39 creative Mother’s Day ideas that she’ll actually appreciate

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the day where mum gets to expect a red carpet, breakfast in bed and to be waited on hand and feet throughout the day (who are we kidding?).

But, not to fear, Motherhood Diaries has come up with an article containing 39 creative Mother’s Day ideas that I suggest you put forward to your partner and little ones, so they can take a hint – or 39.

1. Personalised gifts with her favourite photo uploaded

Photo gifts are great because they can transform everyday objects into something more personalised and special. Just choose your favourite picture of whatever you like, and upload it onto an everyday object, like a mug. You could create some funky personalised photos and use props related to Mother’s Day to make the Mother’s Day gift more personalised. Consider Googling to find party supplies in your area and search for ‘mirror photo booth hire in Hertfordshire‘. Or even have the little ones draw a picture for you and upload, then you’ve got yourself a personalised mug just for mum. You could pack into the mug mum’s favourite tea or coffee, biscuits, and cakes. Or, for extra man/kiddie points, have your little ones bring her morning coffee in it – first thing too.

2. Unique gifts made by little hands

Kids' messy hands

If your kids absolutely love all things arty (or just love making a beautiful mess) why not look into having them make something for her? It doesn’t have to be anything too difficult as she probably won’t be expecting the next Michael Angelo’s ‘David’, but she’ll appreciate the thought you’ll have all gone to and it’s something she’ll want to keep forever. Anything with handprints is a good place to start as it’s really easy and you can make loads of pictures out of them. The kids will no doubt love doing it, too.

Clay footprint ring dishes are one of my favourite keepsakes, or just a cuppa might be meaningful to some mums.”

Louise from Messy Little Monster

3. Keepsake jewellery

Jewellery is always a winner, but the beauty of going for it for Mother’s Day is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on something premium because if you choose something special, it won’t matter how much you’ve spent. Charm bracelets are great as they are reasonably priced and you can add initials of your little ones on the bracelet too. Thinking outside the box like this will definitely earn you some brownie points.

4. Pamper day to herself

She’d probably appreciate nothing more than just a bit of winding downtime, so for a gift that costs nothing, why don’t you and the kids be in charge of all the responsibilities for the day? Breakfast in bed, a candlelit bath, a three-course meal and a tidy house will make her day (as well as probably leaving her gobsmacked). If you want to go even further, you could all sit down watching her favourite films all day and eating her favourite snacks. Save her some though!

5. The gift of sleep

One of the best presents you can give mum on Mother’s Day is the gift of sleep. If children are too young to understand and still wake up in the middle of the night then try and take over some of the shift work. Then allow her a much-needed lie-in, greeting her with number 33 and number 38 ASAP.

6. Grow her own garden

If she’s green-fingered but never gets the chance to go out in the garden, then get her a ‘Grow your own garden’ box which offers her everything needed in a box to grow her own herbs, like this Grow It Herb Garden from The Gift Experience, which includes the flower pot, the soil and the seeds to grow from scratch.

Grow it herb garden from the gift experience

7. Personalised pocket mirror

Help mum to look her best all hours of the day with a lovely personalised pocket mirror like this engraved dragonfly mirror from The Gift Experience.

8. Fix something around the house

I’m sure there are tons of house chores on the to-do list that haven’t been seen to yet, like a leaky tap, a hanging door or chipped paint. Give her a Mother’s Day she won’t forget by fixing something in the house which will help her get on with her daily duties more quickly.

9. A clean house

A clean house will make mum really happy so she doesn’t have to spend her special day cleaning up after you guys. But, make sure to keep the house clean going forward – no point in just giving her a clean house for one day then destroying it afterwards!

10. Her favourite takeaway and movie

Mum will probably be tired after a long day. And, perhaps, she hasn’t had the chance to take Mother’s Day off to do something she really likes. So why not afford her her favourite takeaway and movie that she can enjoy in peace. If the movie is child-friendly, invite the whole family to watch and spend some much-needed family time together.

11. Bake her goodies

Mum loves homemade presents made with love, especially if it’s from her favourite people. Bake her some special goodies, like cookies or even a Mother’s Day cake – but make sure to clean the kitchen afterwards so you don’t stress her out!

12. Write her a letter

Writing mum a letter on Mother’s Day means that she can keep your special letter with her long after Mother’s Day is over – make it an extra special letter from the heart, so mum can take it out and read time and time again when she needs a pick-me-up.

13. A takeaway mug

Little Miss Sunshine takeaway coffee from The Gift Experience

Mum needs liquid help to carry out tasks throughout the day. So, help her out by buying her a takeaway coffee mug like the above Little Miss Sunshine Takeaway Travel Mug from The Gift Experience, so that she can enjoy a much-needed boost when running you guys in between activities!

14. Make her fancy bath and body gifts

Make her lovely fancy bath goodies that she can sink into after a long days’ work, like bath bombs (here’s a recipe for a bath bomb from Red Ted Art) and/or this lavender and calendula bath soak from Blue Bear Wood which is great for sensitive skin – and even kids too!

15. Take her out on a day trip

Maybe mum never gets the chance to go out anymore because she’s stuck working, cleaning and looking after the kids. Find out what’s special on Mother’s Day and take her out for a day she won’t forget. Make sure to take lots of lovely photos and videos for a lovely keepsake afterwards.

16. Make her personalised gift cards

Save money on the card by making your own. Mother’s Day cards can be so expensive and they usually just get shoved in a drawer anyway. But, if you make it yourself then mum won’t ever throw them away. They’ll be her favourite cards ever.

17. Spend some time together – without gadgets!

Spending time together has been touched upon in other gift ideas, but this should be without gadgets or any other distractions. Spending some time together also doesn’t have to include going out. Perhaps a picnic in the garden (number 19) or a game at home followed by number 10 would afford your mum so much fun on Mother’s Day – a day she won’t forget in a hurry!

18. Spend some time with mum and get to know her

If mum doesn’t get the chance to spend Mother’s Day, at least give her the gift of time by getting to know her. Ask her to sit down and have a chat – get to know her by asking what her favourite colour is, what she most enjoys doing on a special day and work on your gift according to her answers. Sometimes mums just need to be heard and acknowledged.

19. Go on a picnic

Just like in number 17, you don’t need to go out, but a picnic prepared by someone else other than mum might be all she needs to have a special Mother’s Day. If the weather is nice, either head out to the garden or go to the nearest park and enjoy a lovely picnic with mum on Mother’s Day.

20. Wash her car

If mum spends most of her time driving to and from activities, then spend some time washing her car because she will be grateful that she didn’t have to do it herself.

21. Buy her favourite book – and give her time to read it

If mum is a reader but never gets the chance to read, work on number 18, by asking her what her favourite book genre is, and then find out where you can buy a book that she’d enjoy to read. But let her read it in peace. Mother’s Day is all about making mum feel special, so if she needs number 24 and a book – then that’s what she should enjoy.

23. Make her a box of keepsake gifts

Mums love little keepsakes, especially when they’re made from her darling children. Perhaps have a hunt around for what’s she has not thrown away and fill up a little box of keepsake gifts. Add as many of the gift ideas in this article to the box and mum will have a lovely keepsake that she can treasure forever.

“Brown paper packages tied up with string, here are a few of your favourite things. Include her favourite chocolate bar, gin in a tin (or similar, hand cream etc…”

Sarah from https://www.boorooandtiggertoo.com/

24. Set up a spa-like environment and throw in number 13 for the ultimate bath experience

Get some scented relaxation candles (lavender is good for relaxation) (like number 35) and dart them around the bath, so the lights can be dimmed. Then lay out some towels, and fill up the bath with number 14. Hand her number 21, put some nice relaxation/mindfulness music on and let her enjoy a spa-like experience on Mother’s Day.

25. Take out a subscription

Maybe mum loves beauty or healthy food, in which case you will no doubt find a subscription which keeps on giving. If she likes reading, then find out what her favourite magazine is and take out a subscription. She’ll be grateful for the thought and the continued gifts every period.

26. Buy her a gift experience

A gift experience can be the perfect Mother’s Day present as it will be something different and it will take her mind off mum duties. Perhaps find some deals for a spa day that includes treatments, or something more bold and daring if she’s the type for adventure. Make it unique and mum won’t forget Mother’s Day in a hurry!

“Tickets to a show she loves and a nice hotel afterwards. Give her a night that is all about her and a welcome break from the madness of motherhood!”

Amy from http://planningspree.com/

“A day away from the family and kids – could be a spa day, a day out shopping, theatre… a day to relax, rejuvenate and not think about parenting!”

Nicole from https://talesfrommamaville.com/

27. Make her a personalised item of clothing

Make mum something that she can wear all the time, or at least carry with her out and about, like a personalised handbag, or a scarf. There are tons of tips and hints on Google or YouTube, so check them out and make her something no one else will have.

28. Buy her a new skincare collection

Does mum use a particular skincare routine and would appreciate you replenishing her products? Then do some detective work and buy her favourite skincare collection for Mother’s Day – she’ll appreciate not having to do this herself.

29. Replenish her makeup bag

Same as number 28. Find out her favourite brands and buy her some more. She’ll appreciate the thought that has gone into getting her something that she will actually use day after day.

30. Get her a gym membership

This present might be a bit controversial, but make it clear you’re only getting her a gym membership because maybe she has talked about going tot he gym, but not had the chance to take out a membership yet. It won’t because she needs it! No need to make mum feel fat on Mother’s Day!

31. Get her a canvas of her favourite family photo

A personalised canvas is a great way to immortalise her favourite family snaps on the wall. Find out her favourite pics and perhaps make a collage so she will enjoy staring at the memories that fill her with joy time and time again.

32. Tell her you love her constantly

Sometimes all mum needs are the reassurance that her kids love her. Telling her you love her constantly will fill her with so much joy. In fact, it’s the reason why mums would walk through fire for their kids – she has unconditional love for her kids will do anything for them. So fill her with the same love as well and let her know it!

33. Give her free cuddles – even when she doesn’t ask for it

Cuddles are the same – they fill mum with so much love and they help her forget about her problems. So, when you see mum feeling stressed or she is busy with yet another chore, then go and give her some free cuddles, even when she doesn’t ask for any. Your cuddles will be all she will need to get back on the saddle and keep moving.

34. Give her date night

Perhaps mum hasn’t had a chance to spend time with dad. So how about you prepare a meal for both and allow them some time together why you take yourself off to your room (or the living room) and occupy yourself. Sometimes mum needs adult chats to unwind and giving her some of the night to be with her partner will help her feel more energised and relaxed.

35. Make her a homemade candle with her favourite scent

Homemade candles are perfect to go with number 24 and she will enjoy the lovely scent in her room. Candles are easy to make but make sure you’re with an adult to help you make the most awesome unique candles for Mother’s Day.

36. Make her a hamper full of her favourite things

A hamper is just a bigger version of number 23 so you can afford to fit more of mum’s favourite things in there. Find out her favourite food and drink, add as many of your homemade gift ideas and fill the hamper to the brim with lots of goodness that mum will enjoy for days to come.

“A decent pair of earphones so you can’t hear anyone. That’d do me! :-)”

Erica, https://theincidentalparent.com/

37. Make mum her own teabag holders

Mum’s special teabag holders would be perfect to complement number 8 and she will enjoy using them when she needs her much needed tea. Add personalised notes to the teabag holders to make mum smile too.

38. Make her breakfast in bed

Start Mother’s Day off with breakfast in bed and then continue with as many of the gift ideas above as you can. It’s a great way to wake mum up and let her in that she’s going to have a super special day ahead.

39. Make mum a flower bouquet

Instead of buying flowers which will inevitably die anyway, why not make your own paper flower bouquet, which mum can keep forever? Add some of her favourite perfume too for scented flowers as well!

Mother’s Day is all about making mum feel special, so if you have any other ideas for great Mother’s Day gift ideas then please comment below!

*Some of the products were gifted by The Gift Experience for review, but all opinions are 100% my own*

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