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How much screen time should your children have - motherhooddiaries

How much screen time is healthy for children?

The issue of children and limiting screen time has come about in the last decade, where more parents... »

Tips on how to create great video for social media - motherhooddiaries

Tips on how to create great video for social media

Ordinarily, a post on how to create great video for social media would be directed towards my fellow... »

Home cinema - motherhooddiaries

How to Create the Ultimate Home Cinematic Experience for the Family

Home Cinema has really taken off in the last few years. As much as we all LOVE the sound of rustling... »

Best tablet tech for your family -

The best tablet tech for the family

We mothers are constantly trying to solve that age old problem of how to keep our children entertain... »

Bernard Matthews rebrand - motherhooddiaries

Bernard Matthews’ £3 million rebrand shown in 360 degrees – Google Cardboard Head Set and packaging review

Back when I was a wee child, I was so excited about getting to watch my favourite 2D cartoons in my ... »

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Life after birth – back to work or work for yourself?

The bubble of birth may have well and truly popped and you are finally starting to settle into life ... »

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