Coping with the heat during pregnancy

Coping with the heat during pregnancy

We seem to spend all year looking forward to summertime, whether it’s cooking up a storm on the barbecue or lounging at the beach. For the pregnant ladies among us however, especially those in their second or third trimester, the warmer weather can be a nightmare. If you’re new to pregnancy, or just new to being heavily pregnant in the summer, here are a few tips to ease you through the process.

Have water at your disposal

It’s so important to keep hydrated, particularly during the hot weather. Experts recommend we consume eight glasses of water per day to ensure good temperature control, better cognitive function and an overall happier mood. Keep a water bottle at your disposal and don’t be afraid to carry a spritzer of cool water to help you cool down if you must venture outside. Our feet are also essential in regulating temperature control, so consider dipping them in a paddling pool or cool foot spa.

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep

You’ve no chance of getting through the hot days with a smile if you’ve missed out on essential sleep. Often, during the latter stages of pregnancy, you may find yourself more comfortable sleeping without a partner, to give you a chance to stretch out or hug a pregnancy pillow to ease back pain. Consider investing in a new mattress to sleep in a different room from your partner, particularly if he likes to snore! You’ll soon be up all at all hours with night time feeds so make the most of sleep while you can.

Put your feet up

Your feet and hands are particularly susceptible to swelling during pregnancy, but there are ways that you can prevent this. Try and keep your feet elevated by putting them up, although avoid going outside if temperatures exceed 90F. If you must go outside, try to do so in the early morning or near dusk, although certain activities, like gardening, should be avoided in those later stages!

Wear light coloured clothing

How you dress can drastically impact on your comfort during a summer pregnancy. Wear light, stretchy fabrics, made of organic materials such as cotton to allow your skin to breathe. Colour is important too – darker colours are more likely to absorb heat from the sun, so try to wear white or yellow. Pregnancy is the one time where you can get away with less than flattering looks, so make the most of it!

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