Create the ultimate pirate bedroom for your little buccaneer

Create the ultimate pirate bedroom for your little buccaneer

As we know all too well, our children are prone to active imaginations that often don’t switch off at bedtime. Having a healthy imagination goes hand-in-hand with creativity, which is why it’s so important to make sure we inspire our children at every chance we can get. If you have a little one that’s adventurous and loves all things nautical, then this guide to creating the ultimate pirate themed room may be just the thing to feed their imagination while scoring you some mum points in the process. Ships away!

Setting the Scene

There are lots of ways you can transform your child’s room into a pirate themed haven, starting with the details that make up most the room’s decor. Choose a wallpaper with a nautical style such as an anchor pattern or treasure map print. Or if it’s easier for you, simply paint walls with block colours like blue, red and yellow, all of which will look great with the rest of the room’s pirate accessories.

Go for curtains with similar prints to match this nautical vibe, or find some with a brightly coloured striped design which shouldn’t be hard to hunt down. If your child has a wooden floor or bland looking carpet, add some magic to the room with a pirate themed rug. There are lots of children’s rugs available at the click of a button, meaning you’ll easily be able to find one that’s fit for a pirate’s abode.

The Ship

It only makes sense for your little matey to have their own ship, so let them sail around the seven seas of Slumberland in a bed fit for Blackbeard himself. If you or someone you know is partial to a bit of DIY, why not have a go at making this brilliant homemade pirate ship bed for your child. Don’t despair if you don’t have the skills or time needed to make this bed, however, as there are lots of great pirate themed children’s beds out there with cool bedding sets to match.

The Finishing Touches

Now you’ve sorted out the main focal points of the room, engage your child’s imagination even more with some fun pirate themed accessories. It goes without saying that every pirate needs a parrot sidekick, but since most of us aren’t exactly in the market for a chatty caged bird to clean up after, opt for a soft toy version instead (they’re much cuddlier, anyway). A super quick and effortless way to decorate your child’s pirate themed room is by making your own scrolls with coffee or tea-bag stained letters or drawings. This is a fantastic opportunity for you and your child to get creative and make these together; just prepare for the room to smell like a Starbucks for the next few days! Alternatively, there are lots more do it yourself pirate themed furniture pieces you can make if you wish, or scour second-hand shops for any rustic looking bits and bobs you can get your hands on for the finishing touch.

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