about it. We’re leading the way in British style and taste, making gourmet sweets, with natural colours and flavours for you to enjoy!

Facebook – @candykittens
Twitter – @candykittens
Instagram – @candykittens

Our Opinion – Well these were strange! They were sweet and sour at the same time and they tasted ok. However, I wouldn’t give my kids these (so I ended up eating them all myself – I did not feel great afterwards) 3.5/5

Robinsons Fruit Creations

Robinsons Fruit Creations

“New Robinsons Fruit Creations contains twice the fruit and more juicy and fruitier flavours. Our flavour experts have worked hard to source and create a refreshing blend of the very best fruit combinations created specifically for grown-up taste buds. Available in 9 exciting flavours, Robinsons Fruit Creations can be found in-store at Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

*One flavour of Robinsons Fruit Creations is included in each Degustabox.

Facebook – Robinsons
Instagram – Robinsons

Our Opinion – The Robinsons Fruit Creations bottle looks natural and healthy, but it was just too sweet. A little goes a very long way here. We still have more than two-thirds of the bottle left! 2/5

Willie’s Cacao Black Pearls

Willie's Cacao Black Pearls

“Pearls of single estate chocolate containing cascades of molten caramel. Available in two flavours: Sea Salt Caramel in fruity Chulucanas 70 dark chocolate, and luscious Passion Fruit Caramel in Rio Caribe 44 milk chocolate. 100% natural, batch made from the best raw materials.

Willie Harcourt-Cooze, the founder of Willie’s Cacao, is the UK’s pioneer of ‘bean to bar’ chocolate. His aim is to introduce people to real chocolate with complex, deep, pure flavours that come from the world’s best beans. He uses only single estate cacaos, which are like fine wines, each having its own unique flavour notes, one may taste of fruit, another nut. He uses only the best, completely natural ingredients like raw cane sugar and natural cocoa butter and he never adds soya lecithin (an industrial processing aid) or even vanilla as they would mask the precious flavour notes of the beans. The chocolate is batch made ‘to taste’ in his factory in Devon, using a combination of antique and modern machines.

One batch may take up to 21 days which is more than 100 times longer than industrial chocolate as he chooses to conche at low temperatures to drive off the acidity without losing the flavour. Willie practises direct trade which is at a significantly higher level than Fair Trade. As a cacao farmer himself, Willie buys his beans direct from the farmers, paying significantly more than the fair trade premium. Willie’s dream of making the world’s best chocolate was born on Hacienda El Tesoro, his cacao farm high in the Cloud Forest in Venezuela, and was dramatized in his television shows and cookbooks. Here is a 90-second video taken from Willie’s tv programmes with him telling the story from his farm in Venezuela to his factory in Devon:

www.williescacao.com/willies-world/willies-tv/ (first video, 1min 37)

*One flavour of Black Pearls was included in each Degustabox.

Facebook – Willie’s Cacao
Twitter – Willie’s Cacao
Instagram – Willie’s Cacao
YouTube – Willie’s Cacao

Our Opinion – These chocolates were very aptly named. They look like little black pearls, but be careful when you bite into them – they burst with caramel and the salt is quite distinguished, along with the dark chocolate. My preferred type of chocolate, but if you are a milk chocolate fan, you may not like these 4/5

Ryvita Lightly Salted Rye Cakes

Ryvita Lightly Salted Rye Cakes

“Made with popped wholegrain rye, Ryvita Rye Cakes are naturally high in fibre, and low in fat, making them a delicious and wholesome snack.
Get creative with your favourite toppings or have them on their own. The choice is yours!


Our Opinion – Same as last month’s Rye Cakes, which were our favourite of the box, these were also super delicious too. These Rye Cakes are slightly salted however and don’t contain the seeds that were in the last Rye Cakes we tried – but they’re still super delicious and versatile, so you can add whatever you want on top. My favourite at the moment is apple and peanut butter. Give it a try! 5/5

San Miguel 0.0%

San Miguel 0.0%

“San Miguel presents its original alcohol-free beer: San Miguel 0.0%.
With all the flavour, freshness and quality of beer, but with none of the alcohol. Malty notes of barley deliver a subtle roasted flavour, with balanced bitterness to deliver great beer refreshment.

100% San Miguel, 0.0% alcohol.

Facebook – San Miguel
Twitter – San Miguel
Instagram – San Miguel

Our Opinion – I didn’t try this bear, but my husband thought it was quite tasty, although he was upset that there wasn’t any alcohol in it. So he rated it as average 3.5/5

Lift Tea Matcha Instant Green Tea

Lift Tea Matcha Instant Green Tea

“Introducing Lift’s Matcha Instant Green Tea – This super-premium green tea is packed full of the lovely good stuff – antioxidants! Being a powder means you can add a shake, make Matcha macarons or simply make a cup-lifting tea! When you drink Lift’s Instant Matcha Green tea, you digest the whole green tea leaf, unlike traditionally brewed leaf tea. The South Indian Instant Green tea is naturally packed full of nutrients due to the goodness found in the whole green tea leaf. To pack even more goodness they’ve added Matcha into each convenient sachet.

Just add water and make hot or cold!

*This product was not included in all boxes. Either this product OR the Mary Berry Vinaigrette was included each Degustabox.

Facebook – Lift Tea
Twitter – Lift Tea

Our Opinion – I understand the concept of this Matcha Green Tea, but I didn’t like that it was a powder – I found the taste to be too ‘earthy’ and I also prefer green tea in a bag where I can control the strength, so not for me, unfortunately.


What did I like most about December 2017’s Degustabox?

Apart from the canvas bag, which was really cool (thanks, Degustabox), I loved the Rye Cakes (again!) because they were so tasty and versatile. But, the winner is that the boys eat them too, so I’d rather advocate a healthy snack that the boys love to eat (and sneak in some fruit and veg on top too!)


4 out of 5 – I love the little Canvas Bag treat and enjoyed reading the promotional leaflets, but I’d love to see a vegan style box in the future, as part of the growing trend of plant-based diets, to see if I can rustle up some great meals with the products in the box too.

December 2017 Degustabox review

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